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  1. and.... if you are sailing on a ship with a self serve laundry room, it is only $2 for a wash and $1 to dry the clothes.
  2. I too am missing looking at the cruise log. It was a wonderful Voyage of the Viking cruise, but.... I did not check the television screen for the total sailed mileage before leaving the Rotterdam. And heaven knows, we paid enough for that cruise that printing the cruise log would not make a dent in HAL's profits. If HAL says it is too costly to keep printing the cruise logs, well.... how about all of those ridiculous ads and promotions we receive onboard??? HAL is not wasting money on keeping the Lido open. You eat on their schedule or pay for room service if you want something nice. HAL has brought onboard a lot of entertainers that really do not encourage the normal HAL cruiser to go and see. HAL has cut the kitchen staff and dining staff so much that people have to wait and wait. Saving money here. SO..... this new HAL president has had no experience with cruising before accepting his current job.... and it shows! Okay. I am done complaining. Sorry for going on and on.
  3. e2011 I am so sorry that HAL let you down, in your opinion. There is so much info on Cruise Critic, I am surprised that you were not able to tell beforehand that it would not be a good fit for you. I admit, I have not read all of the posts in this topic. If you used a travel agent to book the cruise, I wonder why they did not tell you what life is like on the HAL ships. I have only cruised on HAL, so I am used to the Lido and waiting in line. The dining room usually has a minimal wait time, depending upon when you show up. And unfortunately, I have never had the luxury of booking a Neptune suite, so no comment on that area of the cruise. But I bet you did have a good time, all things considered. When you look back, you will appreciate the level of service and the beautiful ship. Good luck on you next cruise.
  4. Personally, I am so glad that they stopped the conversions to lanai cabins. Yes, I would love one, ... but too expensive. What I do like is that on both of these ships, the deck chairs on the lower promenade deck are not reserved for the people in the lanai cabins. This means I can sit where the ship's railing is open and I can watch the ocean. I so love doing that, but not sitting way up high... or not sitting in the sun. So here is my vote to leave the Amsterdam and the Zaandam alone please.
  5. Thank you for posting the links to webcams. Beautiful shot of the Amsterdam in Homer. Just beautiful.
  6. CJcruzer... I do not know how you do this, but your hard work is sooo appreciated. Thank you very much.
  7. Wow... great article with awesome pictures. Thank you for posting, Joanie. I love that stop at Ketchikan. It is touristy, quaint, and beautiful
  8. Love, love, love, love that balcony. I can dream about having one....someday. Thank you for all of the onboard pictures. Fantastic.
  9. Arzz, looking forward to your reports. It sounded like a horrible start at the airport, but hey.... the plane and you made it to FLL, so not all bad. A great way of ending your first day on board... finding the laundry tag. Loved it. Just a bit of trivia, I met you a few years ago on a Panama Canal cruise.
  10. Oh Kazu, I am so sorry that the cruise on the Rotterdam has ended. I so loved those pictures. But oh so happy your vacation continues...with the awesome pictures. Loving them. From the pictures, it looks as if you up very early for the arrival in Rotterdam. I cannot wait to tell my tale from the Rotterdam. Thank you for all of your insights.
  11. Such beautiful photos. If you posted the info and I missed it, I am sorry...but what camera are you using? Your photos just show so much detail. Thank you once again for all of your effort put into this live from blog.
  12. Is this another change? Any idea when the cost went to per bag?
  13. Well, if there has to be a fire, so very glad it occurred in dry-dock and not while at sea. Hopefully no injuries.
  14. Kazu, your photos are awesome. and....that unnamed site has your latest photos posted. I am getting more and more excited about my upcoming cruise on the Rotterdam. She very well might replace the Amsterdam as my favorite. I love looking at the menus.... and invariably, when the food porn photos are posted, it is when I am starving! LOL Keep enjoying your cruise and keep those updates coming. All of your hard... and expensive... work is most appreciated.
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