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  1. That’s why I said my fear is if plaintiffs win this case, not only will it set a precedent that allows people to hold the cruise lines responsible for its passengers stupidity and flagrant violations of rules and lack of proper supervision of their children, but the ships will be retrofitted into sealed cages. Balconies completely screened in and reinforced with impenetrable vertical bars; same for any openable windows on the pool deck with only authorized crew having the means to open/close; solid 8’ or higher railings on all ocean accessible decks (like Freedom’s deck 12) so there are no horizontal rails to climb; eliminating passenger access to any decks that cannot be secured to prevent stupidity by adults or unsupervised access by children (outside promenade deck and helipad on those ships currently allowing it come to mind); 6’ or higher plexiglass panels completely surrounding all pools/whirlpools/water parks with a single guarded entrance; and the list goes on and on. But even if the whole ship were encased in barbed wire, There is no way Royal, (or any person or business for that matter), can foresee and take precautions against every act of stupidity that is humanly possible nor those who do not properly supervise children in their care and take responsibility for their actions or inactions. ~ Judy
  2. Truly a tragic incident. I pray for the baby and my heart goes out to the family. The videos show step-grandfather was truly stupid and negligent (and in violation of RCL’s clear policy regarding guard rails) for lifting her up and over the railing. And, in view of his statement that he watched her fall ALL THE WAY DOWN, he clearly had hs head extended through the open window. BUT, in reading some of the comments posted in the various online videos, there are way too many people who feel RCL is to blame. They feel there is a difference between safety rails on open decks and balconies because it is known there is nothing beyond those railings, and argue that the pool deck railings were in front of windows that should NEVER be opened. While open windows are clear to us who have cruised these ships (and easily extended our arms through these windows to take pictures with our cameras), they argue the windows especially pose a danger to children who might climb on a chair or lounger and RCL was negligent in not protecting the passengers. (No mention of parental responsibility - nope, only cruise line responsibility.) If people like them are on the jury, it might not go well for RCL, or for us seasoned cruisers as well. MY FEAR is that if plaintiffs win this case, not only will it set a precedent that allows people to hold the cruise lines responsible for its passengers stupidity and flagrant violations of rules and lack of proper supervision of their children, but the ships will be retrofitted into sealed cages. Perhaps RCL needs to further vet its passengers with signs at the terminals: ~ Judy
  3. When I sailed on Allure in 2017, the FREE theatre backstage tour for Diamond & up was preceded with a question and answer period with the 5 top leads from the cast of Momma Mia on stage. It was great! Unfortunately, because it was so interesting, I neglected to take pictures while the cast was on stage. I guess they don’t/won’t offer that anymore if they can get people to pay for Insider’s View. (...sigh...) ~ Judy
  4. I normally don’t buy internet packages (just maximize my diamond 24 free hours) but I have family sailing in three separate cabins on Independence in February and we will need to keep in touch with each other. Unfortunately, I understand Independence doesn’t have the chat feature in the Royal app. My Cruise Planner has a 4 device surf & stream for $23.99 per day which I believe I could share. Is this a good price or another phony Black Friday deal?
  5. Here are pictures of inside cabin 4591 on Majesty. No couch or loveseat. Small TV was mounted on wall in corner at foot of bed. Luggage fit under the beds. While my studio cabin on Brilliance had only one twin bed, it was modern with much more closet and desk storage, a cooler and larger TV. But since I sailed solo in 4591, it was more than ample for my needs.
  6. When I was on the June 24th sailing, lobster was on the 5th night. Plain “butter” poured on top with no seasoning. And yes, the duck was delicious - not dried out like I’ve experienced on last few cruises. ~ Judy
  7. Well if I wind up going solo, should not be a problem. After having sailed in JS and balconies on Oasis, Freedom and Voyager classes, I sailed solo in a studio on Brilliance last year and found the small cabin was surprisingly nice and the ship was a nice change of pace. My first cruise was on Home Lines Oceanic back in 1971. Now that was teeny tiny! ~ Judy
  8. My offer was for free interior for 2. I went with June 24th 5 night Majesty sailing. Port fees $121pp and I can sail solo or add 2nd person with them just paying port fees. I couldn’t pass it up at that price. I know nothing about the Majesty other than it’s the second smallest ship in the fleet (will have to explore this forum) but I’m just looking for a relaxing cruise anyway. ~ Judy
  9. Last time I saw the honey stung chicken, it was by the bananas in a bowl next to the ketchup and mayo. But it looked like it was preparing to run away.
  10. No, sometimes 2 cabins work out cheaper than booking a quad and you get the added advantage of an extra bathroom. Quads are usually priced as a higher category before you even add the 3rd or 4th person. Booking just a quad can offer a savings when Royal runs their “kids sail free” (KSF) promo but doubt you can snag it for a summer sailing. You can try to book connecting/adjoining rooms. You won’t have to split the parents up but one advantage to doing so (at least on paper as far as Royal is concerned) is if only one of you wanted to buy the alcohol package the other one is not required to buy the package.
  11. Link for May 27, 2018 Allure Eastern compasses: https://issuu.com/hochmania/docs/merged.compressed_2f13b6babea3c0 Link for September 16, 2018 Allure Eastern compasses: https://drive.google.com/drive/mobile/folders/1s35JrPzpiB9ZR_hL4AI_MqmKL2aom_m4?usp=drive_open Since these compasses are from last year, you might want to start a new thread requesting more recent compasses for your itinerary.
  12. Thanks for this info. I didn’t know it could be reserved ahead of time. Is there a fee for the Sky Pad? ~ Judy
  13. Thanks OP. Too bad, I was hoping Bob was right. I have a cruise on Indy booked for April. Saw Grease on it last year and the year before when I also saw it on Harmony. Haven’t seen Hairspray since it was on Oasis. ~ Judy
  14. When did the broadway production show on Independence go from Grease to Hairspray? ~ Judy
  15. LuCruise, thank you for answering my question and supplying a copy of the perks letter. While the family members I’ve booked have decided to purchase the drink package and remain in the Promenade cabin directly across from my ocean view balcony for our upcoming cruise, they said maybe the next time. For anyone one who might be interested, the Ben & Jerry Sweet (6305) was still available as of yesterday for the Independence April 29, 2019 sailing and it’s possible it might be available on a sailing you have already booked. For my cruise it doesn’t show on up Royal’s USA .com site (that only lists some cabins and I can’t find a way to search for a particular cabin like you could in the past), but Royal’s UK (.co.uk) site lists ALL available cabins. So check there if interested in booking or switching to that cabin. ~ Judy
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