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  1. I always carrying a LeSportsac when I travel. I prefer the purse size that has 3 outside pockets, 2 compartments, 2 pockets inside and expands. I have two right now (I've had a total of six of that style over the last 20 years), one leopard print and the other the colored Swiss hearts on black. I love these bags because they weigh nothing and hold a ton. And, they are easy to clean. I also take a LeSportsac tote in my suitcase for day and shore trips to carry water, snacks, camera, etc. All that said, on board a ship, I usually put just the essentials in a very small Sak bag to carry around the ship. I don't like having to carry my big purse. The wallet and passport go in the room safe. At home I generally carry much heavier leather bags most of the time. But, they are too heavy for traveling, plus they are expensive and I don't want to attract attention.
  2. I generally wear work-type clothes, though I realize that could cover several types of clothing. My work clothes consist of pants (usually black or navy), a jacket and a top. Capris and tops are more like what I wear in the daytime. I might wear a sundress, or festive skirt with top to dinner on a warm-weather cruise. We mostly cruise Princess or Holland America.
  3. Full day excursions usually include lunch, anyway, except maybe some of the beach ones. Half day excursions usually bring you back to the ship in time for lunch or begin after lunch for afternoon excursions.
  4. Thanks for the review. We are totally disgusted by how we are bombarded with loud music everywhere, and don't even mention MUTS! It gets worse every cruise we go on. It's nice to know there is a quiet place we could have as a retreat.
  5. I don't like unpainted toes and don't care for the French manicure look (I thought that was out of style now :rolleyes:). I always get a pedicure before a cruise. When I had acrylics on my fingernails, I always had my nails done before I left. But, with natural nails, they are so fragile that they get ruined in the process of packing and traveling. So, I always schedule a manicure the first day of the cruise, a second one after a week for longer cruises. I wore darker polish when I had acrylics, but now wear sheer polish on my fingers, as it chips so fast.
  6. It's important to find out the pier ahead of time. We didn't, and our taxi driver didn't have a clue where to go. We drove around and around looking for the ship. Also, be savvy with the taxi if you take it from the airport to the hotel. Find out the fare ahead of time. We got totally ripped off and paid some huge amount. Can't remember exactly what now, as that was 5 years ago. It helps to do your research and be prepared.
  7. For years, I've been using an American Tourister toiletry bag that hangs on the door that my TA gave me. The last couple of trips I went on, I dispensed with using the bag and just used several gallon size ziploc bags. They were much lighter and easier to pack. I double-bag anything that might spill. The toiletry bag took up more room in my suitcase than the ziplocs.
  8. Be aware that some ships' cigar lounges play loud music. I can't remember which ones, though I know the Sapphire wasn't bad (they show tv). My husband could not take the loud music for his one cigar a day. So, he smoked on our balcony.
  9. We've done this cruise twice, once each way and season. It's a nice little cruise. My husband loves Astoria, as he always walks up to the top of the "mountain" there. I just hang out in the coffee places and the craft market. The one time we had Santa Barbara on the schedule (in 9/2006), Catalina was substituted. My husband took another hiking expedition to the top of the island. We have friends on the upcoming on the Sapphire, who are planning on going on a wine country tour in Santa Barbara. So, they'll be quite disappointed if the port is cancelled.
  10. Your plan sounds good to me! We do the same, except less. We never, ever go to any of the shows. Sometimes I visit one of the nightclubs to listen to the music and have a coffee drink, while my husband is off smoking his after-dinner cigar. On sea days, my husband reads a lot on deck, and I watch movies or nap in the cabin. I do spend a lot of time in the internet cafe, as we get the free internet benefits from being Platinum. We generally skip shore excursions, except on our own, unless it's a port like Rome, Athens, etc. We love the relaxation of doing nothing, and that's the way we like it! A nice, leisurely vacation.;) Oh, and a balcony is a must for us.
  11. We just got back from the Sapphire, and had no problems getting an Anytime Dining reservation for 4 at 7:30pm. I just called every morning and made the reservation. Perhaps 8 people would be more of a problem, or earlier a problem. We tried different restaurants, and most had empty tables at that time.
  12. I always get travel sizes of the hair products I use, including aerosols. For long trips, I take two of each of hair mousse and spray. Often you can find them at your hair salon or some place like Ulta. I never, ever take full sizes of anything.
  13. I, too, hate white walking and tennis shoes. In foreign ports, they scream "tourist", especially American. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I don't like to stick out like a sore thumb. One wearing them will. I have bad feet, have had lots of surgery, and wear a difficult size (very long and narrow). So, I never pay less than $100. I have a pair of black leather walking shoes that have cushioned soles, and that I can put my custom orthotics in. I believe they are Soft Spots. I got them for my trips abroad. Whatever you get, be sure to go in long walks on them ahead of time, and include lots of standing in place. Walking continuously can be easier on one's feet than standing, which one often does when out being a tourist.
  14. I always take a pair of black Chico's Travelers pants for wearing to dinner. I took two pairs this last cruise. They are lightweight, wrinkle-free and can easily be hand-laundered and dried in the cabin. I always carry a LeSportsac purse when traveling. They weigh nothing and hold a ton.
  15. Stacking bangles is big right now. So are big, chunky necklaces and rings. Also, long earrings. Don't be too matchy-matchy. I have to admit I rarely see much "on trend" while cruising. I always take too much jewelry, as I'm a huge collector of designer and fashion pieces.
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