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  1. Good morning everyone and thanks again for the Daily! Good luck today Roy, hope it's a go for you! I was given a plant, known as the "Forever Flower" (don't know it's technical name) back in 1981. It has continued to thrive and when it gets too tall I cut it and stick it in new dirt and have another plant....and yes, it always has flowers! Have never been to Fairbanks but have been to other Alaska ports.
  2. She used to take sailaway photos for us cruise critic folk....she did one for me! I don't remember if the webcams were operational then. Good to see you back Laffnvegas!
  3. @luvteaching Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary! @ger_77 Happy Anniversary! Belated Happy Anniversary to Overhead Fred! Have a great day all and thanks again for the Daily!
  4. Good morning everyone and thank you for the daily. A Blessed Good Friday to all who celebrate. Have been to Dominica many years ago but pictures are Slides so can't share. One of these days I'll get them converted over if it is still being done. I am another who loves peanut butter and jelly. When the grandchildren were small and loved to come to the beach with me I would always bring a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for myself as I knew it would keep.....to the kids it became known as a Grandma Sandwich and they would ask their Mom for a Grandma Sandwich!
  5. Speaking of Scrapnana, has anyone been in touch with her? I'm surprised she has not joined in to the Daily. I always enjoyed reading her travel blogs.
  6. Good morning all and thank you for the daily! So sorry to hear about KK, as others have said she was a wealth of information and always willing to help. May she rest in peace. Have not been to South America at all but it is now 2 weeks since my 2nd jab so I am ready to "hit the road Jack" and the first stop is a badly needed haircut. Happy Passover to all who celebrate! Have a good weekend everyone!
  7. So sorry to hear this.... And Horizon Chaser's news as well....hoping for better days ahead.
  8. Good morning all. Many thanks again to Rich, Roy and all who contribute Have been to Livorno twice and have gone to Pisa and Florence. Did not get to see the David either time....the first time there was some kind of demonstration and we could not get into town and the 2nd time it was a day the museum was closed! Sorry, the pictures all ran together....
  9. I get my 2nd one the end of this week.......first stop for me is a badly needed haircut! My piggies are all covered up under socks and shoes anyway. Good luck tomorrow Roy.
  10. According to the article, lockdowns didn't seem to make a difference : https://www.wsj.com/articles/vindication-for-ron-desantis-11614986751 "The fall and winter lockdowns don’t appear to have made any difference in the virus spread. Between Nov. 1 and Feb. 28, there were 5.8 new cases per 100 people in New York, 6.4 in California, and only 5 in Florida, where businesses could stay open at full capacity. But the economic impact of the lockdowns has been enormous" Thank you everyone for the daily....hope to see you at today's sailaway!
  11. Good morning everyone. Have never been to Cairo but did go to the King Tut exhibit when it visited NYC. It was amazing! We went with our neighbors and got almost all the way there when she realized she forgot the tickets....had to come all the way back! DH took many, many pictures but they are all slides otherwise I would post some here. Have a great weekend everyone.
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