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  1. I meant to say, if there are 2 aircraft need the same runway, A321 and B788, airport would schedule B788 first because it's bigger. Is this true?
  2. If the closure was planned 6 months ago, why can't SFO set the schedule then, rather than modify schedule now? Hope your flight will be on time. I read that Wed and Fri are the busiest date, and the later the worse. Is this your experience?
  3. Read the news that 1 of the 4 major runways of SFO will be closed for repair starting tomorrow. UA offer its passenger to switch flight. But if the closure is planned, SFO should already schedule flights accordingly to minimize the delay, right? https://sfist.com/2019/08/26/planned-20-day-shutdown-of-sfo/ The airline representative told me, airport will try to schedule bigger airplane first to minimize their delay, smaller planes have lower priority. Is this true? Thanks, April
  4. Does anyone know if the change of disembarkation time applies to all ships? We haven't received notice (Christmas cruise) but should I be proactive and change our return flight? I even called Princess but they don't have any information. She told me I will receive an "emergency notice" if the time changes, but at that time it will be too late!
  5. I now change the flight to connect in IAH. But just for my education, I don't quite get the above, do you mean to say not to change airport?
  6. Thanks. cruise line actually has next port protection, meaning if I miss the connection, they'll fly me to the next port. Still, I don't want to miss any day to enjoy the cruise.
  7. Some very good points here. Thanks. When using google flights I see UA also has nonstop, but only Jetblue has redeye. I'm using cruise air, and UA is not shown, even if I change the arrival time.
  8. Do you mean celebrity has much less live music? I remember others mentioned before there is not much in parallel on Celebrity. But do you at least can stay with the only live band for the whole night if choose to? Do they take a lot of breaks? How's the band? Are they similar to Princess?
  9. Yes exactly the same have happened to me multiple times, same feeling. I was told price could change any time, but for weeks I saw the lower price but when click book the price went up, or not available. No one seems to know why, or want to fix the glitch.
  10. This is a very good point. Just wonder, do you know why SFO have frequent delay? Can't they try to fix the existing problems, or arrange flight accordingly to account for the delays that can be predicted?
  11. Restricted air is one type of cruiseline offered air. After booking you can't make change. While flexair you can change it up until 45 days before departure, so there is a lot of flexibility (say if you see a lower fare or better itinerary you can change to it) . I also prefer nonstop, but currently the only nonstop is restricted and almost triple the price.
  12. Yes I'm booking EZAir. However the only nonstop is jetblue, around $500 one way, restricted, vs $200 for the one stop, flexair. Maybe all other nonstops are fully booked, as I remember flying UA, and alaska nonstop flexair in the past.
  13. Yes there is one nonstop option available, but it's restricted air and almost triple price, so I want to take a chance on connection flight.
  14. Yes I'm flying from sfo to fll/mia. I found another flight which layover in IAH for 2 hours. It seems better, except that if I miss the connection, there are much less choices. I do use ez air, hopefully don't need to use the next port protection.
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