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  1. superduper123

    Jewelry Making

    Under Onboard Activities on Royal's website, I see a category for jewelry making, but when I click on it, I get no details. Does anyone have information about this? Has anyone done this? Is it offered on all ships?
  2. superduper123

    Spa Services

    I am looking for feedback from those who have used the spa. I am particularly interested in the "medi" spa services, such as botox, fillers, acupuncture, etc (not hair and nails.) I am curious why someone would choose to do this on a cruise? Is there a benefit? Is it less expensive, or better quality treatment than you could get locally?
  3. superduper123

    Just off Enchantment to Bahamas

    Thanks for sharing. Glad to hear you enjoyed your cruise!
  4. Yes, I understand. I was just making the comment that I am not one to usually worry about travel time, but I would not feel comfortable making this flight after the cruise, driving from Baltimore.
  5. I am from the Baltimore/ DC area and I personally would not do this. And I am usually one to take chances, as I rarely have flown in the day before a cruise. DC area traffic can be a nightmare.
  6. superduper123

    Grandeur of the Seas

    Yes, I enjoy Boleros. And I do prefer Enchantment over Grandeur. I recently moved from Baltimore to Florida, so I feel fortunate that I got to enjoy the Enchantment several times (both Baltimore and Port Canaveral, without flying to port.) :)
  7. superduper123

    Perks for Booking Next Cruise Onboard

    Awesome, that's great! Thank you!
  8. I have cruised Royal Caribbean exclusively, and frequently book onboard to take advantage of reduced deposit and onboard credit. I have recently been considering trying Celebrity, and have learned that my Diamond status will transfer to Celebrity's Elite status. So my question, since they are affiliated, can I book a Celebrity cruise while onboard Royal Caribbean to receive any of the onboard booking benefits?
  9. superduper123

    Grandeur of the Seas

    I have not been on the Grandeur since 2013. Has much changed? Looking at the deck plans, it doesn't seem that I notice much different. Was actually looking to see if Sorrento's or Johnny Rockets might have been added.
  10. superduper123

    Free cruise certificate

    Yes, thanks! I have researched the voucher/certificate number and have narrowed down to a few itineraries I am choosing between.
  11. superduper123

    Free cruise certificate

    You got that right!
  12. superduper123

    Free cruise certificate

    Yes, I have to pay port fees and taxes. The "free" is only select sailings, and it's for an interior cabin. If I want oceanview, balcony etc, I will need to pay to upgrade.
  13. superduper123

    Free cruise certificate

    I don't know if I can mention company names on these boards, but I got it for going to a timeshare presentation.
  14. I recently received a certificate for a free cruise. Based on departure port and my schedule availability, I have it narrowed down to a few options: Royal 3 or 4 day to the Bahamas which I have done several times. Or Carnival 5 day Eastern, or Carnival 5 day Cuba. I am really interested in Cuba, but concerned that it is Carnival. I have sailed exclusively on Royal, and as of recently don't participate in poolside games or late night parties. Is Carnival that much more of a party atmosphere than Royal? I am early 50's, no kids. Will either sail solo, or with a friend. Thoughts from those who have experienced Carnival also?
  15. Hope you have a great cruise! I am of the minority opinion I guess, but I actually like the Enchantment. We all have our preferences and expectations, and Enchantment suits me well.