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  1. Just a note. The above-mentioned restaurant is in Campo dei Fiore. That's not near the Vatican nor the Spanish Steps. The open-air market there use to be decent, but now it's reduced to selling a lot of cheap tourist stuff. I will say that 2 of my favorite restaurants are in that area - Roscioli and Pizzeria Emma. And, good gelato just a block away at Carapina (a little hole-in-the-wall).
  2. I don't see anything wrong with limiting one portion per pass if it is not self-serve. Someone can always go back and get more. Someone gets something they don't like, no problem, just get back in line and get something else.
  3. If it were me, I'd change my seat ASAP! People queue up to use those toilets and the galley is there, so there is always noise/activity. And, if seat guru say limited recline because, when the people above recline, you're going to have that seat in your face.
  4. Near the Spanish Steps area/ via Condoti shopping streets - Ginger Sapori e Salute. Bright, airy. Healthy Italian fare and global fare. You can look at their website: www.gingersaporiesalute.com My last time in Rome, I ended up eating there once for lunch and once for dinner. The lunch specials were pretty good. The place gets crowded - it's a good mix of locals (a lot of business people at lunch) and tourists. I dropped in one afternoon and picked up one of their smoothies - oooh so good on a hot afternoon. It's definitely not what one thinks of as an Italian restaurant (it's actually part of a Spanish chain), but it hit the spot for me.
  5. Every sunscreen should be applied 30 minutes before exposure. I didn't find spray helpful to me as a solo - I still couldn't rub it into my back... One of the reasons I wear an SPF rashguard... I did a task force assignment at a resort hotel on Hilton Head, SC. I walked past the pool every day and afternoon from my room to the Lobby. Watched so many families spraying themselves - I could see so much of it just going in the air and not on the bodies, and going onto the landscaping or the people next to them. Then, the parents would let the kids run away and jump right in the pools - essentially washing it right off since it wasn't rubbed in and allowed to set...
  6. Anyone who thinks that email from HAL was personal is deluded - it's yet another "roboreply", meant to try to pacify people who will take the first reply as "wow, HAL is really listening to me." HAL will continue to try out new features and tweak things. They are OK with the "traditional" and "how it used to be" crowd leaving - there are plenty of others out there to take their places on the ships. Unless you are a paid cheerleader, you are just one of the thousands. If the new charge bothers someone, they have a few choices: order and pay, don't order, whine, go elsewhere. And, HAL will be fine with your choice. HAL is part of a publicly traded corporation. They only have responsibility to their shareholders. Until actions negatively affect the bottom line, they will do what they do...
  7. 1 application should equal at least 1 shot glass. You probably need 2 or more applications/day depending on what you are doing. Ignore the "waterproof" labeling - you still need to reapply if you are out there for hours. Don't waste money on spray - a lot goes in the air, you don't get an even application and you MUST rub it in, just like regular. And, wear an SPF rash guard and a hat...
  8. I forgot: HAL does the salad bar really well in the Lido. I can always find enough to make a nice main course salad. If the fish or chicken looks good, I'll add a little of that to the salad. When the staff cooks up some Indonesian food - yum! I noticed this on other cruise lines, also. The portobello burger is hit/miss to me. Muesli for breakfast... Kazu - was the filet you loved before or after HAL switched to Double D meat? Just curious. That was another discussion in another food thread.
  9. Some get a little testy when something hits close to home... I would stop at just 4 ounces at Ruth's Chris. It's a homogenized chain. Plus, I don't eat the meat - I'll get whatever fish they have on the menu... 😉 Plus, I prefer to "eat local" when possible. If you want a good slab of beef in San Diego, instead of patronizing a corporate behemoth, wander a little past the dock and go to Cowboy Star. An entire separate menu of just steak. Damn good other things, too.
