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    Century Sunset Veranda Aft Cabins

    Absolutely you get a great view of the water. Enjoy.
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    Century Sunset Veranda Aft Cabins

    I sailed on Centruy 3/31/08 - 4/4/08. This was my 5th cruise, first with Celebrity. To anyone wondering about the SV cabins, here's my take: Loved it. Room was spotless. The cabin steward did an excellent job. The room is more than adequate for a cruise. Very comfortable. Rooms on cruise ships aren't supposed to be huge. If you are are spending time in your room for anything other than sleeping, changing clothes, taking a nap, or just catching your breath on the bed, then you probably don't need to be taking a cruise vacation. Take it from me, this room is great. It's on the highest cabin level of the ship. There was a couple at my table who's cabin was about 5 decks directly below ours, and according to them there was a lot of engine noise and excessive vibration in their room. There was zero engine noise in my sunset veranda and very, VERY minimal vibration. And you hardly ever heard any noise from the bar below, and when you did it was beach music being played on a guitar.... THE HORROR! A short stroll down the hallway from the cabin takes you to a large deck with a bar and lounge chairs, overlooking the pool. Walk out of the cabin, down one level via the stairs, and you are at a restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. The balcony. It overlooks the tarp covering the bar on the back of the ship. IT'S A TARP FOLKS. IT IS POUNDED BY THE SUN EVERY MOMENT OF THE DAY. IT IS EXPOSED TO THE ELEMENTS. OCCASSIONALLY A SEAGUL MAY POOP ON IT. IT IS NOT GOING TO BE GLEAMING WHITE AND SPOTLESS. BUT IT IS FAR FROM BAD AND CERTAINLY NOTHING THAT WOULD MAKE YOU REGRET BOOKING THE ROOM. And as for soot being on the balcony... I have to say "What?". I was on a 5 night cruise and my wife and I enjoyed the balcony very much. I never saw the first spec of this so-called soot. I couldn't have been happier with the choice of cabins. We did have one tea bag wrapper that somehow blew onto our deck... People who look for nit-picking things to be critical about with regard to a cruise SHOULD NOT BE CRUISING. They set wayyyy too high expectations. Want something to complain about? Wait until your toilet doesn't work or your AC doesn't cool the room. Try having a good time in spite of yourself. It's like this couple I talked to at dinner who were on their first cruise and somewhat disappointed in the food. Well, the food was pretty good for a cruise in my opinion. Actually, the lobster was the best I had ever seen/tasted on a cruise ship, and the specialty restaurant on the Century was amazing. As a veteran cruiser I'd say I have a good idea about the cuisine on ships. What I had to explain to them is: Yes, the food served is supposed to be gourmet and fancy, but it is MASS PRODUCED FOR 1800+ PEOPLE! QUALITY WILL BE A SHADE UNDER WHAT YOU EXPECT, BUT STILL GREAT! Long story short. Big thumbs up to the sunset veranda. I couldn't have been happier with the room, balcony, and location. Book it, enjoy it. Have high expecations, but at the same time, be reasonable if you have ANY hope of enjoying your cruise.