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  1. That one is good - slinky and sexy and that really brassy sound to it (even though it was "all about the base"),,, The "Beautiful" one makes me laugh a bit with Dave Koz, a King of Smooth Jazz, hamming it up.
  2. Sail - I'll write to the Executive Team in Seattle and see if I can get The HAL Cats back on board for you ๐Ÿ˜‰ I"m pretty eclectic on my music choices. Someone turned me onto PMJ last year, so it's still in my current playlists, which has everything from PMJ to Andrea Bocelli to Boz Scaggs to The Rolling Stones to Lyle Lovett to Michael McDonald to Maroon 5 to Kelly Clarkson to Pink to Norah Jones to Uppity Women... My Front Desk agents are trying to get me into K-POP: kind of like us trying to get our parents to like The Beatles...
  3. Yes, my "hamster wheel" in my brain gets going too fast when I try to cram everything in ๐Ÿ˜‰ I'm a "pick one or two things" if I just have a port day. I guess I'm lucky in that I've had multiple opportunities to go back to Italy so I didn't have the need to try to do everything at once. I split my visits to Vatican City into 2 days on different trips - spent half a day just in St. Peter's Square and Cathedral and 4 hours in the Vatican Museums (the evening entry). I probably took 200 photos just in the Museums. I couldn't imagine trying to do all that in 3 hours and toss in seeing the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, The Pantheon at some point. I'd have to look back at any photos I took to try to remember what I actually saw!!! It wasn't until my third trip to Rome that I went to the Colosseum/The Forum/Palantine Hill. I've been many places around the world and I use this same "one or two things" way of travel. I haven't regretted it yet. I'm a lazy traveler, I guess.
  4. Go to Sherpani. Take a look at the Dispatch if you can deal with it not folding flat. RFID protected and slash-proof bottom. Definitely does NOT look like a tourist bag. I have it and It would definitely hold a DSLR (depending on lens length), wallet, water. In mine, I have my wallet, phone, tablet, 3small cube-type bags (one with lip gloss, Advil, floss, bobby pins, one with mini brush, barrette, inhaler, tweezers, nail file, one with my work cards, work keys), big Oakley sunglass case, and space for 2 bottles of water as my everyday bag. When I travel, I can use a carabiner to keep the zippers from getting opened.
  5. to me, that isn't "kitchy" or "cheesy". It is something unique that isn't a piece of the typical tourist junk. Kind of nice that it is "recycled" art. And, it would be a good conversation starter!
  6. If that was want you wanted, good for you. The Florence/Pisa day - I would have hated. You did the quick climb of the Tower, but missed the other buildings in the Field of Miracles. You "did" David, a quick stop at the Museum (which one), some churches, I spent hours in the Uffizi, I decided not to "do" David (save the Accademia for another trip) but saw the replica out in the Piazza della Signoria (the piazza had a wonderful display of statuary). was one of the "some churches" the main cathedral and the Bapistry? For Rome - how much time did you spend at each of those stops? For the Vatican - did you just go to St. Peter's Square or go into St. Peter's Cathedral or into the Vatican Museums? My brain gets tired just thinking of trying to do all those things in each city in less than 8 hours each...
  7. Ha! I was working with the people who INVENTED the Internet in the 70s... Back in the good ole' days as a defense contractor. I went to a meet & greet on my first cruise. Said "hi" when I ran into any of them on board. But, nothing became of it. I have done a couple of trips with a company that does small-group (under 20) ADVENTURE excursions for WOMEN and I have kept in contact with a few of those women. So, I guess it depends on the situation and circumstances and similar interests that would make me want to consider a longer contact than just a few days.
  8. I think the hospitals are where people pick up the super bugs... I don't worry about other people's sanitary habits out in public. Only at work - since we share computers and phones, we all are aware when someone is sick - we have a supply of wipes at the Front Desk to wipe off our equipment. But, that doesn't always help. We've got some kind of stomach bug going around now and we've all had it over the past 2 weeks. Do what you can and don't worry.
  9. Thanks. Never owned one, I guess. Closest I would say is a long tank dress I bought last year to wear (with my jeans jacket) to the Andrea Bocelli concert. What just sprung into my mind - that definition of sundress also defines a whole lot of wedding dresses ๐Ÿ˜‰
  10. Most of my shirts are multipurpose - under a jacket/blazer for work, and with jeans or shorts for fun. Makes it easy to pack, since there are no "cruise-specific" clothes to worry about. Use my money that could be spent on clothes on other things. (like the mortgage). My thing - What the dickens is a "sundress"??? I swear, I've never been a store that has had a rack with a sign that says "sundresses."
  11. CT gets a lot of weekend day trippers. Just like popular spots in the US - people will go somewhere on their days off.
  12. The sargassum was all over the beach at Cocoa Beach (by Port Canaveral) when I was there the end of May/Beginning of June. I didn't let it bother me - I either sat in front of it or sat in back of it. Yes, it smells, but I got used to it.
  13. Yes, it was Carnivore. My brain couldn't remember the name. Our guides took us there for our last dinner before taking us to the airport. It was one of those times I hunkered down and ate meat.
  14. It's just fun. Not meant to be precision stuff. To me, I just imagine I'm at one of those smoky Cellar Swing clubs - people dancing and just enjoying the music. Its not a "production" show...
