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  1. Sharon: I had to go out an hour ago to pick up some dinner as I was way too lazy to cook and Cruise Mom put that Sonoma Chicken Salad picture in my brain. So, I wore one of my silk masks. It felt really nice on - slightly heavier so it didn't keep folding weird when I moved my mouth. BUT, I think it was a smidge too warm for hot weather. It was 85 when I went to the store. I'll give it another go tomorrow. Just wanted to give you a heads up. Lois - yep, cases are going up everywhere. I think we're now getting the results of the 4th of July festivities. We are in that "increased 10-50% from last week" category. Mad at that because we've worked really hard up here in our town and even we had a fairly substantial increase. We had a very sad situation today. An elderly man was being taken to a test site because he was having symptoms. A caregiver and a driver were with him as they waited in the car line to get tested (all our sites here in UT are outside). When they got to the front of the line, the man was unresponsive and could not be revived. Why they waited in line and didn't go to the ER - no one knows...
  2. I forget that Superglue is used now, too. Hope the sac resolves itself!! I'll find out about the big floaties when I go in. I wonder if I messed something up when I was sleeping - I turn a lot and sleep on my sides - I feel the pillow on my eye and I try to re-arrange it. What was it like to have the gel replaced? I was reading about that surgery. I've had cataract surgery on both my eyes. Knowing Medicare, they'd probably call that one "elective" 🙄 I know what you mean abut the heat. I remember having these temps for maybe 1 week in August, but never earlier and this long. I turned my little landscaping border into a "natural" area that I don't water - I haven't turned on my sprinklers for 2 years now. So, I don't have to worry about how it ends up - it's got some grasses and Columbine so it does just fine, One more lazy day today. I've got some stuff to do tomorrow, so I'll rest up for it. OOTD: since I did a big load of laundry last night, I'm back in the gray sleeveless hoodie minidress. Shoeless, of course. And, I've discovered that my neck feels MUCH better if I put my hair up in a really high pony... Take care ladies!
  3. As others have said, this article is out of date and the authors have already updated to say #WeartheDamnMask. With a new virus, things are going to change frequently. Things that were said last month may have been updated since then. I have found in many groups I am in which discuss COVID-19, the more someone is against masks or distancing or thinks it's a harmless disease, the more use of out of date information will be sited to try to bolster their opinion.
  4. My heart goes out to the people caught in places where adherence to a certain philosophy or way of life has them only being able to hope on the goodwill of people to wear a mask. My heart broke today when I heard that the obituary section of the Houston Chronicle was 40-some pages large. There have been plenty of anecdotal mentions in the news of people dying of COVID-19 after pontificating about abuse of their rights or taking part in one of those "liberate" protests or crowding shoulder-to-shoulder the first day a bar opened or attending a beach or lake party or went to birthday party. Sad. Trying to compare any other "disease" with COVID-19 won't work. Others have vaccines and/or effective treatments. We've got nothing for COVID-19 but a couple of "maybe they'll help some" therapeutics that you only get once you are very ill. Not the same thing.
  5. Sharon - I'll be wearing one on Wednesday, so I'll let you know the comparison of the masks. Don't want to make you feel bad, but I'm going to see my hair stylist. It might be time for the Summertime Highlights, depending on how we feel. I meant to ask - awhfy: how are your sutures/stitches/staples doing? I'm hoping by now they are out and healing nicely. I talked (well, via email) to my now-ex today. He asked how my eye is doing. He's down in Florence, AZ. He said it was still 100 degrees last night at 11pm!!!! I would have been sleeping in the refrigerator!!!!!! Just a Wendy's apple pecan chicken salad tonight. Too hot to cook.
  6. Lois - I tried to reply to your post about Disney. Someone apparently, well, you know 😉 My eye doesn't look like something from a horror movie anymore, but it's still a bit fuzzy. I've got one big floatie in there that bothers the crap outta me and I may do some self-surgery if it doesn't go away (not really, but that's how much it bugs me). I'm still trying my best to limit my screen time. I emailed my one friend who has a hubby who is a Marine helicopter pilot. They are currently in Japan. But, I wanted to be sure that none of his buddies were affected by that fire on the Bonhomme Richard; fortunately, none were there. It's still stinking hot up here, but at least not as hot as yesterday. Man, I could not get to sleep - bedroom window wide open and ceiling fan going and I was still sweating. At least today it is supposed to stop at about 82 instead of 87. For the California herd - I just saw on TV that Gov. Newsom has decided to roll back to have a bunch of the indoor stuff off the books for awhile (no indoor dining, no bars no gyms, no movies, etc). It's a smart idea, I think. When the stats keep rising fast, shut it down for like 2-3 weeks to see if it settles. Here in UT, we're in a weird limbo - each county has to ask the Gov. for permission to do anything other than what the Gov has deemed good. At least my county has permission for a mask mandate (UT has none) until Sept. 1 for now. Picked up another pack of Johnny Was masks - I paid the extra for the silk ones this time. I'll keep some for myself and give some others as gifts to the women who have been taking care of me and my eye. I'll probably put one in a ziplock bag and put it on the doorstep of the nice lady who gave me 2 of her disposables to get me through until mine showed up. I did come up with a new game to play: go through my Johnny Was catalogs and see if I can find something made from the material one of my masks. It should be fun. It's National French Fry Day!!! Go get your favorite fries and celebrate with some sparkling wine!!!!
