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  1. Have enjoyed following along....thanks for taking us! Safe travels home!
  2. Great photos of the iceberg....glad you didn't follow Titanic!
  3. Love the beach

    Congratulations to POA1 and MissG!

    Thank you both!
  4. Wow....just Wow! Thanks for sharing all this....I am enjoying every word and picture! Hope you're feeling better!
  5. Love the beach

    NOT QUITE LIVE! — MS Zuiderdam — NYC to QC

    Thank you for taking us along....it was most enjoyable!
  6. Your photos are absolutely spectacular! Clarity and color...just awesome! Enjoying it all....thank you!
  7. Also coming along....thanks for taking us....most enjoyable!
  8. Love the beach

    Brooklyn - a couple of questions....

    There is also a Holiday Inn Express on Union St in Park Slope.... subway is right there on 4th Ave and lots of restaurants and shops one block up on 5th Ave.
  9. Love the beach

    Brooklyn - a couple of questions....

    In my opinion car service is the best way. Depending on traffic a taxi with the meter running can be expensive. The Look Hotel is in a mostly industrial area...not much to do around there but you could hop on the ferry over to Manhattan : https://www.ferry.nyc/routes-and-schedules/route/south-brooklyn/ The Insignia is in a more residential neighborhood. Have a great trip!
  10. Love the beach

    Carnival Horizon Tips

    We were in an outside cabin on deck 1 (1298) and had a full bathroom with shower and another bathroom with tub/shower and sink (no toilet)....no balcony but plenty of outside spaces to sit on the ship.
  11. Following along....gorgeous photos! Looks like a fabulous day for sail-away! Enjoy!
  12. Love the beach

    Cab in Brooklyn

    You would be better off calling a car service. Arecibo is a local one reccomended on these boards....: (718) 783-6465. Others are Carmel and Dial 7....
  13. Love the beach

    Flight ease?

    Same here....three times!
  14. Love the beach

    Internet Plans- iMessage

    Worked on the Horizon Aug 8th cruise!
  15. Love the beach

    2017 - 2018 Mariner Tiles series?

    Great idea!