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  1. Wow! That is a lot of shots. We are having difficulty in organizing and giving out two shots, I can't imagine organizing four shots to millions of people.
  2. Wow! I wonder why the Apex, Infinity, Reflection and Silhouette are the exceptions.
  3. I totally agree!!!! People who are 65 years should be in the priority list and NOT in the same category as a incarcerated prisoner or homeless person.
  4. I was informed that after the study was complete, I would be offered the J&J vaccine if I have received the placebo. However, I think they originally planned that would not have happened until the end of the two year study. Since the pandemic is so devastating, the vaccines are submitting for emergent approval. Since, I'm currently working in caring for patients in the COVID ICU, I accepted the Pfizer vaccine with gratitude. I have been working as a RN for 25+ years and never seen anything like this in my entire career. It is exhausting and heartbreaking. I can't help th
  5. I asked three questions when I was called to be on the study at Stanford University. 1. Will I be contagious and give it to my husband if I did receive the vaccine. Answer: No because it is not a live virus. 2. Will I be able to receive a vaccine that is approved that is offered from my workplace; Meaning Pfizer or Moderna? The answer is yes, because it is different technology. 3. Will I be harmed if I have received the real vaccine and received another vaccine from Pfizer or Moderna? The answer is no and was informed from the medical director that I would be "more sup
  6. I have volunteered for the J&J trial and so far had a great experience. Reading up on the Novavax trial, it appears that it works the same as the Johnson & Johnson vaccine except it uses Baculoviruses. (Please read up on this virus) This is a comparison on the two vaccines. J&J is currently testing a two injection and one injection dose; I received the one injection dose. The Astra Zeneca vaccine uses the same technology as the J&J by using the Adenovirus. (J&J modified made the Adenovirus and Astra Zeneca also uses the Adenovirus from monkey poo)
  7. I'm also looking at a cruise to the Galapagos. I'm just overwhelmed with the different "loops" offered. Which one do you recommend? Galapagos
  8. We enjoyed the cruise and LOVED seeing the Cherry Blossoms. The weather was absolutely perfect in Japan and chilly in Russia. It snowed during the crossing and I had fun building a little snowman on our balcony table, LOL! Then we experienced nice weather in the Honolulu.
  9. With a lawsuit pending, it makes me think that the cruise lines will not sail until a vaccine is developed. What if this happens again during a upcoming cruise during the pandemic? There is no guarantee.
  10. Chronic illness is a very open category. Diabetes, CAD, Lupus .... I have a friend who has diabetes since childhood and uses a insulin pump. He is a triathlete and always going out to Yosemite for rick climbing. Another person I know had heart surgery and was back running 5K and 10K just three months post op. These people are in good health despite of what life has given them. Should they be denied to sail? I also have to wonder the legal aspect of the cruise line asking about personal medical information. Isn’t this protected by the HIPPA law?
  11. Curious ... Are those who are international guest flying regular commercial flights back to their countries? Any restrictions?
  12. The writing with the new Celebrity pencil is so light and difficult to see so you have to really press hard or repeat over the writing. Since the writing ends out messy from trying to use it, it would be nice to have an eraser to clean it up. Besides, pencils and erasers go hand and hand. ✏️
  13. Just experienced using the new pencil. Yeah, it sucked, but understand the rational of saving the planet. I wished it included a eraser. 🙂
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