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  1. Majority of offices in NYC still remote. Also lots of midtown used to be filled with European and Asian tourists. Once the tourists and office workers start coming back those shops and sidewalks will be crowded again. I think mid Nov it will start opening up to Europe. Glad you had a great trip.
  2. It’s on a nice block. And great that it is cancelable.
  3. If you’re leaving from NJ the parking is in a garage. Get there early enough so you don’t have to parking in the overflow parking lot. The day before stay in a hotel with parking in Jersey City close to the ferry that will bring you very close to WTC. It won’t be a bargain property but the convenience will be worth it.
  4. Lots of great properties still in Midtown East. The OP wanted to stay under $200. But if you want to bump it up, the Lotte Palace, and even better, the Lotte Palace Towers are wonderful for Christmas visits especially. Also on E 50, The Kimberly. Im not sure about the Waldorf ever coming back, I thought the entire thing was to become condos.
  5. There’s no reason to stay in Times Square. I suggest Midtown East. You’ll be able to walk to most places on your list, including Times Square. I myself have walked up to the Metropolitan Museum from E 50 Street, but there’s a bus that can take you there if you don’t want to do the subway. The 9/11 Memorial and Ferry Statue of Liberty are located in lower Manhattan, so you’d need the subway, or bus, or cab to get there. I quickly checked Kayak.com and the NH Collection Hotel on East 38th is currently $190 plus tax for your dates. You’d probably have to take the bus to Central Park and the Museum from there but you pick the bus up right there on Madison Ave. Play around with Kayak, for other choices.
  6. Hi. Fellow LIer here. Maybe a cab from Bayonne cruise terminal to nearest PATH or NJT station. Take train to NY Penn. then LIRR home.
  7. I would call any of the properties directly to confirm if they are indeed offering the transfer to the terminal.
  8. I never get tired of seeing it either. I found the photo I took with my iPhone on the cruise. This is leaving from Bayonne but Capt Leo brought us to Lady Liberty
  9. I looked it up. If you use this place I would have the driver drop you off with the luggage and then go park the car. The location is a bit misleading it’s close to the terminal but more like five blocks of walking.
  10. I wouldn’t worry too much. It happens so rarely nobody remembers if it actually happened in the past. But there are nearby garages to use as backup if you needed.
  11. Where have you seen less than $40.00 per day in midtown Manhattan? $40.00 for 24 hours is a deal in Midtown.
  12. Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan is the only one I can think of. lol
  13. The price point of that Brooklyn Marriott is more expensive than many properties in financial district. Lol.
  14. You most likely can get food delivered thru uber eats or similar also.
  15. Hi. Instead of “Downtown” the area is usually referred to as “Financial District” using hotel search apps. I would stay there instead of DUMBO, especially since you want to visit 9/11 Museum. I actually prefer this area over Midtown. Besides 9/11 Museum there is also Battery Park, Wall Street, many nice places to eat. Also the area is very safe. There are several nice hotels in Financial District and are usually a very good value compared to the more touristy areas in midtown.
  16. I would stay away from Times Square. What are your exact dates? And what do you want to do when in NYC?
  17. When Capt Leo and Capt Kate were the Captains 7 years ago they would drive past and the NYFD would put on a show. But I think they did away with that.
  18. Rachael thank you for taking the time to post this wonderful detailed blog.
  19. Try to get the credit returned from Hotels.com. The reason you booked was the shuttle. Of course the shuttle has not been running for many months. There have been no cruises since March 2020
  20. It’s an easy walk from Penn Station to Times Square. While you’re so close why not go to the top of the Empire State Bldg? It’s only a couple of blocks from Penn Station. Also Macy’s is across the street from Penn Station. You can also take a bus from Times Square to Central Park, and then the bus from Central Park back to Penn Station. Sure the bus isn’t as quick as subway, but it’s great for looking out the window and seeing the sights.
  21. Since Covid, there has been a shortage of Uber/Lyft drivers. You will be put in the position of having to accept surge pricing because you are on a time schedule. I think it best to arrange for Carmel or Dial 7 thru the app. Use Uber as an emergency backup for no show. Double emergency backup is have the subway directions printed out. That’s how I roll. lol
  22. October is always the most expensive. It could be that the large hotels are not fully staffed so they are limiting occupancy. What about a property in midtown East. Better neighborhoods but still walkable to LeBernardin and Central Park and Penn Station.
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