  7. Da*n you. I LOVE the Sonoma Chicken salad wrap!!!!! Now you got me thinking about it... I wish I had someplace other than the State Liquor Store to buy my stuff. Vinho Verde on a hot summer day is nice! I've got a bottle of my favorite Rosé in the fridge (Hecht & Bannier Côtes de Provence) that I think I have to pop open today. Either that, or I'm going to mix a can of my TJ's Lemon & Elderflower soda with some 5 Wives Vodka... the consignment store probably got a lot of summer clothes already because of everyone having time to clear out the closets! I have a couple of Hefty Bags full of clothes to to take to our local domestic violence shelter and our Christian outreach center. We have a consignment store in town, but we boycott it - it has been known to go to the outreach center buy stuff, then resell at a higher price. I have an ethical and moral issue with that. We give to the outreach center for a reason!! I forgot: if you are looking for some easy healthy recipes, go to the TJ's website. I've found a bunch. The night before I made the "double dressed" salad - arugula with a lemon vinaigrette topped with room temperature Buratta that had a drizzle of balsamic glaze over it. Yummy! Back to couch surfing...
  8. Just a quickie. I'm still alive. I made the BEST lunch toast yesterday, courtesy of Trader Joe's recipes. 2 pieces of my favorite bread, lightly toasted. Stacked the following; some arugula, shredded mozzarella, crumbled blue cheese, diced up dried apricot, and diced up Sweet & Spicy Pecans. Put this back under the broiler until cheese is melted. Oh My! This tasted sooooo good. I'll be making this many more times. OOTD: The good ole' white sleeveless hoodie mini dress. I have one gray and one white. So I'm alternating. It's just too hot. Yes, it's hot to me and I don't have A/C, so it's windows open and ceiling fan going. It's 80 right now, going up to an unbearable 87 by late afternoon!!!!! I may end up going "natural" by that time!!!!! I have Slider's (RIP) cooling collar still that I keep in the freezer. I may put it on, too. Keep cool and safe ladies!
  9. My 5 minutes of computer time... I changed the shower fixture in my shower when I moved in 11 years ago. I'm a DIYer sometimes. The only thing I won't do is something requiring futzing with electrical. I do need a new kitchen faucet. Maybe I'll get on the bandwagon and do one maybe in October. My "condos" that I worked at all had various kinds of those pull-out faucets. I definitely want that kind and it has to be brushed nickel to go with what I did in my bathroom and it would go with my stainless fridge. When I've gone to Home Depot, I keep looking at the faucets. One of these days. All the talk about Marco's got me to look it up - closest one is about 30 miles down the mountain. It kind of could get combined with a trip to Trader Joe's - it's about 3 miles difference. I'd just have to reheat it when I got home... The annoying soreness is basically gone, finally. There is a dry feeling, but the nurse snuck me a bottle of their saline for me to put in when I feel dry. I still have some fuzziness, but I'm not going to get anxious yet. Sharon - I got the feeling that the freeze was actually easier than the laser and less chance of an "oopsy" since it was not invasive *yes, sticking it between the eye socket and the outer eye is NOT invasive!!!* Other than that, I think it may be what the MD is comfortable using. I think the freeze was done because they could do it right then and there with no prep. Maybe the resident needed another freeze to put on his "I've done this" list. My 5 minutes are up. Have a nice day!
  10. I got tired of being on the sofa, so I went and laid on the bed. It's darker in there, anyway. I got in that weird state where you can't open your eyes, but you can hear everything! Sharon - there are two ways to repair a torn retina. From what I understood, it depends on where it is. The cryo probe was, from what I could see, was about the diameter of a cotton swab. The inside and outside of the eye was anesthetized and then the probe was stuck in between the eye an eye socket to the spot. It got two "shots" of the freeze (it was negative something degrees). Yes, I could feel it, but it was just like an intense brain freeze. The worst was the next 2 days, as usual with a procedure, because my eye felt abused. It's a little better today, annoying pain-wise. Thanks ladies. Have a good day. My 5 minutes of computer time is over.
  11. Just a quickie. thanks ladies for all the nice words. It was lucky that we found it! Thanks to Melody for suggesting I ask about it. The second and third days have been worse than the first. I'm pretty good with pain. This is just an annoyance, really. But, I never realized how much my eyes do when I just move. It hurts when I go to get up off the sofa. It hurts if I move it in the direction of where the probe was stuck in. But, in the big scheme of things, it's a First World Problem. Keep up the conversations!!! I do just a couple of minutes a day to look - I can't help it. Otherwise, I'll be on the sofa, getting pissed off at the news or binging Real Housewives or Below Deck!!! Maybe an adult beverage now and then... Later!
