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  1. Yeah, or topics. Being there are quite a few threads talking about the same thing. 😁
  2. No problem at all. 😊
  3. Do y'all mean Silk Harvest?
  4. What I have found is being happy is a lot easier when you really don't care what someone else thinks. You can't please everyone anyhow. 😁
  5. Let me know how you enjoy your suite experience. 😊
  6. WOW! Some folks are really getting all steamed up about something that hasn't even happened. 😂
  7. Points or no points, without a cruise, I am still bored. 😎
  8. Unless it has changed, you can not reserve the Magic Carpet dinner until you are on the ship. The dress code was casual, and the dinner we had was different sea foods. It was excellent. We had the dinner when we were overnighting in Bermuda. The Magic Carpet dinner is not part of any of the specialty dinner's package.
  9. We are on the Edge April 22, 2022 transatlantic also. Why don't you come join us on the roll call? 😄
  10. You might try again, if you want. The five cruise ban on B2Bs was not stated until yesterday.
  11. According to the Celebrity webinar, the B2Bs will not be allowed until after the first five sailings. 🙂
  12. We like Celebrity a lot better also. But, unfortunately, Eclipse does not have the Lawn Club Grill.
  13. It looks as though Celebrity has closed the bookings on the cruises on Apex in Europe. They were going from BCN and Rome.
  14. And, all the cruises listed on Celebrity's web site involves Rome and/or Barcelona. Also, the flights by Celebrity all show Barcelona and/or Rome as destinations. I wonder if the schedule from Piraeus is an old schedule.
  15. No problem at all. That is what the boards are for. I would be lost on RCI because I haven't Sao;ed on their ships in quite a while. 😁
  16. Good question. But, no one has sailed on Apex yet except crew. 😊
  17. Celebrity caters to the west. There will be plenty of Americans, Canadians, and others. English is the language on the ship. But, there will be other languages spoken by passengers and crew. The dollar is the currency on the ship. They do have the "bank" where foreign currency can be exchanged. Do not worry. It will be a wonderful cruise. 😊
  18. Millennium Alaska cruises according to the webinar will be cancelled. The Alaska cruises on other ships will not be cancelled, yet.
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