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  1. Stop looking at Walmart, especially in PA. Not enough people would be buying reef safe to make it worth stocking. If a local dive shop (I'm thinking in Pittsburgh) doesn't have some, buy online. I've used Thinksport and Badger with good results. Others may have their favorites.
  2. WN is not the least expensive way to fly from my home airport for my destinations. I was burned once by having a high B number (before online check-in and Early Birds and such) and thought it would be OK because there were only 32 people ahead of me - SURPRISE! - it was a continuing flight and most of the seats were already gone. Ended up in a middle. I get free bags on my favorite airline, so the WN free bag doesn't play for me. And, WN won't get me to Europe...
  3. Roberto Clemete was an extraordinary Major League Baseball Player for the Pittsburgh Pirates. He was from Puerto Rico. He died in 1972 in a plane crash while taking humanitarian supplies to Nicaragua. He is still loved in Pittsburgh - and had one of the bridges named in his honor. Those massing at the Clemente bridge are probably joining in solidarity with those in Puerto Rico pushing for the ouster of the Governor.
  4. Gluttony is expected at at buffet. It's uncontrolled eating in a casual environment. But, the MDR is a supposed "fine dining" venue and I would expect diners to have a bit more "couth" than to order multiple plates of each course. Just because you can doesn't mean you should... If you are hungry after your fine dining experience, feel free to join those in the buffet to fill up.
  5. I stand corrected on Hawley - I could have sworn he was the first. At my home airport, the Moat Dragon has always been a Smurf. You couldn't enter the machine until you got past the Dragon...
  6. 1. Drivers License (soon to be REAL-ID compliant licenses and Enhanced licenses only) 2. Passport 3. Passport card 4. GE, Sentri, Nexus cards for Electro: GE = Global Entry. one of the Trusted Traveler cards. Kippie Bag = your 3-1-1 baggie that you put your liquids into for TSA inspection. Named for Kip Hawley, the first TSA Administrator. Smurf - TSA Agents. Named for the blue shirts and many times overweight appearances of original TSA agents. Moat Dragon - the person at the head of the TSA line who yells and barks at people to take off their shoes, take out their Kippie bags, take all metal out of pockets, take off jackets, take off belts... Will yell at some unsuspecting soul who forgets the rules.
  7. I have an athlete friend who lost out on a Bronze medal at an Olympics by .04 - she lost out to a Russian who was found to be one of those in the Sochi doping scandal. But, when all was said and done, the Russian was one who was adjudicated to have be an unwitting victim, so my friend will never get the Bronze she deserved. She is part of the Clean Sport movement. On another note - even as an American, I MUCH prefer to watch "soccer" than football on TV - I hate all the commentary and analysis and stop/start that goes on in football. Best soccer game I've seen: a live, raw feed of Barca/Milan ( I think it was) in the last game of the Champions League in 2010. A Barcelona TV station had set up in our hotel so they could film the celebration (that didn't happen) on La Rambla if Barca won. They had a big screen set up in the lounge and we were welcome to watch. Barca won the game but lost on points...
  8. I would have been astonished and disgusted at the same time. He would have been a perfect ad for the extra charge! I was one who was OK with the extra charge for each additional full entree. I never understood why some people feel the need to "strap on the feed bag" just because they are on a cruise... Sure, try different things, but do you really need that much food? I'd like to see a "sampler plate" offered as a entree - smaller portions of 2-4 of the entrees with a choice of starch. I've had things like that on land-based restaurants and it offers the ability to sample 2 different fishes/fowl for the same "size" as a single entree. Less food waste and more adventure!
  9. I can't win. I tried to appease both sides of the "jeans at Gala" issue when I suggested to just replace the jeans with khakis. Khakis have always been associated with "country club casual" where I live (dinner in the clubhouse is filled with men in their khakis/chinos and golf shirts or Tommy Bahama shirts) and "ccc" is what HAL has moved to for Gala Night. I guess I should have said chinos instead - a little nicer than khakis and come in colors...
  10. 1. Yes, New Mexico IS a state. 2. The GE Card is #4 on your list of acceptable IDs. 3. Barking at clueless tourists to take off their shoes and take out their Kippie bags does no more than speaking politely.
  11. I'd switch out the jeans for a pair of khakis. Jeans, regardless of wash, are supposed to be for nights other than Gala night.
  12. I always ask the TSA smurf to change gloves if I'm going to be frisked or if they are going to touch my bags. Nothing wrong with that. On a plane, I'll wipe down the tray before using it - I've seen too many snotty toddlers doing God knows what with their toys and such on those trays!! I would think someone a tad "touched" if he brought out the wipes to give the dining ware a once-over in a dining room. But, I would more OK with that person than the blowhards who have to talk, talk, talk through dinner.
  13. WN doesn't participate in any interlining agreements other airlines; you're stuck until WN can accommodate you. It would be a very rare case where WN would allow you to be rebooked on another airline. Most day passes that I've heard of only allow access to pools, and such and not a room. Day rooms are not a money maker for a hotel - departure times are 11am for the guest staying the night before and check in for that room is sometimes 3-4pm. So, the only way to really profit from a "day room" sale is if there is a vacant room that won't be needed until the next day. Give a call to some hotels in the area and see what you can get from a hotel.
