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  1. I have and April 6, 2020 from Atlanta and the Tokyo airport is now Haneda.
  2. Just got back from an NCL cruise. Check Tangol tours in BA. We did the Tango Porteno show with dinner. They picked us up and took us back to our hotel. Not sure if they do same with ships. The show was very good. Dinner fair. Choose the chicken or pasta dish. Steak is better elsewhere. Enjoy. qmcmret
  3. Just got back from an NCL cruise. Did Puerto Tombo private tour. Check on your ships roll call and you can probably put a group together. Long ride but worth it as the number of penguins and their proximity to the people is interesting. Hope you make the Falklands as Volunteer Point is a walk among them place. Another long ride and very bumpy when you hit the marshlands, but worth it. qmcmret
  4. We had a port side cabin on a recent NCL cruise from BA to Santiago. Didn't see big difference as our cruise around the horn went both ways plus it was very overcast. Cruising the fjords we spent most of the time on deck as the weather was gorgeous. In Puerto Montt has some great views of the snow capped volcanoes, and some great sunsets. I was initially concerned as I heard the starboard side was better, but in the end it didn't really matter. Enjoy the trip. It is a great cruise no matter which side you are on. qmcmret
  5. Buenos Tours gets good comments. Check Trip Advisor and the Buenos Tours web site. Half day and full day tours.
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