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  1. Yes, but I don't want to overdo this. Schwerin will be closed since we are going on a Monday. My main interest is Thomas Mann's house and some walking in the old town. Thanks,
  2. Fellow cruisers: Our cruise ends in Copenhagen and we take a flight to Berlin around 4 p.m. Would it be possible to disembark from Oceankaj, go to city center to see the main sites and go to the airport? We arrive at 7 am and should be off the ship by 10. Will be carrying only carry on but if there is a place to store them while downtown, that would be great. Thanks!
  3. I meant leaving to Lubeck by 9 a.m. I know that there is information about this online, but I could not find very recent ones. On the dbahn website the price quoted would be 21 euros roundtrip for 2 adults. Is that about right?
  4. Fellow cruisers: Can I buy the tickets in the train station after the cruise arrives? Or should I buy tickets in advance? Also, why some posts talk about leaving early in the morning? Our cruise does not depart till 10 p.m. Thanks!
  5. Does anybody know if guests on Getaway will be provided free transfer to Stockholm if they made the reservation before the port was changed to Nynashamn? In the email they said that transfers will be available for purchase on board... Thanks,
  6. The thing is that I could easily choose the 50 min massage plus the roses and that would set me for 328 + gratuity, while the package would be 299, all inclusive (though the massage would be 25 min.)
  7. How was the food of the new menu? Anybody has a pic?
  8. Another question: I am looking into the $299 anniversary package. Has anybody done it? While it seems that most items could be bought for the same price individually, the 25 minutes half body Swedish massage seems to be the real deal breaker. Especially since a couples massage (although for 50 minutes) costs, by itself 269+ gratuity...Any thoughts?
  9. Thanks! I have googled the menu, but I am getting conflicted information between an older and a more recent menu. The newer has less choices, but I am not sure it will be implemented in the Getaway for my mid June cruise...
  10. Fellow cruisers: For our Baltic cruise we chose to have 3 nights at specialty restaurants as a perk. My questions are, - Can you repeat the same restauant, or you have to choose 3 different ones -How is it possible that the Ocean Blue has an additional surcharge and then, NCL states that it is a la carte? -Is there any post with recent menus for Ocean Blue and Le Bistro? Thanks in advance
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