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  1. I did not. But I will be following this thread out of curiosity. I would love to receive an unexpected refund! 🙂
  2. I agree with you completely. This is one of my concerns as well.
  3. Curious how recently you got to cruise prior to the shutdown? For me it was Feb 15 2020, Adventure of the Seas. 8 Night Eastern Caribbean.......
  4. After five cruise cancellations between May 2020 - Nov 2021, I've decided to hold off booking anything else until there is a clearer picture of what the cruising future will look like. I'm sure many have had more cancellations than me. Is anyone still making reservations?
  5. I don't know if this topic has yet been addressed? If you have cruise credits from reservations made before the pandemic, and you choose not to cruise under (possible) new guidelines, I am curious if they will extend the expiration date, or allow you to then get a refund? I am specifically interested for those who choose not to vaccinate, should that end up being a requirement.
  6. I have not yet received notice that my June cruise on Empress has been cancelled. Anyone else? Is this unusual?
  7. Curious if anyone has tried to get a refund for a non-refundable deposit that YOU cancelled prior to final payment, and then the cruise line ultimately cancelled anyway?
  8. Nothing based on any factual information, and I have personally never sailed on them. Just my opinion because I hear that they are considerably different than Royal. But I suppose that doesn't necessarily mean there isn't a market for what they offer.
  9. And no one hovering over your shoulder and squeezing in between people to order a drink at the busy bar.... 🙂
  10. I am actually a little surprised that they did not go out of business.
  11. I am booked for Nov 28, and just waiting to hear the latest updates on cancellations.
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