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  1. north29

    D plus perks

    Cannot find this on the RC web site. Do D+ members still get some free laundry on longer cruises? Sorry but have not cruised for a while.
  2. north29

    military discount alert

    For Floridians, or maybe other states, next time you renew your drivers license take a copy of your DD214 form and the new license will show your military service .
  3. north29

    Salt water

    Many home now have salt water pools, but do not have to use so much chlorine choline
  4. north29

    Sweat Pants in MDR

    I agree with follow some basic rules. In this post/question, what sweat pants is the poster referring to. I have the old cotton, kind used for workouts, and I have some modern one that you can hardly tell from REAL pants, I have traveled/wore them on many long haul flights.
  5. north29

    Dressing for Dinner

    There are still some cruise lines that enforce the dress codes, all the NORMAL lines like RC and Carnival and others do not enforce many older rules.
  6. Best answer maybe, DON'T WORRY BE HAPPY, you may go the eastern Caribbean instead, of the western Caribbean but most likely you will go some where, unless it is a direct land fall on PC within a day or two.
  7. north29

    Bringing alcohol home from port

    Hit or miss, but our experience with limoncello is DO NOT DO it. We have brought several bottles back but WHY, the stuff they sell here is just as good, and you do not have to jump though TSA hoops to bring it back. We were bringing some estate bottled limoncello and olive oil back , it made it to the US, but had to reposition it to checked luggage, and then on the way to Orlando it broke, NEW luggage LOL.
  8. north29

    Stock Ownership OBC

    I simply sold mine at a BIG profit. RCI stock was useless as a perk getter.
  9. north29

    Crystal Blocks

    Being D+ we have some, and I would gladly sell them. Great marketing tool for many people. PS if you get one, and you are over packed, near over weight on your luggage they might just make you OVER WEIGHT. LOL
  10. north29

    Gratuities increasing from Jan 2nd.

    I have no problem with tipping the crew and always add more when GREAT service is done. Too much focus on this thread about the adding of the tips to help the poor third world employees, when RCCL and all cruise lines profits are at an all time high, why doesn't the cruise line up there payment/salary for the crew instead of passing it on to the cruising public.
  11. north29

    Apple Products Onboard

    Buy only if you have excess OBC. Buy only the iPad pro model, not that the other iPads are bad, but the pro model (latest pro model) is significantly better.
  12. north29

    Frozen Drinks on RCCL Ships

    I rarely every get a fruity drink because they are all MIXES and full of SUGAR, Some might be FRESH like the Mojito but I bet they add SUGAR and I will guarantee the Margaritas are a MIX and not a very good one. Maybe you can beg a bartender to make you a fresh Margarita depending on the bar
  13. north29

    High alcohol prices

    Maybe the posters have not been to a NICE restaurant or bar in their home town. I live in Ocala Florida, and the prices on GOOD drinks are as much or more than a cruise ship. YES, you can find beer for $2-5 and wine on happy hour from some restaurants, but it is not truly drinkable. A glass of house wine is nearly $9, we find that ordering a bottle of GOOD wine in the $25 to $40 range is a better option for us. Maybe we are wine snobs but life is too short to drink bad wine.
  14. north29

    Check your bank accounts!

    IMHO, ATMs are for emergency cash ONLY. I have only been skimmed once with a CC and that was in South Africa, My bank notified me almost immediately and yes it is a pain to call back home. Professional Fraudsters, usually will start with a small amount and if goes through, then a big one will follow. I have no idea how my Bank knew it was a potential fraud, but they did. I hate to say but I have used ATMs in many places, usually inside a open bank if possible, never had a problem, and the use of OLD travelers checks etc are very hard(impossible at times) to cash in most of the world, So I guess we travelers must be prepared for the worst. Depending on the type of trip/travel I have opted to carry cash distributed between my wife and my self and some hidden in strange luggage places. Not a great idea, but it works for us.