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  1. Hi! I cannot find how to search this board for this cabin. Has anyone stayed in this cabin or 10126,10128, 10145, 10141 I was offered an upgrade for a very small amount from Deck 1 to this cabin, pros, cons? It backs up right on the serenity so I am not sure on noice. Thank you!!
  2. Hi! This will be my second time in Europe (first time I was 11 so no real experience) I have been doing some research and am trying to build a packing list and wanted to reach out and see what advise can be given by port as far as a dress code for women. I will have a light shawl with me to cover my shoulders but I like to have shorts on when exploring. I do not like to be hot so I would like to avoid longer pants. Also, I dont particularly like dresses on tours. I know some places you need to have knees covered as well I think to go in a church? Can anyone shed some light? Ports are bel
  3. Hi! I am thinking about booking a extended aft balcony for a Mediterranean on the Legend. This would just be my second Balcony. The first was on the Horizon on Lido deck forward. It was AMAZING!! I have only done interior or porthole otherwise. I guess my big concert is that when I was on the Valor and in the comedy club aft, i actually felt like I was going to be sick, the ship was just almost vibrating its hard to express. I have been mid and forward for cabins on all different floors. Just never aft. Not sure if on the Valor that one time was just a one time thing? I always head to
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