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  1. We walked into the visitors center and the second or third booth had a great two hour van tour that we booked. It was really easy and a great tour.
  2. We walked off the ship into the visitor's center and found Dolly's Enterprises...I think that's the name. It was a two hour van tour and the driver was great. Stopped at salmon ladder and totem museum for a quick five minute look. Went out to a water fall, and to a viewing area where we saw a bear. It was about $75 pp but they reduced the price because it was raining. 15 minutes later, it turned into a beautiful day.
  3. We found Moose's Down Under at 830 W Pender St. It was about 3 blocks up from Canada Place. Difficult to find because it's in the basement (down stairs from the street) and the sign was hard to spot but we located the number address and looked down. Nice place, friendly people, affordable.
  4. I found that outer clothing could be worn multiple days. Inside the ship, I wore sandals, shorts/jeans, and t shirts. Many people were in capris. I never wore my boots, just a water proof pair of hiking sneakers. Lots of leggings too. Look for a couple of long sleeve shirts and buy a couple of sweaters/sweatshirts and a fleece jacket. Go to some of those tourist spots that sell things cheap if you don't feel like you'll use them again. I've been to Florida and bought and wore sweatshirts so I know some parts get chilly but I don't know where you live.
  5. Do you have sneakers, jeans, and sweatshirts? I bought a really nice coat in Ketchikan for $25. Order some hat and gloves off of Amazon.
  6. Millennium CABIN #: 126 DECK #: 9 CLASS: AQ AREA: Mid to Aft BED NEAR: Bathroom QUIET?: Mostly BALCONY VIEW: Water. There's the over hang and struts. BALCONY SIZE: Normal WIND A PROBLEM?: Not really SOOT A PROBLEM?: No PROBLEMS/COMMENTS: My husband said he heard noise in the early morning from above, probably the buffet. It wasn't enough to wake me. I heard the odd 'ship' noise through out the night. It was an easy walk up to the buffet which is always nice, and easy elevator ride to Blu. Our steward, Kharlo, was the best I've ever had.
  7. It was difficult to pay $54 for Tracey's Crab Shack when the ship (and lunch) was a few steps away but WOW! It was soooo worth it. I got one leg and there was so much meat in that sucker. And we also got 9 mini crab cakes which were some of the best I've eaten.
  8. What time did you see this? My husband is hoping for it. And where are you?
  9. No, it's only the two of us and I'm happy just going over to the Mendenhall. Walking from the public bus is unappealing, and I'm willing to pay more to not do that. I have that website open in another tab so I will see what I can find. Thanks.
  10. I went to the first site that was listed and must have gotten distracted by it and never went back to the google listing . Now I notice there is a link several lines down.
  11. My husband, who usually leaves all the vacation research to me, saw a Jeep excursion on the Celebrity site. Since he doesn't ask for much, I'm trying to book this for him. I was hoping Celebrity would have a sale on this but nothing yet. I looked at the Hoonah web page and there is an independent excursion but it leaves at 5:30 which seems too late to me. (I don't want to be a runner) I can't find anyone else who does it. Has anyone done this excursion? I might wait till we sail to book on the ship.
  12. Looking for recommendations on the best way to get from the ship to the Glacier. It looks like a taxi would be about $40. I've looked at some tours but not sure how long we have at the Glacier. There was one that includes a rainforest walk that looked interesting and about $45 each. I see there's a glacier shuttle too. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  13. I'll be working my way down that menu. Thanks, Premium package!
  14. Thank you! That's more than I knew before and helpful!
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