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  1. Since this is the ocean cruise ports board, I just want to point out that it is possible spending several days in both places if one takes a River Boat Cruise on the Douro River. Something to think about if you’ve never tried a RC.
  2. There are so many different choices besides the bike tours I don’t think you need to worry.
  3. Fly into JFK. You can take Air Train into Penn Station. Very short cab ride or you probably could walk it depending on your luggage Or you can take NJT into NY Penn if you fly into EWR
  4. Yes. You’ll be able to visit the market in Budapest. The ship is docked walking distance.
  5. They do not provide lunches for the long days. We take this as an opportunity to sample authentic regional foods. There are food stands in Salzburg so you can sample a sandwich and a drink for not much money. Plus don’t forget the desserts in that region. lol. You will definitely return in time for dinner. Don’t worry about that. And, if you choose the optional excursion to a concert hall in Vienna, the dining room will be open early to accommodate the group attending the concert. You won’t go hungry.
  6. Playbill.com and Theatermania.com both offer discounted tickets and are reputable.
  7. I checked on the website and they have $99 tickets available for your date. Since you’re not sure you have plenty of time to decide. It’s not a difficult ticket to get
  8. No. You should be able to get Come from away tickets discounted. Which dates are you looking for? I’m always getting email offers. Hamilton forget about it. lol
  9. I love the ABC islands. They’re perfect for true beach lovers. Museum lovers have nothing to see though. Bonaire is known for superb scuba and snorkeling.
  10. We were on same itinerary different ship so I really don’t know the answer. But you do know that you need conversion adapter plugs?My hubby found a conversion plug in Home Depot that also had the usb
  11. It’s one of those fancy coffee machines. You make it yourself 24 hours a day. Not sure about the creamers.
  12. The ferry drops you off at Wall Street Pier 11. That’s near the South Street Seaport. You can access the Brooklyn Bridge near City Hall subway station which according to google maps is a 16 minute walk. If you’re used to walking you can take a slight detour to the 9/11 Memorial. The entrance to the walkway on brooklyn side is Tillary and Adams Street. You can take an uber or taxi to or from the entrance on the Brooklyn side. It’s not walking distance from the pier. Download the Gooogle Map App and you can get the walking routes. The streets are a little tricky in lower Manhattan because it’s not a grid. More like a maze. lol
  13. They’ll take your luggage for you. It’s only 159 pax as you mentioned. When we went, they allowed you to sit in the lounge until your cabin is ready if you wished. There was a light lunch provided. I don’t know if that still is the case. Anyhow, the town is cute and tiny. You’ll enjoy strolling through.
  14. We use garages owned by iconparking.com. I go to the website and look under coupons. Print it out and bring along.
  15. Another analogy is business class v economy class. The price difference is large. But in the end the destination is the same. The comfort level and quality of food and beverage are worlds apart. Some folks can’t afford business class and are fine with that, they still arrive at destination. Other folks would rather stay home if they couldn’t fly business.
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