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  1. Thank you!! Those are great pictures... and so glad to see they do indeed have 2 chairs as well as 2 loungers in that room... can hardly wait!!
  2. Thank you! That looks glorious!! Hope you have a great cruise!!
  3. Please do! SO happy for you that your cruise is a GO!! 🙂 Will you be doing a "live from"?
  4. Ahhhh... thank you for the updated info, I figured that would have to happen, but didn't know it already had. Any word on Canada/New England itineraries?
  5. I'm curious as to what the Alaskan itinerary will look like... Canadian ports and Canadian waters are closed to all passenger ships until at least February of 2022... which means the Passenger services Act will need to be suspended or violated in order to start up Alaskan cruises without stopping in Canadian ports. Hmmmm...
  6. Come and join the rollcall for the Jan 2023 cruise 🙂 Maybe it will be just people in SV cabins! LOL!!
  7. Hypothetically speaking... what would happen in this scenario: Mr & Mrs Smith were booked for a cruise in April of 2020, but due to covid, cancelled that cruise 29 days before sail date, and one day before Celebrity announced the cruise was being cancelled. So Celebrity would not give a full refund, instead would only give an FCC for the value of the cruise (and only 100%, not the 125% that would be the case literally just one day later). The terms were that the FCC should be applied to a cruise to be reserved by April of 2022, and sailed by Sept of 2022. Mr and
  8. Ohhhhhh... in that case it likely isn't worth it to you then... I was just comparing it to current pricing, not taking into account a past pricing and discount you may have rec'd. 😞 Either way, I'm sure it will be a lovely cruise 🙂
  9. did you see the youtube video I linked of the sunset veranda room?
  10. On cruise deck plans dot com website... it's a paid subscription... and totally worth it for seeing real photos of specific rooms 🙂
  11. oh on second look... that aft sunset balcony is in fact CHEAPER than the concierge class cabin you have booked - even better!
  12. It seems that with the post revolution pics though, there is only 2 chairs, no lounger at all now in that angled balcony 😞
  13. Hey... just a suggestion... Celebrity is reclassifying some of the categories for the Summit, and for your cruise in 2022, a few of the highly coveted Sunset Veranda cabins are still available. They are technically a step down from Concierge, and about $120 more total for that 10 day cruise, but the balcony is SPECTACULAR!! We recently jumped from the same angled type balcony as yours on our Millie cruise over to the sunset veranda, and we can hardly wait!! So as long as you're okay with giving up the minimal perks that come with CC class, you might want to consider moving 🙂
  14. Some of the photos online have shown a single lounger along with two chairs, and some photo just show 2 chairs. It looks pretty crowded in the photos that include the lounger.
  15. It's only 3 weeks away and it would appear that Celebrity and other cruiselines are still attempting to get all staff and crew vaccinated in time... It's a gamble, but one that I hope breaks your way 🙂
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