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  1. Nothing mentioned concerning rafting. Or maybe I missed it. Maybe the tours will correspond with dining times? That could work. Remember this is a temporary solution. It’s all risk v reward. The air travel is my biggest concern. Will it even be allowed?
  2. Wow Freddie you certainly know a lot about an off topic board you have no interest in. I think having a water cooler thread is a marvelous idea.
  3. Young people don’t subscribe to a cable service, they use streaming services. You’d be surprised how many have Disney Plus. On top of that anyone with young children probably subscribe too. Hamilton is bringing young people excited about Broadway. Broadway needs to evolve if it’s going to survive.
  4. Frozen has closed for good, it was announced today. Positive news is that the Hamilton movie is dropping on Disney Plus July 3. Also there will be a sing along Grease broadcast instead of the Tony Awards.
  5. “Confederate Sense and Sensibility”? Like you still believe the Confederate States should have Jim Crow? Slavery?
  6. The masks are worn not to protect yourself. The masks are worn to prevent the spread if you have it to other people.
  7. For all of you due a large refund, I truly hope it all works out. The consumer always gets screwed over when there is a bankruptcy. I hope it doesn’t come to that.
  8. Love this thread and I too miss reading everyone’s blogs. Here’s my story: In July 2018 we sailed Voyager Monte Carlo to Barcelona. We chose the land extension which brought us to Madrid. The day of disembarkation we found our group for the extension. It seems that there were only six pax total who signed up for this extension. Fortunately for my husband and me, two of the pax were long time loyal Regent cruisers. So instead of canceling the tour, or having us travel in a mini bus, the six of us had the pleasure of traveling on a full size tour bus from Barcelona to Madrid, with stops in between. The long time cruisers were Judith and Bob. The other couple were from Australia.
  9. You have to remember that NCLH is processing refunds from not only Regent, but Oceana and NCL Cruises. It all comes from the same pot.
  10. I think Wendy brings up many good points to ponder. That’s why my personal opinion is that it’s going to take awhile to figure everything out and develop protocol. An added question I have is will there be restrictions to allow tourism in? I’ve read rumors that certain countries won’t allow foreigners in. Will the itineraries need to be adjusted?
  11. Babs is married to the hunk James Brolin. She’s ok. Lol
  12. If there were no cases on Regent ships, I’m glad only because crew weren’t put at risk. But having no cases was just pure luck, Regent did not do anything special to prevent COVID19. I hope they are not marketing themselves as safer than other cruiselines and give pax a false sense of security.
  13. May 1 for the country maybe, but for NY the epicenter, it won’t happen.
  14. I agree that the city will reopen. The main reason for the shut down is to flatten the curve, so the entire health system doesn’t collapse. It will be back, but a new normal.
  15. I wouldn’t schedule anything to NYC yet. There will be plenty of hotel vacancies. The large conferences will not be held for a looong time.
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