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  1. Mine is August 21 and I am fully expecting it to be cancelled 😅 which saddens me because I booked this one using the FCC from the cancelled Harmony cruise because of Dorian. Its been almost three years since Ive been on a cruise and now its looking like it will be yet another year. MUCH bigger things to fret on right now though than another cancelled cruise. I just hope the industry can survive this.
  2. The media, ALL of them, have been caught in so many LIES and made up crap and you really believe that to be true? Are you interested in some oceanfront property in Montana by chance? I hear a cruiseport is being built there 😎
  3. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is the most hilarious thing I have ever read on here.
  4. Thanks! My FCC has an expiration date of September 30 2020. If worse comes to worse and we had to cancel our August 21 2020 cruise, it appears to me that we would have about 5 weeks to book another cruise, but could book another cruise past the FCC expiration date as long as its redeemed by September 30? Gosh, I hope all this makes sense! Its so confusing to me. I hope this is all history by then and i can just go on my cruise as scheduled.
  5. Let me make sure I understand. We used a FCC from a cancelled Harmony cruise to book the Alaska cruise on Ovation. Our cruise is too far out to be under the July 31 deadline. It is August 21st. WHAT will happen if that deadline is extended to August 31 and we cancel? Are you saying we are totally out of money except for what we paid above and beyond the original FCC amount? If that is the case, Im going on that cruise, coronavirus be damned. No way in Hades am I giving up over 1800.00 to Royal Caribbean. Not gonna happen. I will take my chances.
  6. Absolutely Ive not only heard of it happening, it happened to me when we cancelled our Harmony cruise because of hurricane Dorian. Not only this but she will also have to pay yet another deposit to use the FCCs as well. We found that to take a comparable cruise in the same cabin on Harmony, we would have to put up no less than 1500.00 total which included a 250.00 per person deposit, no matter when in the next year that we booked it. We decided to apply the FCC toward an Alaska cruise on Ovation and Im certainly hoping I dont have to cancel it and take another FCC.
  7. Which is a BIG ripoff because that documentation is not only NOT worth the paper its written on but is not required under the ADA. As far as vest goes, service dogs are not required to wear one
  8. That is good news. I booked the cancelled Dorian Harmony cruise over 500 days out. The least it was gonna cost us to get Harmony and a oceanview balcony was almost 1500.00 no matter the date we looked at.
  9. Yep, AND any price increase as well. People will find it virtually impossible to get a comparable cruise on the same ship in the same cabin without having to put up a substantial amount of money.
  10. My cruise is too far out so we wouldnt qualify for this...........yet. We are already on a FCC for the upcoming cruise. The problem we found with the FCC we got for our Harmony cancellation because of Dorian, is that you will likely have to come up with significantly more money to use your FCC. It was gonna cost us no less than 1500.00 more to get the same cabin for a different sailing because I had booked over 500 days out and got such a good deal. We are going to Alaska on Ovation for less than that, airfare included.
  11. They will be refunded back to the card you purchased them with. Just like what happened to us when we took a FCC because of a shortened Harmony cruise because of Dorian
  12. Im not trying to prove ANYTHING 🙄 I am just showing you where people may have gotten that its "tiny compared to the flu". When you look at the actual numbers, it certainly appears that way. Take that however you will 🙄 I couldnt care less.
  13. Im sailing on Ovation August 21 and I concur. Hurricane Dorian completely ruined my last booked cruise that I booked over 500 days out so it will be well over 900 days since my last cruise when the next one gets here. There is NO WAY I am cancelling this one. My cruise is already paid, airfare already paid, spending money saved and my days off have been approved. The only thing stopping me will be death or a RC cancellation.
  14. I use to see it for 175.00 pretty regularly with the original pricing being 199.00 per person. it seems now that since "Black Friday" that the new sell price is 179.00. That is currently what it is for our Alaska cruise on Ovation.
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