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  1. Good comparisons and my opinions are similar. Princess and DCL are my current favorites. The split bathrooms on DCL beat the Princess bathrooms every time if you are traveling with more than 2 people in your cabin. While the Princess cabins in some categories are a bit smaller, they are laid out so well and have so much storage it really didn't make a difference. We have had inside, ocean view, balcony and mini-suite cabins, so we have tried mist options. Princess is a bit 'beige' but their itineraries more than make up for it.

  2. We were on the Fantasy in the Caribbean and the Magic in Norway. While I usually prefer ships the size of the Magic, for me the Fantasy is my preferred ship of the two. There are just more things to do like the Midship Detective and the mini-golf, although it is much easier to get around on the Magic.

  3. We chose southbound so that we would see the best scenery first (before we became tired) and so that the weather would warm up as we go. As noted it was nicer to have the longer flight and travel day at the front end. It will be a wonderful trip either way. We booked a mini-suite on the port side foe southbound, but you really see a lot from both sides of the ship.

  4. Many photo spots are in the atrium before and between the dinner seatings. They will have different stations set up and you wait in the lines at the stations you would like. Many have characters and there are photographers at the character sessions during the day and also when you board.

  5. For question #1, we found it wasn't worth it in the end. Our 7 year old (and my husband) became tired of standing in lines for photos so we only had about 64 on a 7 day cruise and several were photos in the dining room with a lot of dirty dishes and other people in the background. The photos are over priced, so unless you are willing to wait in a lot of lines, you may not want to do the package, but just buy a few individual pics if you have some taken and find some good ones.


    You'll have a great time. Enjoy!

  6. I'll chime in to say that the large ocean view cabins with the window seat porthole are awesome. They are very roomy and are a much better value.


    The magic bands for the kids club now are great. We paid the fee so our daughter could keep hers. She still wears it as a bracelet from time to time.

  7. We visited the Space Center pre-cruise with our 7 year old and enjoyed it. I am not sure if you'd have enough time to enjoy it on disembarkation day. MCO airport is always busy with long lines. You need to count on time to drive back to Orlando, gas up the car and plenty of time to wait in the security lines prior to your flight. That will take a good portion of the afternoon. You could squeeze it in, but it might not be worth the cost of the tickets to just be there for a few hours.

  8. TwinPrincessMermaids,

    I happen to be very detail oriented and record EVERY expense on my trips, so you can be sure it will be a complete comparison. Somewhere on CC here is my review of my 2003 Med Cruise, with the cost of things duly noted in Euros, dollars etc. I enjoy my travel vacations, so I tend to be frugal overall, so I can afford more. We prefer to book cheaper cabins and cruise more often, so we have a value mindset.


    Due to a child in school, we are limited to cruising during peak (spring break) times, so I know I am paying the higher prices because of that. I am sure that if the costs were similar, that Disney would win hands down. We'll see how easy it is for me to put a value on the Disney premium. :-)


    I'll keep you posted once we take our trip. I'm expecting it to be a magical experience and I appreciate reading all the reviews and postings from folks like you. The anticipation is always half the fun for me.

  9. I'm just curious to see if the Disney experience is worth paying double what my other cruises were. I'm expecting a great cruise, but I've had great cruises on Princess, HAL and CCL, so I'm curious to see if the value for the money is there. Just over three months and I'll be able to find out!

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