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  1. I agree, we should have been offered a move over. I just talked to our Princess Cruise planner and she says that prices have NOT been posted yet but I think we can ALL agree that there will be an increase to help pay for Princess losses this year. Just a side note, I was wondering if the reason they have now eliminated Barcelona is because of the Covid increase in Spain that I've been reading about in the news. Their numbers are really climbing. Who knows.
  2. Just notified our April 17th Barcelona - Rome on Enchanted was cancelled because of deployment. Their new itinerary is Rome to Rome, no Barcelona and added Corsica. This was our 3rd Mediterranean cruise cancelled. Is this a sign? We had amazing accommodations. It said in the email that new bookings are available Oct. 2nd. and start in May 2021.
  3. We are booked on the Enchanted in April 2021 (fingers crossed) for a Mediterranean cruise. I am considering changing our reservation to a Club Class Mini Suite. My understanding is that ALL meals would be in a less crowded area of the dining room, no cueing up etc. I just was thinking in what might be a “post Covid world” that this might be a way to be in a less crowded environment aboard ship. I would appreciate any comments from guests that have opted for Club Class and if it is worth the extra money and if there are any other worthwhile benefits. We are not drinkers so wouldn’t take advantage of the bar set up.
  4. Our first Family Reunion cruise. It turned these grandkids into cruise aficionados. This was the first of many cruises.
  5. Today - March 10th, we received the Itinerary change for our April 11th Mediterranean Cruise on the Crown. Ports in Italy removed and they added Toulon/Provence instead of Genoa, Sete instead of Florence/Pisa, and Tarragona instead of Rome. We were disembarking in Rome and staying 2 days and flying home from Rome (flights booked through Princess). When I looked at my booking on the Princess website, our flights have been cancelled. We had two excursions booked through the ship, the one in Italy has been cancelled of course. I don't understand the credit & payment statement. It shows a credit balance of $1,833.68 (not sure if that was credited back to my credit card). I'll call tomorrow and sadly cancel the cruise. We had started with an obstructed view cabin and now have a balcony, mid-ship, mid-deck due to 2 upgrades from Princess. I already looked at re-booking for April 2021 and the same cruise, same itinerary is about $700 more per passenger for an interior cabin which we DO not want. There are 3 of us, myself and my 2 adult daughters. It was planned for over a year. Italy was a MUST SEE for us. SAd day for us. Stay healthy fellow cruisers and those of you who continue on with this cruise, best of luck.
  6. Hopefully this is my last message regarding our Cruise that isn't going to happen (at least for us) . . . I finally was able to speak to Customer Care @ Princess regarding our Mediterranean cruise on (Crown Princess) 04/11/20. Heads UP, Princess is NEVER going to call /email regarding your cruise. They are NOT offering to move cruise dates or offer incentives to remain with Princess for a future cruise. We do have Princess Vacation Protection "Cancel for any reason" but will NOT get a full refund even if our DR has recommended we NOT travel at this time. We can have our funds remain with Princess for a future cruise but will not have the funds returned to us. We were told to file a claim. Princess does not consider cancelling because of the Caronavirus crisis a medical reason. Seriously, even though the CDC has recommended no non-essential travel for Italy. Oh and by the way, we have to file a claim for the penalty fees because we are less than 40 days from cruising. If we do not cancel before 03/14 the penalty fees will be 50% of our cruise. I have not contacted AON Travel Ins. but will contact them today. Good luck fellow travelers with your cruise plans. (Also BTW, Princess told me there are many other ports besides stops in Italy that the ship can go to. We specifically booked this FOR Italy. Also we know that many ports are denying entry at this time so if the cruise departs as scheduled does anyone even know where it's going?)
