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  1. I didn’t know they just shellacked the railings. Can someone help me get unstuck? My b@lls are killing me and I’ve had to pee for the last hour!
  2. And that was the day Karen gave up smoking ... and Linda’s Lovely Ladies Beauty Salon closed down.
  3. “If only I was a dog, this could actually be enjoyable.”
  4. And that’s when Wilson decided to find a deserted island and live the rest of his days as a Castaway.
  5. Old lady crying, “I used to have boobs like you. Enjoy them while you’re young. It will hurt like the dickens when you get to my age and they start dragging on the floor!” P.S. Thank you to everyone contributing to this thread. And a special shoutout to @2chiefs - especially for all the themed bunches of posts. You brighten everyone’s days.
  6. “redrum, REDRUM, REDRUM!” (Why Danny Torrence was an “only” child in The Shining)
  7. THAT’S IT!!! Thanks for finding and posting. Oh the beautiful blue skies and green grass and tinted everything in the middle. Yeah, “SO PLEASING TO THE EYE” - NOT! 🤮 Ah, memories. The show I HATED was the Terrytoon Circus show with Claude Kirsher and his Clownie puppet because they ended the show with “and now it’s time for you kids to go to bed” so my mother MADE US GO TO BED! 😡 Anyone else remember him, or any of the old 1950/1960 shows. There‘s a fun site called Guess the Retro TV Show if you’re up for the challenge.
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