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  1. I would book 3:00. This will give you time for lunch and to visit the 9/11 Memorial and Occulus and perhaps St Paul’s Church before entering museum
  2. Got2Cruise

    New York Hotel Central Location

    This is good advice. I would add that the hotel property should be close to the subway station.
  3. I think you should research properties in the Financial District based on which activities you wish to do. You’d have much more time to sight see. You’d be able to walk to Battery Park for the SOL ferry and to the 9/11 Memorial. It could catch a subway directly up to Yankee Stadium. You could arrange a car service such as Dial 7 or Uber for transportation from and to EWR. You might be able to find a decent rate in Financial District. Then you can crunch the numbers and decide if the extra cost is worth it to you to have more time in Manhattan.
  4. Got2Cruise

    CAPE LIBERTY 411 (and NYC too) Version 4!!

    Hi lois. The 9/11 Museum is in the Financial District (Wall Street) area. It is far from theater district. But it’s easy to get a taxi, Uber or subway or even MTA bus between the two areas. Personally I don’t think the Michaelangelo is in an ideal location for what you want to do. Depending on which show you choose you might have a bit of a walk to the theater. Have you looked at the Lotte Palace? They’re having a special Black Friday sale.
  5. Costco sells packable down jackets. Good quality for the price. Also LL Bean sells packable down jackets and they happen to have a special 25% off before Thanksgiving sale going on. My hubby owns that one and he wears often. LL Bean is very good quality.
  6. Got2Cruise

    Luggage at Disembarkation

    What we do is pack before dinner on the last night. Figure out what you will be wearing the next day, including shoes, jackets etc., keep all of these items out of your suitcase. Don’t forget your night clothes. Then after dinner when we get undressed we add our dinner outfits to the packed suitcase and place them outside the door. Keep a carryon bag in the suite to pack everything still in your cabin the next morning. Don’t forget to check the safe!
  7. Some of the photos are “ why did they share this” ??? 🤣🤣
  8. Got2Cruise

    Best Western Airport West

    Adding info onto 138’s suggestion of the Robert Treat. Everything in NY tristate area is going to be much more expensive than most places. That includes wine. In NY one needs to go to a “Liquor Store” to purchase wine. Some places has wine in their name. You can’t purchase beer in a liquor store. Im almost sure you can’t purchase wine in the grocery store in NJ either. But if I’m wrong I hope a NJ friend will correct me. Robert Treat is in a highly urbanized area. I wouldn’t be asking an Uber to drive me to the nearest place to pick up wine. Could be unsafe for those not familiar with the neighborhood. I don’t know about Newark Penn Station but NY Penn has a liquor store. Take the NJ transit to NY Penn walk to Times Square, Rockefeller Center. On way back pick up some wine. This particular liquor store is on the LIRR level. The entrance is on 34 and 7th.
  9. Got2Cruise

    Oversize Cape Liberty Parking

    The car is safe. It’s part of the “official” port parking. Same security as the garage.
  10. Got2Cruise

    Luggage valet service from cape liberty

    There could have been an issue with US Immigration or Customs that is why folks couldn’t get off the ship in a timely manner which caused a mess with the drop off and parking. Usually doesn’t happen like this at Cape Liberty.
  11. Got2Cruise

    Tapatalk Forum

    Sigh. I’m not certain why you are taking it upon yourself to do damage control for the Cruise Critic Corporation. You’ve been trying to convince us on more than one thread that the app is not needed and anyway it’s incompatable with the new software. If some of us want to continue to voice our opinion concerning the dissatisfaction over the lack of an app it really is not your place as a fellow poster to inform us that we lack reading ability and our opinion is wrong.
  12. Got2Cruise

    Tapatalk Forum

    There were two separate apps. The Tapatalk app and then a couple years later a Cruise Critic app was introduced.
  13. Got2Cruise

    The Douro? What Do You Think?

    Lois, I understand your thinking, we are not sure about this itinerary also. Now I’m looking at ocean cruises that include Libson.
  14. Got2Cruise

    Tapatalk Forum

    I’m happy to read about the app in development. Apps are the future.
  15. Got2Cruise

    AMA or Avalon?

    I’ve sailed on both lines, and wouldn’t hesitate to use either again. I would give the edge to Ama, but I do believe that Ama is slightly more expensive. I don’t believe either offers room service, but you can send your significant other to fetch you a fresh cuppa from where the early riser breakfast is set up or the coffee room.