  10. People will react negatively to those things closest to themselves... When having to dine in the MDR with a group of strangers, it seems a bit selfish to have the others at the table wait while you have a server order another round for yourself and then have to wait as you eat the second round. If you are at a table yourself, or your family, go ahead. How about that idea? I love the idea of a tasting plate. Someone should kick that idea up to Seattle. Produce the same amount of food, less waste when people order multiple courses "to see if they like it", and don't finish all they ordered. When done with the MDR dinner, if you are not satisfied, head over to the buffet to augment. Personally, I think the portions are just right. In Italy, I am able to order maybe 2 courses (appetizer and main) and not feel gluttonous and overstuffed at the end of the meal. In the US, I can't order both without either leaving some behind or feeling overstuffed because the food was too damn good. I love food. I love the buffet because I can custom-create a good salad as a main course for myself, or take a 2-bite sample of something. Yes, I get squeamish when I see people with plates loaded with 10 pieces of bacon, 5 Danish, eggs, etc. I believe food and my meal should be a celebration and experience (regardless of it's origin - McDonalds or La Pergola), not just an intake of however much I can eat. I was married to a high-energy athlete - I knew him since I was introduced to him by a friend our freshman year in college. His eating habits were no different from the rest of us. When he retired from his sport competitively, he didn't have a trouble with weight. Now, one of his friends was a Center for an NFL football team. Linemen are known for all the weight they carry (NFL average is around 300lbs) - he never met a morsel of food he didn't like. When he retired, he struggled with that weight. Different strokes, I guess.
  11. I'm OK with Seattle setting an additional charge, be it $5 or $25 for an additional Main Course. Keep the base price of a cruise within reason. If someone wants extra, let them pay. Maybe a "package" - for an additional $25/day, you may eat all you want in the MDR. Like the beverage packages - you want more/better, you pay extra over the base price of the cruise. Makes sense to me. Oh, I forgot - Honolulu - Pig and The Lady. Popup at the Farmers market at KCC - they now have a restaurant, too.
  12. Yes, that is the same foot rest. I'm 5'8" and a 32 inseam. But, it is nice to have that footrest to alternate seating position on a long flight. I have a surgically repaired ankle and it bothers me on a daily basis, 10 years from the surgery. That footrest allows me to fly comfortably. Wow, that is some research, if you found postings of mine from 5 years ago!!!
  13. Well, that would cut down on the work the already overworked servers in the MDR have to do since HAL did cut staff... let's say 10 people to serve 300+ at a time in the buffet vs 10 people to serve maybe 30 people in the MDR in the same time period. (just an estimate).
  14. My take: (not based on what brands HAL serves, but what I get at any bar) vodka & Red Bull - printed price Tito's & Red Bull - call price (+$.50) Grey Goose & Red Bull - Premium price (+$1.00) (the only way I'd drink any of the vodka they serve - none are worthy of straight up or rocks...)
  15. The champion lobster roll of 2017 came not from Maine, not even New England. It came from UTAH. Freshies, in Park City, UT, won the World's Best Lobster Roll competition in Portland, ME. They have their own provider, he flies the lobster in daily (it's only a 45 minute drive down to SLC airport), along with their NE buns. So, one doesn't need to travel to New England to have a good lobster roll. And, if you want something good, you can try their rolls with Boston lettuce as the "bun", with sirracha mixed in the butter... YUMMMMMM. When I get there, I always make a trip to Freshies!! As for the size/amount of an main course on any cruise ship: I could never understand why people feel the need to "strap on the feed bag" when they are eating on a cruise ship vs. a restaurant on land. Sure, people think the food is "free" since there isn't a nightly bill. But does that mean you have to overeat? Ask your server if you could get a little of 2 of the main courses if you really must try both. Me? I alway ask for extra vegetables. I don't do red meat, anyway, so I really don't care how big/small the slab is... The "my kids are tall/athletic", doesn't mean you should encourage them to overeat. It's a great time to teach them responsible eating and how to best get their nutrients and calories responsibly.
  16. A little upthread I wrote which one I had. From Magellan's website. The Business Class Inflatable Footrest. It really is comfy. I'm 5'8" and that footrest takes the pressure off the back of the knees form the seat. I can even underinflate a little and use the wobbly room to "pad" with my feet (like a cat). From the website the dimensions are 15" x 12" x 5 ¾" inflated. And 12" x 5" in the bag.
