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  1. Got a question on how this works. It is a prepaid amount that will go towards any purchases at a bar, correct? Now say you have $1 left on the 'card' and you buy a $10 drink what will it do after that? The rest go to your sail and sign, or what? I've got a group going and they are thinking that this might keep them from spending to much at the bar by having a preset amount that can be spent and then it will tell them 'your out of bar money' type of deal. I am thinking it's just applying an amount towards your bar bill at the beginning so it's not such a big bill at the end. Anyone with experie
  2. Hi, I am on the dream in a few weeks on the 5 day and am trying to find out what time you will be able to depart the ship if the schedule shows arriving at 10:00 A.M. Any ideas? Thanks for your help!
  3. Thanks for taking the time to share all this! Curious if you went to the buffet at all for dinner and if the choices somewhat mirrored what was on the daily menu?
  4. Thanks for the effort, sounds like there are a handful of people looking for these. 😊
  5. Looking forward to seeing these also. Going on the Dream 5 day in December and have not found anything yet either. Thanks to those who are looking into posting some!
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