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  1. You're right about North Beach. But, that one section of Columbus has always been "Little Italy" to me! Have you stayed at that Hotel in The City before? It looks perfect for me as a solo traveler. We have a Yotel PAD project being built up here. Mini condos about 335sq to 1050 sq, starting at $300,000 that you can live in or put in the rental pool,
  2. It wasn't me, either. I'm the one who goes to the Scuola del Cuoio in Florence for little things (and one really NICE leather jacket).
  3. Two things about trying to fly WN to HNL: 1. They had planned to use the MAX8 on this route. For now, they have had a few -800s certified ETOPS for the route, 2. Everyone in the Bay Area and Southern California will be getting on that flight OAK-HNL. Getting seats together on a very popular flight when it's first-come could prove difficult. I used the OAK-HNL flight because it is the one WN shows as the connector to any BWI flights. You could also try San Jose or Sacramento for the HNL legs. But, then, you would have to cobble together a WN set of flights to those cities. I did see that United and American have less expensive fares from BWI to HNL (using Matrix and late March/early April timing)...
  4. I do zip ties sometimes. But, the past couple of years, I've been using split-ring keychains to keep zippers together when I check a bag, including my golf bag. My keychains have the colored climbing webbing sewn to them (easy to spot). No issues anywhere in Europe or the Middle East of the USA with them.
  5. The Mark Hopkins: my mom, grandma and I stayed there back in 1968... My sophomore year in College, I went with friend to The City - stayed at a friend's house, but we went up to Nob Hill to have dinner at The Tonga Room in The Fairmont Hotel, across the street from the Mark Hopkins. A "Polynesian" place that had a floating barge with music and hula dancers in the middle of the place. It's still there!! San Francisco is one of my favorite walking cities. Yes, lots of hills, but that is part of the charm. Union Square up to Chinatown, down to Little Italy and down to Embarcadero, across the Embarcadero, back up to Union Square was my usual walk when I stay at the Westin St. Francis. If you want to visit Muir Woods, this is one of the very, very few times where I'd say "take a tour." I always make a long stop in the Ferry Building! Hog Island Oysters, Cowgirl Creamery, Acme Bakery, the wine shop - I always eat a bunch of oysters there, then buy some cheese, bread and wine to take on board for my snacks!!! I'll say the same about staying out near SFO. I stayed there a few times when I was visiting old Sun Microsystems and Cisco Systems when they were out near Shoreline Amphitheater. Other than a great place to do some plane watching and a good dim sum place up on the hill in San Bruno, nothing of worth out there. Take the time to go into The City and get a hotel, be it The Mark Hopkins, a hotel in Union Square (my choice), or down by Fisherman's Wharf (my least favorite).
  6. No one has actually answered the OP's question... There was was a report that one of the new ships has a modern "fill your bottle" water station. My hotel has one attached to the lobby water fountain: you place your bottle on the "ledge" in the system and it is filled up. The bottle never touches the filler. The airport at San Francisco has these now, too. The photo below is a sample of the new bottle filling stations:
  7. OK. someone "liked" my reply today. It got me thinking about that "Piedmontese" cuisine, so I let my fingers do the walking. I knew that hazelnuts were a big thing - one of my favorite guilty pleasures is Gianduiotto, a glorious chocolate and hazelnut melt-in-your-mouth candy. Truffles are big in the Piedmont (Alba is kind of Truffle Central), so I would imagine truffles or mushrooms would be included in a dish. As pasta goes, egg pasta seems to big thing. And, good old meat and a lot of cheese are part of the cuisine. If the sauce included wine, it could be a Barolo or Barbera. Actually, a good dish could be Agnolotti in a sauce of Barbera or Barolo-braised beef with some porcini mushrooms and hazelnuts... Hope this helps a little.
