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  1. I see live music arranged in different venues. Can people dance? Any social distancing rule? Thanks.
  2. Is there any live streaming for sail away? Want to feel the excitement! I searched youtube and facebook but can't find any. Bridge and port cam is not clear and no sound. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hope they will. This is so easy to do and will have a positive impact! Wonder how can we communicate all these wonderful suggestions to the person who can really put it into action, not just "I will report it".
  4. I do agree that HAL has a much better no-self-service buffet, Princess should really adopt the concept, especially now.
  5. How about Grand? Grand has the same situation as Westerdam, passenger tested positive after disembark, but now all passengers on Grand need to be tested, westerdam not.
  6. I’ve been wondering the same too! Not being denied docking, but quarantine. Westerndam had one passenger tested positive after disembarkation, none passengers on the next voyage was test. Grand had 2 passengers tested positive after disembarkation, now all passengers need to be tested. Who make the rule here?
  7. What's the options after 2021? Would Pacific Princess or the smaller HAL ship qualify? I remember Princess stopped going to Antarctica for almost 10 years until last year. Is it because the rule changed? But the rule will change again next year?
  8. Just wonder, does each lounge get song list from HAL, or sometimes it's up to the band? Especially on R and S class smaller ships? (where there is only one small dance floor in ocean 8 bar) The band we met on Veendam only played one set of dance music each night, other 3 sets were strictly slow jazz.
  9. Is coffee from dinning room or buffet from syrup or brewed? Thx
  10. Hi, Is it cheaper to purchase internet package before cruise or wait until onboard? Is there a per day package once onboard? Thanks!
  11. I guess that depend on time zone. But mine is PST. My order receipt did show Dec 3 though. I tried this morning again without the promotion code, still can't go through. I called and was told some billing info doesn't match but no one knows exactly what's wrong. This means I can't place gift card order online, only call in. This is the first time I'm trying to order gift card.
  12. I just tried to order but order got cancelled. I actually got the receipt but shortly after got another email about the cancelled order. Still not 12 PST (deadline for the promotion) yet.
  13. I always have some concern of digital gift card get stolen online or physical card get lost in the mail. Just want to check if this ever happened to anyone?
  14. @tntornadox Thanks for sharing! Did you buy digital or physical gift card? Have you already seen the amex offer saving of $100?
  15. If the status expire, can I submit another status match? If the status is earned by cruising MSC, does it ever expire? What about status matched to gold, then earned cruise credit to black?
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