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  1. Not until all crew and guests can provide proof of 2x vaccine doses will it be safe(r) to cruise again. Even then, it will probably take several months until herd immunity is achieved and it hopefully will be close to eradicated. Fingers crossed for my Nov 2021 cruise out of Miami 🙂
  2. DH and I both have been getting the free Cheers promotion and a similar Casino promotion (free drinks and OBC) several times a week for the past few weeks. We did go ahead and book an 8 day cruise in 11/2021 for the free Cheers promo. We are gold and generally cruise 1-2 times/yr. Normally, our onboard expenses are minimal. We have never purchased Cheers. Occasionally, we buy a 3 or 5 bottle wine package. Other times we've purchased a bottle of liquor from room service. Rarely do we order individual drinks. As far as playing in the casino, DH doesn't play at all and I will spend $1
  3. Same here. Last week, got the offer from Carnival and booked an 8 day for 11/2021. We never bought Cheers pkg before so we are excited! Today, got the offer again from Players Club. Certainly no high roller. Just the occasional slot machine 🙂
  4. I'm cautiously optimistic my November 2021 cruise will happen. I think that with the breakthrough news on the Pfizer vaccine, they will begin distributing it early in the year to health care providers, then nursing homes, then at-risk individuals. Being younger and having no-risk factors, I'm thinking I may be eligible for the vaccine by March? Then, you need a booster a month later- April? Then allow a few months for the cruise industry to figure out the logistics of how this will all work: proof of vaccination, getting ships/employees ready to sail again, etc. Of course, this is a guessing g
  5. https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/caribbean-cruise-seadream-1-covid/index.html
  6. We are from US and gold. We (both DH and myself received separate emails) got and took advantage of, the offer.
  7. Yay! Just booked a 11/2021 cruise Miami to Eastern Caribbean. Got the 'free cheers' offer and couldn't say no. It'll be our first time with Cheers package. Let's hope the vaccine is as good as they say 🙂
  8. Thanks, I'll hang tight for now, too. Hoping with Monday's news, I'll be entitled to a full refund.
  9. With the current cancellation policy (I can't keep up!), would I be able to get a full refund to my cc for a cruise booked for 5/9 if I cancel today? I really don't want OBC for a future cruise. I can't imagine getting on a cruise ship again until there aren't any COVID cases worldwide for at least several months. When that happens, I'll be roaring to go! Thanks!
  10. This in unacceptable. I have been reading that no one STILL has been notified of their cancelled cruises. We were debating whether to take our Valor cruise out of NOLA 5/8 but now that there is a confirmed positive case of a traveler on the 2/29 Valor sailing, I am definitely cancelling. I know this must be a logistical nightmare for Carnival and all of the cruise lines, but it is not OK to have people travelling to their supposed cruise when Carnival knows full well that it is cancelled!
  11. I can log on and get to Booking and Order Detail, but there is no link for View Balance Details. Is this because I booked with a TA? Anyone else unable to see this? Thanks!
  12. I paid $219 for a couple's pass for a 7 nt cruise. I don't know if they offer a daily rate.
  13. 😊 Have a great cruise!
  14. Has anyone run in Puerta Vallarta? Hoping to get a 6 miler in but I'm not at all familiar with the area. Will be on the Princess Royal in February. Thanks!
  15. A few weeks ago, I booked the couple Enclave package online for our 2/15/20 Royal cruise ($219/couple/week). I just confirmed it was in my booking so I printed it out, just in case! It can definitely be done online.
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