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  1. Thank you for these replies, and sorry I have been delayed in responding. Sadly our cruise has been cancelled following ill health, one of those really unexpected curveballs that life throws your way. I will bear these suggestions in mind if I get to cruise to St Lucia again, and thanks again for your replies. It is really appreciated.
  2. Thank you very much Reedprincess, I really appreciate the reply and the honesty. We are comfortable doing an independent tour so will take a look at some of the reviews. We are taking in a few islands so I’ll need to do more research! Thanks again!
  3. Hello everyone, we are going to St Lucia in Nov with Royal and I am scratching my head about which trip to do! Having never been to the island before I am attracted to the Soufriere and mineral baths tour as this may give us a good first time experience, but I would welcome thoughts from those that have done it. I am not a beach person and like to see some sights, so would welcome thoughts. Many thanks in advance!
  4. I would second the opinions so far, we usually cruise with Royal Caribbean (and I have a lot of experience on other lines) but would recommend CMV. I did a short cruise with my elderly mum in May and it far exceeded expectations and certainly the amount paid. The food was superior compared to the likes of NCL (sorry have to speak as I have found on many cruises with them in the past!) mainly as it was tasty, HOT, not luke warm, and the staff all over the ship were so friendly, they really made our trip. We enjoyed it so much (OK it was influenced by the bargain price in a big way) we have booked to go again in August on another short cruise. If you are looking for a flashy modern ship, great entertainment and a young crowd CMV does not deliver on these things for me, but for a cheap and cheerful break to somewhere you want to see, it fits the bill. The cabin was comfortable on Magellan, it was a bit old fashioned, but clean and the bed was comfy. I tried CMV a fair few years ago now on Ocean Countess and was reluctant to try them again (that's another story), but I think they have changed hands since then and I would recommend them for sure. Enjoy!
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