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  1. Actually since the $12 was for a round trip it seemed a fair price to me. There were two of us so a taxi would have run about the same if one threw in a one euro tip each way.
  2. We had made arrangements with a taxi driver the night before as we were getting back onboard after our day in Venice. That might be the way to go. We didn't want to hassle the people mover with our luggage .
  3. Strange. Three years ago we had arranged for a taxi to take us to P.Roma and were met right at the terminal exit.
  4. What gorgeous photos!! Thank you for taking us along! Belated happy Anniversary!
  5. Well........we were on the July 27th sailling out of Venice, due to sail at 6pm....there were heavy thunderstorms in the area and they closed the port! It was well after midnight when we all gave up waiting and went to bed as we were exhausted! Someone said it was close to 2am before we sailed!
  6. We were a family group of 14 (all ages) that sailed on the July 27th cruise...all are experienced cruisers....first time on Celebrity for everyone except me. The only complaint I heard from anyone was that they sometimes got knocked off the internet. We had early fixed dining at two separate tables close to each other (different waiters) and had excellent service as well as bar service. Perhaps you had the "anytime dining"? Everyone enjoyed the food. My brother loved the escargot so much that he had it every night (as well as the creme brulee!) My sister is a RCCI regular and she was impressed with the buffet....loved all the different choices going all the way around the buffet instead of having the same choices on both sides as most lines do. Did not do any specialty restaurants or shore excursions so can't comment there. Sorry you didn't enjoy your cruise....we all certainly did.
  7. Just off the July 27th sailing....thought the service was very good. Didn't try any specialty restaurants. We all loved the buffet which had many, many options on both sides as opposed to having the same thing on each side. Our cabin was fine...no isues there. I understand the ship will be going into drydock for a complete overhaul next year. I have to say disembarkation was the fastest and best I've ever encountered. Enjoy!
  8. If anyone has recently taken a taxi from P. Roma to the port could you please let me know what the charge was....I would like to have an idea as there are 15 of us. I'm guessing the younger ones could take the people mover but for us older folk a taxi would be so much easier. Thanks
  9. Another option is to join your roll call....you can usually find others willing to share a ride(cost is per car not per person)...or join in with someone who is looking for others to join. First trip we did just that for a British Isles cruise...we had a super organizer...had a full bus going to the port and they had to put a trailer on the back for all the luggage! Have continued to do that on our other trips and it has worked out fine! Have a great trip!
  10. I don't think an hour is enough....you don't want to be rushed....take the time to enjoy it! Do try to go early as the line to get back to the cable car can be very long especially if there are other ships in port leaving around the same time.
  11. We did not pre-book, Found out lots of info on these boards including the link to the ferry company: http://www.aegeantravellersantorini.com/transfer-to-oia-by-speedboat-private-bus-back-to-fira/ You should reserve your return bus as soon as you get off the bus in Oia. Have a great trip!
  12. Our first time there we took the local bus to Oia and back. 2nd trip (3 years ago) we took the ferry to Oia with their bus ride back to Fira. Someone mentioned that they may no longer have the bus going back in which case you would need to get the local bus or a taxi back. Whatever you take...Oia is well worth it! Would love to go back again!
  13. It is very easy to catch the boat to Capri right at the port....you don't need the ship excursion. Have a great time! You should book your return trip right after you get off the boat in Capri though so you have a spot at the time you want to return. I remember the ride taking about an hour.
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