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  1. A few of us same this same wardrobe! I successfully made it through my first day! I'm really tired now. Tile guys were working on our lobby tile, so we had no chairs. It was back to standing all day like I did at the old hotels. I surprised myself by actually remembering passwords for my accounts. Did very little work, as there aren't that many owners here right now. We all caught up on what we did over the Summer. We were trying to figure out how to do some things for our guests post-COVID now that we have to worry about contact. I was dressed more "formal" than any one
  2. Hi all! I am looking forward to work. I do like to interact with my owners and guests. For awhile, we'll just be hanging around and catching up on what everyone did since March. Working at condos is actually pretty easy - far easier than any hotel Front Desk I did. I'm just hoping that I have the energy and strength to work! I'm gradually getting there, but I still have some vertigo issues. On a good note, my recalcitrant eye is behaving. With the prednisone and Valtrex again, all the leftover red veins have gone away, the glass shard feeling is gone and the fuzziness is sl
  3. Hi all! I still can't believe I go back to work on Monday!!! We don't open until Dec. 5, but we have pre-opening stuff to get done. If it's like last year, it was maybe a few hours of work and a few hours of sitting around gossiping. I still remember spending a few days doing nothing but looking and ordering Christmas ornaments and decorations online! Turns out it will be the same team of 4 from last year, but the boss lady is looking for one more person to be part time. So, at least we all know the game and will be able to hit the ground running. I do have to spend today fe
  4. I couldn't stay away. Shoot me. Are you saying that the over 115,000 people in Survivor Corps with "maladies" are exceptions? What about the one 15,000 of us who participated in the Indiana University study on COVID and LT-19 and the "maladies" we have? I think that is a tad more than "small number." There are more studies on the website that we participate or have participated in. So, at least some scientists take us seriously. I don't think Dr,. Fauci took time out of his busy schedule to talk to us because we were a small number. Even today, in the seminar we
  5. I was just in a seminar with Dr. Vin Gupta (Survivor Corps does many seminars on COVID with renowned people, including Dr. Fauci). He was saying there is no definitive time for immunity once you had COVID. He mentioned a documented case in Nevada where a person was re-infected after 9 weeks. I'm going to leave this one. I'm just way too sensitive to the subject and people thinking that too many of us are just lying about what is happening to us.
  6. Come to my house and you can watch me get nauseous with Vertigo... Come with me to my opthalmologist and look at the damage to my eye. Come shopping with me and see how I have run out to the car and sit because I've run out of energy and I feel like passing out. Go to Survivor Corps and see just how many people are re-experiencing COVID. Personally, I get depressed everyday when a member of the group tells us a family member just died from COVID. I didn't wish COVID on anyone - I just want them to wait until people who put public health above themseves get their v
  7. When it comes to getting the vaccine, I sure wish this question could be asked and verified: "Did you wear a mask, social distance and practice good hand sanitation?" If yes, you get on the list, if no, you are put on the bottom of the "wait list." Never happen, but I sure wish it were possible. No vaccine, no cruise. I wouldn't wish COVID on anyone.
  8. Thank you, ontheweb. It is indeed frustrating all the way around. If anyone is interesting in seeing how COVID affects people in real life, look at Survivor Corps on FB.
  9. Want to see the results of my antibody test??? Please be very careful about spreading this. Within my group of over 115,000 COVID survivors, the length of time our antibodies test positive has been anywhere from 2 months to 8+ months. It is hard and frustrating work to try to get a health care provider to give a test that provides titer levels - usually they only have access to the "positive/negative" test. We have to give lots of convalescent plasma to get tested.
  10. The fresh corn chowder comes and goes, like all of them. It hasn't been around lately here, but sooner or later it'll show up. Keep your eyes open. I also like the fresh clam chowder. The only thing I add to it is a couple of dashes of Chipotle sauce or Tabasco. I do that to all my chowders. The antipasto salad was meh. Too much spinich in it for me. Something new I do really like, though: the Cocoa Peppermint Almond Creamer. Usually I don't buy faux cream - I love my half & half. But, something drew me to it. I think I have a whole turkey phobia is bec
  11. Anita - I totally forgot about turkey chili!!! Good idea on leaving out the tomatoes until I'm ready to eat. I have Cooking Light cookbooks from the late 1990s-early 2000s. There are some really good recipes in those books! Here's something funny for y'all. I looked at my face today and realized it is as white as a ghost. With my weird eye, it really looked sickly, vaguely like Riff Raff (obscure homage to Rocky Horror). Man, I'm going to have to put bronzer on my face when I go to work or I'll scare people. I was cruising the 'Net and ended up at my Sweaty
  12. Thanks. I was really curious about that. Ah, the bacon-wrapped scallops. Found in the frozen section. This TJ put a bunch of the frozen appetizers in the same spot. Really low carbs but some protein. I figured I could make 1/2 box my dinner with some salad or something. I'm hitting a food rut, too, but I bought some new stuff to try to get me going again. I went big and ordered a smoked turkey breast from Pig of the Month BBQ. I LOVE their ribs, pulled pork and bacon. I figured I could do a whole lot with that turkey breast!!! Straight up turkey, turkey soup, turkey p
  13. Debbie, I have a question for you about the vaccine trial. When you get "the vaccine," are you still following public health protocols or are supposed to go "rogue" and go maskless? I'm curious since we mask up to try to prevent getting covid. And, those numbers released today were pretty darn good. I can't remember the numbers but it was like around 100 of placebo group caught it and maybe 1 of the vaccine group caught it.
  14. I've had both corn chowders - both good. The last one I had was the fresh soup. How did you like the Posole Soup? I wanted to get another 5 Spice yesterday, but they were out.. Purple - I also know what it's like with a bum arm and how little successes feel so good. Shoulder surgery years ago. Good thing I was still married at the time or I'd have been running around topless 🤣 Ladies, I'll keep up with the group when I start working, I'll just be logging in at night - I like to keep my morning work routine down to the second so I can get optimum sleep. I won't be
  15. Afternoon all! I was a bad girl today. I decided to drive down to the other Trader Joe's and see if they had some of the things I couldn't get at the other TJ's yesterday. I was thinking about stocking up on stuff for meals when I start working. If I do like I did last year, 11am-7pm is a weird shift, eating-wise. So, having some things that I can grab and put in the oven when I get home works well, and then take some of the leftovers to put in the microwace at work for my 3pm lunch. I did find some of the stuff - the corn souflee in the refrigerated section that I loved the l
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