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  1. jenno10388

    3,430 Photos of Queen Mary 2

    Great photos some of the best I've ever seen of her! I don't think I like her refurb colour schemes though... Which is disappointing. Not as "classy" as I had hoped, almost leaning on the tacky side. Certainly could have done more than what they did and could have chosen better decor, colours & schemes. Almost everything should have been touched. Now the cabins have this whole half new, half old look to them, with new colours up against the old sun damaged beach wood yellowing walls. It's very apparent in the QG suites as some of the walls around the bed are now a new grey like colour but the rest of the walls are the original yellowing colour. The bathrooms also haven't been touched. My last Voyage was in 2015 and we were in a Q6, had a fantastic room and we were upgraded for free from PG so no complaints from me, but if I had paid full price for a QG I would have asked for a refund. The room was a dump, especially the bathroom... I actually felt embarrassed for Cunard charging the over inflated prices they do and couldn't understand how the QM2 wasn't already ripped out of service to have a total make over and fix up! I supposed at least now she probably feels newer onboard. I wonder if a lot of the fixes were just "band aid" fixes though? Did they fix the pot holes? the leaky roofs? for example.. cheers
  2. jenno10388

    Pictures: Diamond Princess New Features for Japanese Market

    Please tell me there will be no nudity in the Japanese baths when the ship moves to Australian sectors...
  3. jenno10388

    Princess Refits

    Hi All! I've only cruised with Princess once, (Diamond Princess 2009) and I've been recently looking for a possible Australia, New Zealand or Asia cruise with them again for next year. Am i right in saying that Diamond, Dawn and Grand have all had refits since 2009? does anyone have any good links to sites with photos of the interiors of these ships post refit? I've seen a few random shots but not many, I'm surprised the princess site hasn't updated their photos, also, have the cabins on these ships also been refitted (new carpet/furnishings)? Ive always found the princess cabins I've seen in photos to look dated and tired in regards to decor and colour schemes (especially the inside, ocean view and standard balcony rooms, they just look so sad & worn). A quick browse on the Princess website recently still shows the cabins as looking the same as what they did back in 2009 when I travelled on Diamond.. Its rather strange because I would think that they would want to freshen up the cabins to match the new decor added to the ships public areas during refit. Any info would be great! Thanks :)
  4. jenno10388

    QE2 sold to Singapore as floating hotel

    Many famous shipping lines have always been owned by a larger company, even the white star line was owned by the International Mercantile Marine Co. For most of its lifetime before being merged with Cunard.. To say that a company 'no longer exists' if its owned by someone else is not correct. Don't most of the lines owned by Carnival still have their own headquarters, CEO's and look after their own operations? Carnival is just the parent company.. Eg: mum and dad with all the money lol
  5. jenno10388

    Bed config?

    I booked through HAL that's why I find it strange that I don't recall being asked during the process
  6. jenno10388

    Bed config?

    Hi all! Maybe I missed something but I don't recall any stage of the booking process asking me how we wanted the bed configured and I can't seem to see the configuration listed anyway under my reservation!? I would like a queen bed configuration, but it's for two male passengers so I'm insure if they'll do this off their own accord (probably not lol) so do I just email them? Cheers Steve
  7. jenno10388

    Best and worst experiences on the QM2

    Lol, I noticed this but thought they may have meant 'the end of the voyage', just a more dramatic way of saying it
  8. jenno10388

    Best and worst experiences on the QM2

    Best: * The size of the ship * The attention she receives wherever she goes * The decor of the ship * The cabins/suites (loved PG) * The history and Cunard vibe * The day spa * Teak decks and deck chairs * The book store (I spent hundreds) * afternoon tea * Churchills cigar lounge * The variety of alcohol * All the lounges and bars Worst: * No pools or jacuzzis open after 8pm * Expensive fares * service could be abit better, I still think princess has the best service. * Some of the other passengers can be down right bitchy, rude & need to get over themselves.. (Not that this is only exclusive to Cunard)
  9. jenno10388

    When would Cunard do a major refit of the QM2?

    I wonder if they would ever change the external deck areas like the QE2? The possibilities are endless! I guess time will tell :)
  10. Hi all! This question just popped into my head recently, when do you think Cunard would do some major changes to the QM2 if ever? Over the course of the QE2's life she had some major changes, but I'm not sure at the time intervals of when these changes occured. I must admit that I like the way she is currently although I'm suprised they haven't completely changed kings court to a better layout as I'm pretty sure no body likes it.. :) When do you think we will see the first major changes start to happen to the QM2 if ever? It's quite interesting to think about some of the things they may or may not do if they ever decide to give her a major overhaul.. Steve
  11. jenno10388

    QE2 for scrap?

    Does anyone know of any photos of the QE2 being moved on jan 17th!? Cheers :) Steve
  12. jenno10388

    QE2 for scrap?

    Being from aus, Singapore is close to me! This is great :)
  13. jenno10388

    QE2 for scrap?

    She's at the dry dock now! How fantastic is this news!! Floating hotel in HK or Sing! Thank god. Can't wait to stay on her :)
  14. jenno10388

    QE2 for scrap?

    if the first photo link doesnt work, heres another! it shoes the radar showing the ship moving [/img] Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  15. jenno10388

    QE2 for scrap?

    http://www.theqe2story.com/forum/index.php?topic=4948.0 [/img] Uploaded with ImageShack.us shes being moved to dry dock and has been sold to be a hotel in hong kong or singapore!!!! THANK GOD!!!