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  1. Yes, we moved over to the 2022 Grand Arctic. We're not convinced 2021 will actually sail, and even if it does, we're not sure we'll feel comfortable cruising yet. And there may still be issues with the ports not allowing visitors. I see it is all Waitlisted now; but not sure if that is because it is actually sold out or that they are no longer selling cabins in anticipation of cancelling as has been the case with past cancelled cruises. Fingers crossed Regent is still in business in 2022!
  2. Can you provide a link to the other thread? Thanks.
  3. How do you order this kind of thing ahead of time? Is there somewhere on your online booking or do you have to go through your TA or call RSSC directly?
  4. When using WhatsApp to call, does the person you are calling also have to have the WhatsApp on their phone?
  5. Thanks for sharing this. I wouldn't have thought of that so will be sure to check that it still charges with the lights off.
  6. Thanks for the explanation. I thought that was probably why they said "shavers only", but nice to have it confirmed. I plan to plug my toothbrush charger in there when necessary as it will be more convenient. I suspect the other outlets will be reserved for our other devices!
  7. On that UK show set on the Explorer called "The Most Expensive Cruise Ship" that was shown recently (and a link to it was kindly provided by someone on Facebook in the RSSC page), there was a short scene where the cruise director was reading the survey results to the entertainment crew towards the end of the cruise. It was broken down by percentages very precisely, but it didn't say how many passengers responded. I agree that a survey that can be completed within a week of the cruise would be very helpful. You can address any pressing current issues in a timely way while on board
  8. We have T-Mobile with the Simple plan. I think that's the name anyway. It gives us unlimited data and texting in foreign countries and phone calls are usually 25 cents a minute or less. Perhaps you could switch to that plan for your cruise? And if you have the wifi on the cruise, you can use it to make calls from the ship either by setting your phone to wifi calling or using an app like Watsapp. But I agree, how much calling do you plan to do? Are you sure you don't get included wifi on your cruise? Or perhaps at least a discount since you're doing a world cruise.
  9. We had the same feelings about Costa. We were very surprised by the poor quality of the pasta! We thought an Italian line would have great food. And the nightly salad was very bland - basically iceberg lettuce mixed with a little romaine with a different dressing each night. One night my husband ordered fish and it was equal to the fish sticks of our youth and not even hot. He didn't eat it, which says a lot for him. We really aren't fussy, but found more dishes that we didn't like than that we did. The morning buffet was pretty good and lunch was OK. We also found that the smoking are
  10. Thanks for the info on mail forwarding. Sounds like this may work for us. We get the daily email showing the first class stuff coming, so that will be a help too. We can have our daughter open anything that looks like it might need immediate attention, like an unexpected bill or jury duty notice. Haven't been called in 10 years, but now is when they would do it!
  11. We haven't decided on what to do with our mail. How did it go having your mail forwarded? Was it easy to cancel, or were many correspondents notified and made the change permanent? I think they only forward first class mail, right? So then does your mailbox fill up with all the other stuff? That wouldn't be great.
  12. love_the_sea, I understand what you're saying. It's fortunate that you wouldn't lose your deposit, so no need to get insurance for that. However, I'm afraid that the insurance company would interpret this clause very loosely. For example, if your doctor changes your blood pressure medication dosage within 60 days of payment, that could initiate this clause. But that wouldn't necessarily be enough to make you cancel the trip. If later a heart attack caused you to cancel the trip or have to go home during the trip, they could look back at the medication change and invoke that clause. I ju
  13. On our Voyager cruise in the Caribbean earlier this year there was diet tonic available, but I don't know which brand.
  14. Our TA offers either a check sent to us at the end of the cruise or an OBC for the same amount. However, she told us the OBC is non-refundable, so we'll elect for the check. We already have an OBC from Regent that should be enough. And if we spend more, we'll have that check at the end to cover the extra charges. If the OBC is truly refundable, I don't see any reason not to take it.
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