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  1. :( Do you happen to know up until what point the UDP can be cancelled?
  2. My favorite Quest was hosted by Graham Seymour. I dont think Ive ever laughed as hard in my life! Our last one with Casey was very "meh". Bing Bong is on vacation so I dont even know who my CD will even be this upcoming cruise. I havent bothered to look. Im just looking forward to finally getting to sail on Captain Johnnys ship :)
  3. I dont know what you mean by "true" keto diet but I keep my carbs under 50 grams a day and have had no problems whatsoever staying in ketosis. For the first several months I kept them under 20 grams a day. My bloodwork is better in all aspects, Ive lost weight, I no longer have severe acid reflux and Ive been able to get totally off three prescription meds. Please, pray tell, what is not sustainable about that? Keto doesnt mean total elimination of all carbs.
  4. It seems that the Italian has slowly been going downhill since they got rid of Portofino. I remember when people would rave over the filet there saying it was much better than a Chops filet. I never got to try Portofino but I did get to experience Giovannis table on Freedom of the Seas 4 years ago. I thought it was wonderful. I figure there is no way to mess up the wood plank of meat. That is what Im most interested in at Jamies.
  5. Keto here too since February! Ive lost about 40#. Ive got to try the "plank" though! It looks amazing!
  6. For over a year on my September 1 Harmony cruise it had teetered back and forth from $52 to $56 a day. For a week or so recently it dropped to $49 a day but now its $61 a day!
  7. That is the only thing that kills me when it comes to cruise food. There should at least be some better consistency across the entire cruise line. SO MANY reports such as yours where the food is much better on one ship than the other When I go to eat at a chain restaurant on land, I know what to expect, no matter if its a Ruth Chris or fast food place.
  8. Everyone that held off purchasing it for our upcoming Harmony cruise in 19 days is now crying the blues. It teetered back and forth between $52 and $56 for months. It went down to $49 and stayed there for a few weeks. I tried to tell them in our group to jump on it if they were going to as it likely would not go lower and some didnt. It is now 61.00 a day. The highest Ive seen it since Ive been monitoring. I dont think it has anything to do with the glitch. I agree with Clarea in that they are just testing the waters to see what the market will bare. Ive seen The Key go from 19.99 to 29.99 on our cruise. As long as people continue to buy at these prices, you can expect them to keep going up
  9. We wound up getting the unlimited dining package at 175.00 a person and we are really looking forward to it!
  10. Exactly! If I remember correctly, when the packages started, the rule was in place. They got rid of the rule for a while until all the scammers started bragging about sharing (stealing) and the rule was reimplemented.
  11. So this definitely proves something to me. No one has even come CLOSE to my 1320! Over that last 10 years I have spent WAY too much time posting and not ENOUGH time cruising! LOL
  12. You must be on my cruise! September 1? 10 days would be great! However, being shortened 3 days not so great. :( Im just hoping the Caribbean stays quiet like it is right now until we can at least get on the ship!
  13. Ive had my debit card compromised twice. My bank gives me a "provisional credit" for ALL fraudulent charges and instant refunds on any NSF charges caused by such immediately upon receipt of my signed affidavit. It all depends on your financial institution as to how long it takes to you get your money back
  14. Interesting. Latest reports of her newer sister ship Symphony is that you have to make a meal purchase to get your "free" shake. The one consistent thing about RC is their inconsistency LOL
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