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  1. No, sometimes 2 cabins work out cheaper than booking a quad and you get the added advantage of an extra bathroom. Quads are usually priced as a higher category before you even add the 3rd or 4th person. Booking just a quad can offer a savings when Royal runs their “kids sail free” (KSF) promo but doubt you can snag it for a summer sailing. You can try to book connecting/adjoining rooms. You won’t have to split the parents up but one advantage to doing so (at least on paper as far as Royal is concerned) is if only one of you wanted to buy the alcohol package the other one is not required to buy the package.
  2. Link for May 27, 2018 Allure Eastern compasses: https://issuu.com/hochmania/docs/merged.compressed_2f13b6babea3c0 Link for September 16, 2018 Allure Eastern compasses: https://drive.google.com/drive/mobile/folders/1s35JrPzpiB9ZR_hL4AI_MqmKL2aom_m4?usp=drive_open Since these compasses are from last year, you might want to start a new thread requesting more recent compasses for your itinerary.
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