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  1. I have a skin allergy to hand sanitizers so I bring wipes and wash my hands before I eat.
  2. We love murder mystery dinner shows but this one was hard to follow and awful ! We spent $200 for the 4 of us when we went. No microphones made it hard to hear them. We missed the welcome aboard show and regretted our choice.
  3. Can you tell me if there is anywhere besides Izumi to get sushi on Harmony? Does the Windjammer have any? Hubby loves sushi !!!!
  4. Yes there is but you have to take it out within 14 days for preexisting conditions. We buy ours through Allianz but check with cruise line to see if they have the same time frame.
  5. Personally I think it is a tight schedule. You have to be at airport 2 hrs before flight and it is an 45 Min to an hour drive to MCO. Also I had injured my knee and was told they would have a wheelchair assist waiting at the gate when I had to do a layover. Never happened ๐Ÿ˜ก. Twice! On way there and on way home. Hopefully that will work better for your dad ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. Thank You can't wait for answer!!! My mom loves her milkshakes LOL
  7. We are sailing on Harmony in Oct. We purchased the non alcoholic refreshment package. Are Johnny Rocket Milkshakes included? If not is there anywhere else that makes them that would be included?
  8. Kathy put both in the carryon. When you get to the security check in take one out and hand it to your son. He can scan it through with his things. After you get on the other side put it back into your carryon and roll it onboard ๐Ÿ™‚ If it was me I would ask TSA if it can stay in carryon but let them know you have two cabins ๐Ÿ™‚ My motto is if you ask not you get not ๐Ÿ™‚
  9. I need some clarity ๐Ÿ™‚ I am cruising from US and have a drink package. I know you donโ€™t have to tip additionally to the 18% added to my package but do most people add more per drink when you sign?
  10. Is there a tour company that uses a van for public tours? Mom is in a small scooter that will fit in a mini van ( it will come apart to fit in a trunk or van) I have seen private tours but the cost is expensive for just the 2 of us. The cruise accessible tour sold out. This will Be Moms first time and most likely last time she will be 76 this year. Any help is much appreciated!
  11. My mom is taking her scooter on our cruise in October. The accessible tour is sold out. Do you know of any others in St Thomas? If we even had a van tour the scooter would fit in back it will break down to go into a car.
  12. I have tried to google about what is loaded to my sea pass for Gold C&A. I read instead of books they load things to your card. Anyone have a list of what is loaded?
  13. Are JR shakes included now? I have tried to search but canโ€™t find anything. We have the package that includes specialty coffee and non alcoholic drinks.
  14. Thank you! I agree unless you are with a handicapped party do not sit there!
  15. Is there entrance level on floor seating! I know there are upper sections but the floor seating is what I am trying to find out. Can you enter the floor section without stairs?
  16. In back on floor level or do you have to walk down stairs to get floor seating?
  17. In back on floor level or do you have to walk down stairs to get floor seating?
  18. My mom will have her scooter with us in October. She can walk some but not far. We like sitting close to front for shows. Is there wheelchair access for floor seating in the main theater front of ship?The pictures donโ€™t show me enough to tell of this is possible.
  19. We did not care for Grandeur. The lack of activities was awful! Even the port shopping guy was leaving due to lack of things to do. It is a beautiful ship! We also didnโ€™t like the island time of arrival and departure. We sailed on Carnival Pride the following month and loved their itinerary.
  20. Mom loves Bingo ๐Ÿ™‚ can anyone tell me how much it costs for the cards and also how much for the machines that do the work for you lol.
  21. So I went to a quest on Carnival... saw things I didnโ€™t want to and are forever burned in my mind ughhh. Does it get that wild and crazy on Royal?
  22. Is there a handicapped seating section on the 4th deck of Royal Theater? I saw pics that look like section just above floor seats.
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