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  1. Nothing based on any factual information, and I have personally never sailed on them. Just my opinion because I hear that they are considerably different than Royal. But I suppose that doesn't necessarily mean there isn't a market for what they offer.
  2. And no one hovering over your shoulder and squeezing in between people to order a drink at the busy bar.... 🙂
  3. I am actually a little surprised that they did not go out of business.
  4. I am booked for Nov 28, and just waiting to hear the latest updates on cancellations.
  5. I want to make sure I understand the policy correctly in order to choose the best option for my Nov 28 cruise: 1. Wait for Royal to announce cancellation. Then I have the option for a refund, or FCC. 2. Cancel now and my only option is FCC. (no refund) 3. Lift and Shift to same itinerary next year. I much prefer to receive a refund vs FCC, however final payment is due Aug 30. I am not optimistic cruises will resume by November, and I'm also not excited about having to make final payment, and then wait weeks /months to get my money back. Do I understand the op
  6. I am still waiting for my refund for May 4 Empress.
  7. When will the rest of 2022 be open for booking?
  8. Did anyone get an update yet? I got the same letter saying that I would hear back by May 6 with an updated time frame, unless my refund has been disbursed. I know it's only May 7, but I got neither and update or a refund as of yet.
  9. That was the first thing I noticed after having not been on the boards for a while. I have been wondering where he is also. I really miss his contribution to the discussions.
  10. I tried this also. My credit card company asked a few questions about why I am disputing, and then told me I cannot dispute the charges until/ unless I don't receive the refund within the timeline Royal said.
  11. The cancellation announcement was made back in March for my May 4 cruise. However, the cancellation wasn't processed until April 24. Royal Caribbean rep told me it will take 30-45 days from the April 24 date, which is rather frustrating. Trying to be patient.
  12. Curious with the current circumstances if anyone is putting down deposits on new reservations. I have three future cruises already scheduled, which I am not intending to cancel. But not sure I want to give them any additional money right now with such uncertainty.
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