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  1. And we were suppose to have been on the TA bringing Apex to FLL. ☹️
  2. I believe Alfred E. Newman summed up my feelings perfectly. "What? Me worry? " 😎
  3. In the webinar, they said Apex was heading to Ft. Lauderdale. 🙂
  4. I enjoy seeing the pictures. I especially appreciate the pictures of a new menu item. And, it always helps when there is a rating, good or bad, on the menu item. 😋
  5. And, some of us loved Edge. Of course, I haven't been on a cruise I haven't loved. So I wouldn't listen to me. 😎
  6. The first scheduled TA for Apex was cancelled. ☹️
  7. We received a complete refund this morning from B.A. It took about 6 weeks. 😊
  8. Thank you sir for your pictures and your upcoming reports. A lot of us that miss cruising during this time appreciate your efforts. 😊
  9. As I have stated on a roll call, my choice of dining is: ATD. "All the Time Dining". That works for me. 😂
  10. Which cruise? We are booked on the April 18, 2021 transatlantic.
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