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  1. We are due on Iona in May - do you think the restrictions are going to last well into next year? Originally we thought not, but seeing cases go up around us we are beginning to think that they will keep them next year. I can't say that I am feeling too excited about it at the minute to be honest. (I know you haven't got a crystal ball - well don't think you have - but just wondering what you and others think)
  2. Sorry I can't help re the forward facing cabins but we have been in an aft cabin twice and their balconies are large and are a good place if you are a 'greenhouse flower' as hubby calls me. You may get a little soot sometimes but apart from that they are really nice cabins.
  3. Oh no - I can't imagine how you are feeling. Bad enough the day before but being sent home .......
  4. Didn't think we are allowed to bring that back on board any more 😞
  5. Now I can talk food ------ which junction though ? Miller and Carters Talke is a good bet for junction 16 off the A500 The Manor House Alsager for food and an over night stay for junction 16 off the A500 The Wayfarers Stone is a good one too junction 14 or 15 The Moat House Acton Trussell Junction 13 You may have noticed a theme here, that I can talk good places to eat and an over night stay / treat 😉
  6. I remember the first time I looked at the P&O board when I was on the Ocean Village one .... it frightened me to death. The odd 'banter' on here now is tame in comparison 😉 . (If anyone remembers the early dress code threads you'll know what I mean !!!!)
  7. Have said my last bit now and wished everyone a very Happy Christmas ------------------- did someone sa the C word !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Thanks x
  8. Just shows what a sad world we live in to me. I am sure that you will agree that we are all entitled to our own opinions so this is my last word on the matter as don't want to 'play games' on here. I hope that Christmas brings you whatever makes it special for you.
  9. Thanks Avril, I have just read this and was worried that I had upset folks as I had made sure that I referenced people of any belief or none so that I did not cause offense.
  10. Sorry don't get that comment at all - if having less materialism turns Christmas in to a time when families (who are already stressed and running in empty) don't have to spend money and emotional energy they don't have just being able to enjoy spending time together as a family with none of the pressure and stress then what's wrong with that? Where did I say 'I am alright Jack' as we don't stock pile stuff and would be in the same boat as everyone else ... PS Just reread my post and I guess you refer to my comment that Christmas will still happen without it all. To expand on that, I didn't want to 'preach' but I meant that for Christians the real meaning of Christmas will happen without all the other stuff that has developed around it whatever happens.
  11. Have to say that I am frustrated about the mass panic in the press that Christmas will be 'cancelled' due to shortages as I, for one, will be grateful that Christmas will not be about stressed people running around like headless chickens and / or spending a fortune on goods they can't afford and food they will throw away. Time for family won't have to come with huge gifts, massive parties and endless Black Fridays, but will have to be about quality time with family and friends whatever their beliefs. Everyone should breath a sigh of relief. For those of us who celebrate Christmas as an important Christian festival, Christmas will be still happen and we will still survive ...
  12. May sound a silly question but does that TV pull away from the wall so that you can watch it from the bed or is it stuck to the wall? We have had loads of sofas in cabins but never use them and would feel uncomfy sitting all prim watching the tv. Some ships have a TV that pulls out so that you can direct it to where you are sitting. Ok I know that you don't spend loads of time in the cabin but sometimes it is nice to just chill out away from the maddening crowds, put your feet up and hibernate (This sounds really odd reading it back, so no rude comments please !)
  13. Many many congratulations to you both. Looks lovely and I hope you had a great day 🙂
  14. We fell in love with the corner aft cabin on Azura and had booked the same one on Ventura but it was cancelled. Have one similar for August 2021. 🙂
  15. Am sure that is the one that a number of the folk we know at work used --- will check tomorrow. We were asked if we wanted to use Dresden as we work your end but as we live the far North we went for a centre at a church we used to attend. What is the first name of the lead at your centre --- think I know her
  16. Just praying that things have calmed down ---- did you feel safe amidst all of the people and the air con that recirculates the air ??
  17. Which hub are you at Josy? We know friends at some of them
  18. We are deck 12 about the 3rd cabin in so hoping it will be quiet 🙂 We do our homework re cabins as much as we can 😉
  19. Looks like you had a great time -- we are supposed to be on IONA in May but are still unsure. We will be picking your brains 🙂 We have booked and aft cabin
  20. We missed it -- we had to stay home as we had a delivery and were hoping it would come over our house but it didn't.
  21. The EDGE is just that -- the orange platform on the side that doubles up as a restaurant, bar or jetty for the tenders called the Magic Carpet looks horrible from the outside, but it is awesome once on board 🙂
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