  8. It was a major mistype on my part. I meant to have a complete sentence of "I don't know...with respect to service animals onboard." Thank you for pointing it out for me. I try my best to type correctly. For the posts who thought I was being critical: I absolutely was not. I was merely stating the law that we cannot charge for a service animal staying at the hotel. I do not want to charge for a service animal. If some unscrupulous hotelier wanted to charge, he CANNOT charge. Now, charging for small children - I say an additional $100/child under 12... I DO NOT like getting the call at 10:45pm (after our housekeeping has gone home) that the bed linens need to be changed because the little one puked or peed on the bed. Guess who gets to do that cleanup? Yup.
  9. I don't know if the cruise industry's version of ADA is like the ADA the respect. At a hotel, we can charge a nightly rate for the family pet and set a size/weight limit. But, we cannot charge or have a size/weight limit for a service animal.
  10. I would love to go to Sarajevo and visit the remnants of the old bobsled track. I still know people who slid there. It's now covered in graffiti and overgrowth. But, still, a piece of history. Like the track in Calgary - they started bulldozing it down today. Maybe if I didn't work in a hotel I would like to talk with people on cruises. But, I have so much chit chat with guests about their travels, where they are from, where they going to, why did they come to my town... The only things I can't talk about are politics (unless it is a political person checking in - I may say "thank you for what you are doing") and religion. So, what I can't talk about at work, I can't talk about on a cruise. So, I just keep to myself and enjoy the silence...
  11. According to my dear departed nanna-in-law from a suburb of Naples, there is definitely an Italian mob. Origins in Sicily. Listening to her back when, I swear there was some mafiosi somewhere in the family tree... I travel solo, so I really do not like to dine with strangers. I talk to strangers all day long at the hotel, so it would be like working on vacation to me. BUT, I would love to bring one of my new employees with me just to do my conversation. He could talk about his time as being in the security forces for the Foreign Service. Getting shot, killing children before they kill him, stopping child traffickers, favorite State Department officials, least favorite State Department officials...
  12. OH MAN! I didn't think about that... Damn. If you get there, get a slice of potato. I will take a glass of Brunello from you, though 😉 If I had the 3 extra days I wanted, I probably would have done Mesa Verde. Alas, the boss needs me back at work so she can take her vacation before the Winter season starts.
  13. I've never had a blaze vest - I've had my blaze bucket hat for years. I need it just around my neighborhood. Maybe I'll pick up a vest over at Walmart - I can aways wear it with my construction hat and overalls for Halloween... Wore my boots all day today - no pain, no rubs. The toe box didn't seem especially wide, it does an angle. I was wearing a pair of my Wright Socks, nothing thick and it was perfect. They seemed nice and lightweight! My big toe was happy (well, as happy it it can be with feeling asleep all the time) and my outside ankle bone didn't rub raw at the end of the plate. They look more like mid height trail runners than backpacking boots, but I can definitely tell they are much more solid. My wardrobe is mostly like yours. I do have to dress for work - good pants and jackets. But, those only see the light of day when I'm going to work. Hey - your goats - do you raise them for the milk or the wool? I've got a little farm around here that makes goat yogurt - it is sooooo good!!!
  14. Your SIL was lucky she had decent smurfs doing her SSSS. Some aren't so lucky.
  15. I blew the first reply - it timed out when I went to the kitchen for some food... Ladies - sorry for taking this one off-topic. Forgive me! Flying V in Kanab - definitely going through Kanab. I'll remember that one,. I'm doing a photographer's tour. Got my DLSR all dusted off and my tripod among my gear. Yes, it's a lot of ground, but with the stops I'm doing, I've got the two long drives on the first and last day, with maybe 3 hours between my stops. I'm used to driving long distances alone. I'm thinking of it kind of like a land "cruise" - getting to see a little of a lot. I wish I had more time, but the boss won't approve.. Yeah, deer hunt. I'm not going to dry camp - I'm sticking to where I'll have others around (safety for an old woman). but, I will haul out my flame hat - I think it's in my big backpack. My younger co-workers think I'm crazy for doing this trip. They've been coddled... 😉
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