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  1. I'm in Los Angeles, Weve been home over a week, school work on line, working from home. Lines at store were insane last week, shelves empty but things at stores are better and getting back to normal. We are told to stay at home' "safer at home" meaning all non essential businesses are closed, work from home, school at home only go out for essential items- pharmacy, groceries, , healthcare and banking remain open. everything else is closed, we are not even to go to outdoor parks/playgrounds. we can walk outside, but away from people.
  2. not a crock = i agree with the other poster, it's smart and wise. why cruise a ship with half the capacity it's alot of money /lots of overhead vs cancelling and avoiding lawsuits and keeping people safe. yes it may took some companies abit to make a decision but we need to confine this. cruise ships are not the safest place if have one person that ship that has it and didn't know you now infected a lot more people that you may have not have if you were confined at home. hospitals are packed, doctors and nurses are swamped there are really ill people out there besides the coronavirus people. h
  3. now that it's a national state of emergency they will get support
  4. about time, I cannot imagine continuing to do business at half capacity how they will continue to stay afloat.no pun intended :) but seriously i know they are hurting if they cancel but to run operations with ships half full i think it makes more sense to cancel right now and not have lawsuits/ claims etc. there's more to the picture long termand most people will need a vacation after this and want to rescheduled.
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