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  1. Got2Cruise

    How Could You DO THIS?

    Activity streams were already available on Tapatalk five years ago. If it’s a new concept to you I wouldn’t brag about it. Except on Tapatalk everything was easy peasy. This new format if you want mobile is trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.
  2. Got2Cruise

    For those who miss the app...

    Did you click this? I don’t allow any push notifications on my phone but if you allow them, you get notified immediately with a ping.
  3. Got2Cruise

    New CC format horrible!

    When dealing with the general public, you want it to be as user friendly as possible. The more users, the more clicks on your ads. Nobody wants a “second job” to research how to use a message board.
  4. Got2Cruise

    New CC format horrible!

    It is pay for play. From the advertisers. That’s why no travel agency names may be used. They also receive huge ads from all the cruise lines.
  5. I would take the earliest possible train available. Amtrak is known for their delays. On top of that the entire Penn Station tracks are constantly being shut down due to track work. Working backwards you need to be at the pier no later than 2 hours before departure (confirm with cruiseline if it’s more). Then going from Penn to Brooklyn will take an hour. Could be more depending on date and time.
  6. Got2Cruise

    Cruise critic app

    I don’t blame you! But I hope you live post on other social media that supports an app! Unless folks utilized the app, especially, they’re cluesless how easy it was.
  7. Got2Cruise

    Tapatalk Forum

    I really don’t understand why you participate in this conversation if you are happy with the new format. One funny thing is that I can now peruse CC without one ad! 🤣🤣🤣 The mobile version is so messed up.
  8. Got2Cruise

    No like button

    There’s a heart as on Trip Advisor, Instagram or Twitter Apps. You can like, haha funny or thanks with a trophy. 🙄So evidently that’s the big added feature.
  9. Got2Cruise

    App no longer works

    😿🙀Waaay over my head. Lol That’s why I loved utilizing an app.
  10. Bob, have you discovered a way for the posts on the phone to appear in a stream as on the app? I really miss that the most. Desktops are going the way of the dinosaur.
  11. Got2Cruise

    SO difficult to navigate the new CC

    All those giving advice about your screen name and profile: Thank you, I know you’re trying to help but it makes mobile users more frustrated. We can’t see our screen name to click on!! Maybe now you can understand our frustration.
  12. Got2Cruise

    SO difficult to navigate the new CC

    I’m glad CC works fine for you on your 27 inch desk top. I have not owned a desk top for at least 15 years. I used my phone app for many years. The new boards are a step backwards.
  13. Got2Cruise

    Can't login via Tapatalk

    As I have mentioned on other threads Trip Advisor, the parent company of CC, has an app that works very well.
  14. Got2Cruise

    Can't login via Tapatalk

    I for one can’t understand why any corporation in the year 2018 does not want to maintain an app.
  15. Got2Cruise

    Can't login via Tapatalk

    it is not mobile friendly.