  7. I'm now 40 days out from our Mediterranean cruise. I kept thinking I would get an email or phone call from Princess about my reservation but it's still just silence from them. I called again a while ago and asked what their plan B was about this upcoming cruise and I was told there is no Plan B and the cruise is still a "GO". WHAT? I'm okay with moving the cruise to Spring 2021 if necessary but I was told, no need to do that. I feel like I'm living in the Twilight Zone. Hasn't the CDC warned against all non-essential travel to Italy? Several airlines have also ceased flying to Italy. Am I the only one scratching my head saying "WTH?"
  8. We are now 43 days out from our Mediterranean Cruise on the Crown. We've basically decided we are not going to be going on this cruise but like many of you, I've been waiting to hear from Princess about perhaps moving my booking to later in the year or even Spring of 2021 but they've been silent. Every time I call they try to convince me that it's all systems GO even though now the CDC has advised against non-essential travel to Italy and we all know it's a matter of time before it includes all of Europe. I haven't cancelled because I am hopeful Princess will contact me. If I cancel (we have Platinum insurance) I might just hold on to my travel dollars and see what cruise line offers the best incentives to travel in Spring of 2021. I know they will all be working hard to get their cruisers back on their ships.
  9. We are 48 days out from our cruise on the Crown starting in Barcelona and ending up in Rome. Besides generator problems on the ship, I am apprehensive about cruising. The virus is now in Northern Italy. Who knows what will happen in the next 48 days? Besides getting the illness itself what about missing ports? We don't want to be like I believe one of the Holland America ships where no country wanted the ship to come into port. We do have Princess Travel Insurance and I just spoke with Princess and was asked to wait until 40 days to make a decision and by then Princess may also have decided to change itinerary or even cancel the cruise. I actually don't see that happening. I just know I will be very disappointed if we are ON the ship but yet can't get to the destinations and sights we've planned on seeing. Oh what to do?
  10. Love new EZ Air and being able to check prices on my own. I had airfare booked for $889.50 from LAX to Barcelona, returning from Rome to LAX (04/2020). I called Princess several times to check on prices, sometimes I was told, no drop in price, or even an increase but this week I spoke to a wonderful Princess agent “Jimmy” who priced a flight for $552.05. Because I needed to check with the other 2 passengers to change the booking, by the time I called back several hours later I was told the price was no longer available. That evening I decided to try checking prices on my own on EZ Air. I saw the price quoted earlier in the day but everytime I would try to process the changes, I would get an update that the price had increased $600. Crazy. I was not to be deterred. I tried 3 more times and on the last time I saw the lower price of $552.05 again and updated for the changes, they STUCK and I got the new fare of $552.05. That’s a price reduction of $1349.80 for 3 passengers. We can spend that money in other ways on our Mediterranean Cruise. So, my suggestion to all is, keep trying, & checking prices if you have Flexible Air. If you see a lower price and it doesn’t stick, try it again and again. You might be as lucky as me! Remember just click on the GREEN button, “Change or modify flights” while you are researching prices.
  11. We are on the Smeralda departing from Rome on 11/14/19. We looked at the tours available through Costa but didn't want to be with such a large group, preferring smaller tours. The recommendations for www.Italytours.EU on Cruise Critic are very good. We have a a tour with www.Italytours.EU lined up for 11/15 in La Spezia going to Florence & Pisa. We are a party of 4 but need a party of 6 for a price break. I posted the tour info on The Roll Call for this cruise months ago but there doesn't seem to be much activity on Costa Roll Calls for the Smeralda, at least for our cruise. Check out the website for this tour company and read the reviews and compare to Costa tours.
  12. We will be cruising on Costa Smeralda on what I heard was her maiden voyage, Nov. 14, 2019. I'm having second thoughts about choosing cruising on such a new ship. I just know from staying at new hotels, there are always some hiccups, some serious. Anyone have any experience or thoughts? This is our first Costa Cruise. We normally cruise on Princess. I know this will be different and that's okay. One thing I have read is that smoking is allowed in many public areas or balconies. Hoping that's not true. The itinerary is very good and looking forward to the experience, just wondering if I should book a later cruise instead. Thanks for your thoughts.
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