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  1. Well, FWIW, this IS a cruise forum so ALL "problems" discussed here are "first world" problems.
  2. I have to agree here. Im in ketosis and have been for over a month. I use regular half and half in my coffee. It hasnt effected anything in the least. As far as sweetener goes I have just gotten use to cream only now.
  3. Honestly, I would be tickled with a stop in Miami and would rather do that instead of Coco Cay. I have never been there. Ive been to Coco Cay and Ive had Coco Cay cancelled before. Wheelchairs and Coco Cay did not get along well. Yeah, they have "beach wheelchairs" but when you dont have anyone to push you, they are worthless. I will not be upset in the least if our Coco Cay stop in September is changed to Miami.
  4. Here is an update from two weeks ago I found while looking on youtube last week
  5. Being paraplegic, Im prone to them also. I have taken every antibiotic for UTI imaginable. I highly recommend D Mannose for prevention and Oil of Oregano pills if she gets one. Google both if you dont believe me 🙂 To answer your question though, yes, I would certainly think the medical facility has the antibiotics most often prescribed for UTI. The problem is, they likely cant do a culture so there is no way of knowing if its actually working or not. I have found that once I start feeling Im getting one, the oil of oregano pills kick it within hours
  6. Because Im pretty sure you cant fly home on a BC and DL if something were to happen. Why is it any of your business?
  7. Count me as paranoid but I bring both. My Passport stays with me and my BC goes in my carry on. I only USE my Passport to board the ship, but in the slim case something were to happen to it in the two days of travel prior to the cruise, I am NOT missing that ship! I had a dream once that I lost my Passport and didnt have my BC on me. No way of getting someone to fax RC a copy either. I missed the cruise.
  8. I hate Nassau so this would be all about the ship for me. The good thing is, you are cruising on the latest greatest they have to offer. I wouldnt even get off the ship myself.
  9. This is probably splitting hairs but certified copies are all you can get of your BC. The "original" is always kept on file and is never given out. Also, a lot of states no longer have a "raised seal" on the BC. They use a watermark or other identifier. A certified copy from VitalChek or the county courthouse is a sufficient boarding document for a cruise, along with a drivers license or government issued ID. You are never "stuck" if you dont have a Passport either 🙂 It may take a couple extra days but you will eventually get home.
  10. Online payment isnt working right now and hasnt for several days. This almost sounds like the ship has been full chartered if it has disappeared this early on.
  11. I would never stay in Orlando vs. Port Canaveral or Cocoa Beach. Hotels arent really all THAT cheaper in Orlando either. I generally pay around 90.00 for the hotel we always stay at. Its 50% more than this time because its Labor Day weekend. Its not on the beach but we are 10 minutes at most to the ship vs an hour. Youre spending thousands of dollars on a cruise. Whats an extra few dollars to be minutes from the ship vs an hour or sometimes more depending on what could happen on 528?
  12. I hope some day to reach the point where I have "cruise fatigue" and consider a not even 3 year old ship a "tired ol gal" LOL! Well, not really. Just kiddin. 209 days until Harmony and I cant freakin wait! I am absolutely beside myself already! Newest ship Ive ever been on, first Oasis class ship and first oceanview balcony!
  13. "The last day" you are referring to is the 8th DAY. We pay for a 7 NIGHT cruise. Basically, my cruise is over when I got to bed on the last NIGHT. Its just an added bonus I can eat breakfast on the 8th DAY. This is one of the most horrible comparisons Ive ever seen on this forum.
  14. 100% this ^^^^^. I board early because I can. Its day one of the cruise. I paid for it and want the maximum amount of time on board I can get. Thats really all there is to it. If people wanna show up at 1:30 pm or later and avoid the "rush" have at it. I will continue to show up at my regular 10:30 - 10:45 arrival time with hopes of being on the ship by 11:30 at the latest. Ive yet to be let down. 🙂
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