  14. Junkanoo at the Port is getting good reviews from locals now that it's been open a few months. If you can Uber or have a car, go up to Cocoa Beach and the 4th Street Fillin' Station, especially if you like beer. A 17-page beer menu!!!! Burgers, tacos, bowls, a fried spicy cauliflower appetizer that I'll get as my main. Always a fun place - it's in the backyard of an actual working gas station. Famiies, couples, people with dogs - they are all there. The Tiny Turtle downtown Cocoa Beach - I LOVE that place! It's a 3 block walk from my friend's beach cottage, so I get there a lot when I'm in town. Yes, it's very casual, but so good. A little Caribbean fusion menu. The Sofrito Bowl, is my go-to at dinner. But, the 4 Cheese Bacon Melt sandwich with a bowl of their Tomato Bisque is oh-so-good for lunch! Save room for dessert and go next door and stand in line for ice cream at The Fat Donkey! Last time I was there, they had run out of my fave, Mai Kai (coconut ice cream with mac nuts and butterscotch and fudge ribbons), so I tried Cake 'n Batter - cake batter ice cream with bits of yellow cake in it. Yum!!! You only need 1 scoop - it's huge! I get it on a waffle cone. Want something more upscale - Florida Fresh Grill, The Fat Kahuna would both fit the bill. I like the sesame-crusted rare tuna on the menu, with a glass of their house-made sangria. AND, it's 2 blocks from The Fat Donkey, so I can get ice cream after dinner again!
  15. I KNEW someone would ask that 😉 Never met Al, but did work with folks like Vint Cerf (one of the leads to develop TCP/IP). coding on the good ole' IBM 360 at UCLA (where the first "internet" message was sent, from UCLA to Stanford). PL/1, MIX, ARPANET, USENET. Writing test plans for the stuff. Good times for a girl who was a Sociology major but helped out her boyfriend who was a Math/Comp Sci major at UCLA in the early 70s. It got me into the field and it's where I spent my career as an Software Test Engineer. Someday, I may meet someone on a cruise, have a fun or interesting time with them, and continue a relationship with him/her. But, so far, that hasn't happened. Good on those who have had that experience. BTW - Al may not have rhythm, but his college roommate may have. At least the roommate could act.
  16. Have to laugh at this because it brought back memories. In college, 4 friends (all guys, including my boyfriend) and I rented a house 4 houses from Venice Beach in LA (we all went to UCLA). So close to the beach, yet we rarely set foot on the beach. Even during Summer break. We'd hit some favorite restaurants on the beach, but didn't sit on the beach or go in the ocean... Yesterday, I wore one of my "vacation" outfits to work - all I did was put on a jacket over my tank top. Outside of the jacket, I actually wore what I had on when I went to Puerto Rico - Athleta tank top, Athleta skirt, Jambu Mary janes. I can toss that skirt on over my bathing suit bottoms or change from my hiking shorts/pants and be suitably dressed to go into a restaurant anywhere. I'll put it in my bag when I am going out for a day - never know when I need it! It's a great travel skirt, but I use it for everyday life.
  17. Go to Sherpani. Take a look at the Dispatch if you can deal with it not folding flat. RFID protected and slash-proof bottom. Definitely does NOT look like a tourist bag. I have it and It would definitely hold a DSLR (depending on lens length), wallet, water. In mine, I have my wallet, phone, tablet, 3small cube-type bags (one with lip gloss, Advil, floss, bobby pins, one with mini brush, barrette, inhaler, tweezers, nail file, one with my work cards, work keys), big Oakley sunglass case, and space for 2 bottles of water as my everyday bag. When I travel, I can use a carabiner to keep the zippers from getting opened.
  18. to me, that isn't "kitchy" or "cheesy". It is something unique that isn't a piece of the typical tourist junk. Kind of nice that it is "recycled" art. And, it would be a good conversation starter!
  19. Ha! I was working with the people who INVENTED the Internet in the 70s... Back in the good ole' days as a defense contractor. I went to a meet & greet on my first cruise. Said "hi" when I ran into any of them on board. But, nothing became of it. I have done a couple of trips with a company that does small-group (under 20) ADVENTURE excursions for WOMEN and I have kept in contact with a few of those women. So, I guess it depends on the situation and circumstances and similar interests that would make me want to consider a longer contact than just a few days.
  20. I think the hospitals are where people pick up the super bugs... I don't worry about other people's sanitary habits out in public. Only at work - since we share computers and phones, we all are aware when someone is sick - we have a supply of wipes at the Front Desk to wipe off our equipment. But, that doesn't always help. We've got some kind of stomach bug going around now and we've all had it over the past 2 weeks. Do what you can and don't worry.
  21. Thanks. Never owned one, I guess. Closest I would say is a long tank dress I bought last year to wear (with my jeans jacket) to the Andrea Bocelli concert. What just sprung into my mind - that definition of sundress also defines a whole lot of wedding dresses 😉
  22. Most of my shirts are multipurpose - under a jacket/blazer for work, and with jeans or shorts for fun. Makes it easy to pack, since there are no "cruise-specific" clothes to worry about. Use my money that could be spent on clothes on other things. (like the mortgage). My thing - What the dickens is a "sundress"??? I swear, I've never been a store that has had a rack with a sign that says "sundresses."
  23. CT gets a lot of weekend day trippers. Just like popular spots in the US - people will go somewhere on their days off.
  24. The sargassum was all over the beach at Cocoa Beach (by Port Canaveral) when I was there the end of May/Beginning of June. I didn't let it bother me - I either sat in front of it or sat in back of it. Yes, it smells, but I got used to it.
  25. Yes, it was Carnivore. My brain couldn't remember the name. Our guides took us there for our last dinner before taking us to the airport. It was one of those times I hunkered down and ate meat.
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