  12. ashly - I owe you a tasty adult beverage!!! When I saw my MD, I mentioned the new big blobby floatie. She did some extra poking and prodding and found a little tear in the retina! She made a call down to the Eye Center in SLC to see if anyone was available to see me as soon as I could get down the hill. So, off I went. Saw one of the residents and an attending. They agreed about the little tear and said they could take care of it right then and there with cryotherapy - freezing the tear. Good thing I'm not one to freak out when they said what this entailed AND that I have a high pain tolerance. We went to the procedure room. Multiple drops to numb the eye so that the resident could put in an injection to numb some more. I got the famous "Clockwork Orange" thing to keep my eyelids from shutting. A little probe was inserted and I was given 2 "shots" of freezing probe on my eye, somewhere in the back. It was all over in about 10 minutes, start to finish. It just felt like an intense "brain freeze" like when you eat a slushee. I drove back up the hill - kind of weird to use my "near" eye to drive, but it got the job done. I'm supposed to just relax for a few days to allow this to heal and pound Tylenol if the pain gets annoying. I'm also supposed to lay off the computer, so I'll be offline most likely for a few days. My eye would be perfect for Halloween - it's all red from the blood from the procedure. I would have a perfect "two face" - one side of my face perfectly fine and the other side horrifyingly ugly!!! To show how weird I am - I had the nurse take a photo of my eye with the "trap" on it to add to my collection of things that have been done to me!!! So, if you don't hear from me, know that I'm OK but thinking about all of you. Keep making those poached eggs!!! I was bad last night. I didn't feel like cooking and felt a little "invaded". So, I made friends with Ben and Jerry again - Netflix Chill'd flavor. I did NOT look at my glucose level this morning... Have a good few days ladies!!!
  13. True. I keep track of where I have been (not many places), so I don't feel the need to test. I mean, I wear a mask and social distance instead of requiring myself and those who want to see me get tested everyday. Now, once a RELIABLE antibody test shows up, I do want that one. If I did have COVID-19 last Winter before they were testing for it (all they'd do was test for flu, and if negative, tell you to suck it up and go home), I would like to know. I want to know that what I had was maybe just the worst case of bronchitis I ever had AND, if I did have it, I would want to donate plasma when we have our bloodmobile visit at the end of the month. On temps - when you were a kid, did you ever put the thermometer up to the light bulb to "get a fever" so you didn't have to go to school that day? Gotta be careful with that - don't want to freak Mom out with a 106 temp!!! Or, put the thermometer in water to drop it so you could to go that school dance?
  14. I use a small saucepan. Put in about 2 inches of water. Add about a Tbl of cider vinegar. Bring to boil, then turn down to high simmer. Stir the water to get a little "tornado" going then slide in the egg. Leave in there for about 3-4 minutes. If the top isn't coagulating enough, spoon some of the water on the egg until it's what you want. I've put the photo of what I made below. I blew getting the first one out of the water and onto the mound. But, it didn't break! The second one came out exactly right! I toasted a brioche hamburger bun to use to sop up the yolk. I'm not a big fan of hollandaise, but I do love Cholula sauce, so that's what's on the eggs. Kind of reminds me of my eye... Speaking of my eye, I've got my followup with my ophthalmologist this afternoon to see where I am with the eye. OOTD: since I have to go out and about, I'm going to put on my cammo shorts and a nice white Tshirt. Trail runners. White watch, wrist wraps (my "hippie" accessory) and whatever earrings call to me. I still can't wear any kind of eye makeup, so I'll choose on of my plethora of sunglasses (I have at least 12 pair!!!). Have a good day ladies!
  15. Outside of the handgun brought by the wife of a couple we were traveling with (she is a federal LEO), I wouldn't know because TSA can't seem to find them, anyway. They have a horrible score in their random "secret shopper" tests where someone deliberately takes a weapon through to see if it is detected. But, I have been sent to secondary check for having a bra with an underwire on my body and I had a smurf attempt to confiscate my heirloom tomatoes because "the juice is a liquid". I am one who is very assertive in my dealings with TSA - opting out of the nude-o-scope (it's your right), demanding a glove change, demanding my bag NEVER leaves my sight. If they are being paid to "keep us safe", I will do my part to be sure they at are trying to follow their procedures. As far as the testing with no symptoms: it depends on the situation. Everyone in my neighborhood was asked the other month to get tested as some "essential workers" living in the area became sick and tested positive. We were considered a potential hotspot, so the county health dept wanted to jump on it and keep an eye on the neighborhood. Yes, it was a snapshot of the neighborhood over a couple of days, but it was used as a data point on a possible community spread.
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