  17. When you've got two people who live in the area saying the area is sketchy... Please be sure you ask for a non-ground floor room away from any stairs (advice from a Front Desk Manager who is a woman who travels solo).
  18. Hopefully, those of you who decide to leave clothing behind are sending them to the laundry first. It would be pretty disgusting to leave dirty clothes behind for someone you think might want them...
  19. Last April, I took the Coast Starlight from Seattle to Los Angeles. BTW, it was a great, relaxing trip with great scenery. I had a roomette to myself. The train car was a Superliner - the double-decker. It was great for myself, would have been very cozy for 2 people. Two facing comfy seats a little tray. At night, the seats are folded down by your cabin attendant and made into a bed. Will only fit one person. The second person will sleep in the pulldown bunk. There is no room for a 3rd or 4th person to even visit in the roomette. Definitely take a closer look at what your particular train offers...
  20. It seems there needs to be a distinction between those special trains that run between Civi and only 2 stops and the regular Trenitalia regionales that go between Civi and Roma Termini (with other stops)... Are those special trains open to anyone or just those who buy the ticket through the cruise line?
  21. Well, if he want to truly pull out all the stops, I'd say La Pergula up on the highest hill of Rome at the Rome Cavalieri (a Waldorf-Astoria hotel). Michelin-rated. Romantic. Fantastic view overlooking Rome. One of my personal favorites is Armando al Pantheon. Very small trattoria, known for fine Roman cuisine. It is a nice mix of locals and tourists. Reservations are a MUST, weeks in advance. www.armandoalpantheon.it you can book a table online. Otherwise, I'd look at recommendations by Katie Parla on her website, www.katieparla.com. I've had some personal interactions with her over the years (via another chat site) and she has never steered me wrong. And, go to www.chowhound.com and look on the Italy board for some of the latest reviews/comments from foodies.
  22. American - DFW-LHR/LHR-LAX. The FAs never passed through the cabin with water outside of meal service. I went back to ask for some water (an stretch my legs - crammed into a seat both ways with IFE boxes that took up underseat space) and was looked at like I was asking for a custom cocktail. Usually, I fly Delta. The FAs there have been pretty good about coming through occasionally with water. But, when I want my water, I want my water, as much as I want, not in a tiny bottle or glass. And, if I end up not on an aisle, I prefer to not disturb the other(s) in my row to get up and get that water. Most of my time, I'll fly Delta/Alitalia/Air France in Business, where I encounter no issues.
  23. How could I forget my noise-cancelling headphones?????? A huge must!!! Planes and trains - got to have my Bose!!!
  24. I haven't cruised Hawaii, but Hawaii has been my "default" vacation since the 80s... T-shirts and shorts. I haven't felt the need for a jacket or sweater like I do in Florida or the Caribbean - I find that Hawaii doesn't air-condition you to death. I'm not into buying special clothes for my trips, so Alohawear, flowy stuff, etc., never comes into my vocabulary. I take one pair of multi-purpose sandals that work for me on the beach or walking around. And, a pair of trail runners - never know when I want to do a trail! And, my Little Black T-shirt Dress! It goes everywhere with me. It's worked everywhere from a Michelin 3-star restaurant to a food stall... I don't think I'd change my choice of clothes if I were on a cruise in Hawaii - I don't change it for any other cruise. I just take what I wear normally for the time of year. yes, I'm low-maintanence. 😉
  25. When I have to ride cattle class, this is what I have: From Magellan's catalog/website: the "Business Class Inflatable Footrest" and the "Luxe Inflatable Neck Pillow". For my LONG trip to/from the US to Amman, I brought my Thermarest Women's Pro Lite air mattress. Yes, an air mattress. It's self-inflating, weighs about a pound, rolls up very small, about an inch thick and is contoured (not one of those big rectangles). I put it on the seat and I get extra padding on the seat and back. I bring the biggest bottle of water I can buy at the airport, sometimes 2 of them. I buy some trail mix type of stuff at Trader Joes (or Whole Foods) to munch on. I don't rely on the Flight Attendants to have water ready for me when I want it...
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