  15. I'm a PMJ fan. They are on playlist everywhere I go. I like that the take some rock & pop "classics" and turn them into the smoky-room swing sound. When I hear "Smells like Teen Spirit", I just laugh - Nirvana done Swing!! Maybe some people just can't understand the morphing of a song into Swing. If the BB King bands did covers of the same songs, I'm sure the purists would like them. I was into Swing when it came around again in the 90s, so this is fun for me to listen to and watch. The other video to watch is of their cover of Ed Sheeran's "Beautiful", with Dave Koz on sax. Going to Las Vegas in my off-season to see PMJ in concert - they are there a lot. A little cheaper for me than a cruise on the Rotterdam right now... Copper - never saw the "Dream On" video - again , gotta love Aerosmith done Swing!!!
  16. As a kid, I ate lots of fried "baloney" sandwiches. "regular" bologna could be eaten plain or fried, Lebanon bologna is only eaten plain (at least I never ever had it fried - it's more like a Genoa salami than regular bologna). And, we did Spam - fry it up and put some maple syrup on it! In Hawaii, I always get a couple pieces of Spam musubi!!
  17. Had goat as the protein one dinner at a safari camp in Kenya, Not bad. We also went to some famous "wild game" (not really wild anymore) in Nairobi our last night - kind of like those Brazilian restaurants where the servers walk around with skewers of meat. Crocodile, ox, camel, ostrich, bull balls... I was the only one who took the balls - I had Rocky Mountain Oysters before and these tasted the same,.
  18. Come in the Winter, then. Summer time brings in the Groupon/Expedia/"coming for a night to get away from the kids" crowd. In the Winter, guests ask for change for a $20 as 4 $5 bills; in the Summer, the guests ask for change for a $20 as 20 $1 bills. Last Wednesday, my one bellman drove a group of 10 downtown for dinner and later brought the same group back and did a bunch of room escorts - he got a total of $3 freakin' dollars for the entire night. Now, in the Winter, it's not unusual to make $200 in a day in tips... Me? I'm a non-tipped position. I still drag luggage when bellmen are busy or I'm taking luggage to store. I am rarely tipped, but when I am, I give it to the bellmen on duty to share or put it in our party fund.
  19. Enjoy the Krampus Parade!!! I had so much fun at the one I participated in. Some of the "characters" were a little scary.
  20. It probably had more to do with the fact that you were not a British citizen and had a foreign DL, not that it was in English. I always get my IDP if I am going to rent a car when traveling to Europe. Knowing my luck, the one time I don't get it, I'd either not get my rental car or be stopped by the local police and fined for not having it..
  21. every afternoon when I get to work!!! I also clean the mouse and the entire phone (handset and keypad) at work. The one thing that I always wonder about: how did those of us in our 60s+ survive all those years when there was no hand sanitizer, when we played in the dirt and ate our lunches right after, how we played with those same kickballs that we used on the dirt playing field and never cleaned/sanitized them, how we camped out and only had water for drinking sometimes...
  22. Maybe it is a "vibe" that I give off as someone in hospitality and I get a different response (for some reason, I always get treated extremely well by hotel staff). Or, by some of the questions I ask I show that I'm not just some American woman who needs to go to a "safe" place to get my spaghetti and meatballs. Even when I play a Concierge at the hotel, I gauge my guests by the questions they ask and will offer suggestions that I think fit them. But, I do drill down more than one or two levels, as some do. Depending on what I hear/feel, I'll send someone to my favorite Mexican dive (no Latinos in there this week - we do have CBP in town!) or the chi-chi "southwestern" restaurant that serves $25 duck tacos... I'm lucky that I haven't had problems with my Concierge encounters. Next time, do some research ahead of time for restaurants - look at that CHOW site, look up Katie Parla and Elizabeth Minchilli (they are NOT TAs and I HAVE used them), whoever, to see what they recommend. Then, ask a Concierge for assistance, giving some hints of what you want based on what you have researched. Or, have a restaurant you already want to go to - ask the Concierge to make reservations. Then, ask for more suggestions for another night. See if they base the suggestions on the type of restaurant you came up with or if they foist the usual "safe" ones. See what happens. Just some social psychology experiments๐Ÿ˜‰ Yep, kick-backs are a part of business some places. Even in the US...
  23. I had a Muslim manager who only fist-bumps at my last hotel. As for knowing if someone is obviously Orthodox - not true too much anymore. Some men will wear a baseball cap to cover their yarmulke in public. And, they are not always dressed in the white/black clothing. The owner of the hotel looked like anyone else. But, my favorite guest was definitely the whole thing - white/black clothing and the black hat. BUT, when he went out to snowboard, you couldn't tell him from anyone else! He brought his wife once - she went out riding in a dress over her snow pants (actually, a lot of the Orthodox women did this or wore their long coat when they went skiing). I had a family from Israel this past weekend. The father and son wore yarmulkes, but "regular" clothes. The mom was wearing a wig (it's a way for a Jewish woman to conform to have their head covered). The mom would be the only one who spoke to me, and the father would only speak to a male member of the staff. When they left, the mom did offer her hand to thank me for fixing an issue they had. I shook her hand. The father just smiled.
  24. Ah, I see you've been following another recent thread on hard-sided spinners ๐Ÿ˜‰ As I said there - anyone who wants to "test drive" some different kinds of bags, I'll arrange to hire you for a day as one of my bellmen - you'll see and drag more types of bags than you want!!!
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