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  1. https://www.celebritycruises.com/content/dam/celebrity/pdf/Celebrity-Cruises-Beverage-Packages.pdf
  2. The list from Celebrity showing what is included for the classic and premium package says that 20% gratuity will be added to each check, which I read as each time I order a drink, Iā€™m paying 20%... is this new?
  3. This was our Alla tour guide... I can't recall her name, but she was exceptionally great! Probably the best tour guide we've ever had from any of our tours over the years!!
  4. We paid for our 2 day Alla tour with new US cash, but they were also accepting payment by credit card - they used a machine at one of the shops we stopped in at on the end of our first day... some awesome Russian Nesting dolls they had in there!!
  5. I'm not sure what else I can add to the info everyone is chiming in with other than to state that we also are so happy we went with a private tour - we used Alla for a 2 day Grand Tour in May of 2018, and the cost was $250US per person plus gratuity, 16 people to a van. Simply a spectacular experience!!! The highlight of our Baltics and British Isles month long cruise! We heard lots of stories of disappointment from other passengers who used the cruise ship tours, relating to delays, unmanageable crowds due to the bus sizes, waiting for too many slow people to get on the bus at each stop, crowd to large to adequately hear the announcements, etc. It was such a comprehensive tour that we really can't say we missed out on anything at all! BUT... there was a fair bit of walking, and we all knew that up front so we expected it. SPB and TJ also have very good reviews, so I'm sure you'll be in good hands with any of the big three. Good luck with your planning, and enjoy!! Celine
  6. Ever had anything go missing? Yes... my dignity. One too many martinis on embarkation day on our Japan cruise, while jetlagged... hubby had to gently guide me to bed and I missed dinner that night.
  7. For what it's worth, I would recommend the OV for the huge savings! We've been in 2168 and 2170 a few times on Constellation class ships, and they are SUPER quiet and virtually no motion at all. So easy to get to and from on port days, as we only take two flights of stairs and we're there! We've also done balcony, and to be honest, I don't think the value is there for the extra cost - we've never had issues getting loungers out on the pool decks (shade and sun), so we really didn't need the balcony. Just my thoughts... but I would save the extra dollars for excursions and other costs... if you pick the right oceanview rooms, you'll have great access to everything, silence, and no motion-sickness issues :) We will once again be on a Constellation class ship in January for over 3 weeks (B2B2B on Summit from Jan 14th until Feb 8th) and once again have booked 2168... love that room!! :) Celine
  8. We decorate our door on EVERY SINGLE CRUISE, and after almost 40 cruises on 6 different lines, we still love it! Here's an example of our door from last May:
  9. We cruised on the Summit Jan 29 to Feb 10, which I think was the second to last cruise before her big refurbishment, and we found no issues with any "headstart" kind of work at all. There were a couple of minor dings and wear and tear that appeared to be ignored since the big refurb was just days away, but it definitely didn't impact our enjoyment. Happy cruising!! :)
  10. Yes, there is an over hang above the balcony that provides for some privacy and shade, but some sun can also be on your balcony depending on the angle of the ship and time of day. Because that room is below the carpeted part of the oceanview cafe above, you should hear almost no noise at all. Enjoy... looks like a great room! :)
  11. Around the ship, we generally wore jeans and shirts with light shirts, and carried/wore a sweater or hoodie. Some areas of the ship were warmer than others, so having an extra layer we could put on or remove was most helpful. Though it was chilly outside, we occasionally would put on a couple of warmer layers and step out to enjoy the fresh air, especially during the inside passage the last day or two before arriving in Vancouver.
  12. Is HAL offering beverage packages and/or included gratuities as perks when booking?
  13. We had virtually the same experience during May of 2017 Tokyo to Vancouver... very calm all the way, but a bit chilly for sure.
  14. It was actually my sister-in-law and her dad who stayed in that room, and this was her comment on it... hope it helps :) : "We were happy with our stateroom (#6009 FWD). Much quieter, I think than mid-ship, and pretty close to everything (especially the spa on deck 11 FWD, lol!). The only downside that I can think of is our porthole window (although it was huge and provided a great view to the outside) faced the outside promenade deck on level 6 so a few people tried to peer through our window (mostly curious kids wondering what was inside)...plus the thump-thumping of joggers at 8am every morning...so we couldn't really keep the curtains open all the time. We would have avoided that on decks 5 or 7. But otherwise, the room was great, no complaints. I've attached a few photos here...very spacious...enough room for up to 5!"
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