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  1. Here is what Gwen from C&A just sent me on FB after taking some time to look at my reservation. Its a no. "The points are given based on how the reservation was made. As you were booked as a double. you'll receive 14 points."
  2. I think I will! And also send a message to Crown and Anchor on FB. 🙂 I will let you know.
  3. Thanks @molly361 and @brillohead. I just got off the phone after a 30 minute wait and C&A told me that because I didnt book as a solo, I do not get the 28 points for a no show and they arent budging one bit. It even went to a supervisor. No dice. I suppose whoever was in the same situation just got lucky 😞
  4. @wolfcathorse was on Ovation last week and reported that Ovation is going into some kind of lay up (she had an official word for it) and the crew is being sent home for two months. As of now, Ovation is still docked at Pier 91 in Seattle.
  5. I wasnt booked solo in double occupancy unfortunately. The second guest was a no show 🙂 28 sure would be nice though!
  6. Double points run until December 31 I think. I just sailed solo to Alaska on Ovation for 7 nights last month and received 14 points so if your cruise is before December 31, you will certainly get double points Im pretty sure even if you booked only yourself to the cabin.
  7. Then maybe start one then? I started our group for my Alaskan cruise last month almost two years ago when I booked the trip and it got up to 140+ members and was active the last year right up until our cruise. The roll call here was started about the same time and was complete dead right up until sailing and then was all about pre cruise testing which I got enough of from this forum right here. Im sorry you havent had the same experience at that other place. I found the exact opposite of what you are saying to be true for my particular cruise 🙂
  8. The group for your particular cruise on a certain social media platform that Im pretty sure cant be mentioned here will be a LOT more active. There are no official Meet and Greets right now anyway.
  9. Not sure about cruise planner refunds but Im still waiting on a refund of taxes and port charges from a 9-10-21 cruise and airfare refund from Air2Sea that was cancelled in July. As far as the Deluxe package goes. 50.00 pp pd was the lowest I saw for Ovation
  10. Correct. Saturday (or Sunday) under current protocols. Saturday testing can be difficult which is why a lot of people are turning to the Abbott Binax Now monitored testing.
  11. Not sure about the arrival time but you have to book entertainment onboard now. The app is the easiest way.
  12. I didnt use a TA even for my first cruise. I use to not believe in using a TA at all but dealing with the headaches from Harmony and the hurricane Dorian debacle resulting in a FCC, applying that to an 2020 Alaskan sailing which was cancelled and had to be lifted and shifted to a 2021 Alaskan sailing, and all the hours on hold spent doing so during trying times, I was very glad to have a TA for this past cruise. She gave me a really good group rate, a little OBC and also was able to get me an extra 250.00 in OBC because of a price reduction. I met her several years ago in a RC cruise group and come to find out we are from the same town in Central FL and went to the same HS. I gained a friend and a really good TA in all of this, if nothing else. I DO see where a non responsive one could be a hassle to deal with. Best of luck in getting back the reservation! Im currently on hold with RC and have been for over 30 minutes.
  13. Yep, the same around here too. Except most of the time they arent even letting people know until you show up and the window says closed, no testing today.
  14. Everything Ive ever seen on land based machines and even some things I havent. The only thing now is you really have to know what you want in advance as you cant "surf" the machine looking for choices. A crew member operates it for you This may give you an idea of what to expect
  15. I dont drink anymore at all and recently got the refreshment package for the first time. It was VERY much worth it to me. I loved the fresh squeezed juice in the morning and to me, the frozen cocktails like virgin lava flows and Miami Vices were actually better. I never really drank alcohol because I thought it tasted good lol.. Im pretty sure all my sodas in specialty dining were poured out of can
  16. Every single complaint on this entire website is a first world problem. lol
  17. You should be able to DL the app from the apple store. Your Ipad will have a front facing camera and a mic. It should work just fine https://apps.apple.com/us/app/navica/id1527297235
  18. Not sure who you are responding to. There were no tracelets on Ovation. We were told if we got to feeling sick to stay in our cabin and call the medical staff. That was exactly the plan in place. Ovation continues a green status as does most of RC ships. The current protocols seem to be working just fine. Today is 14 days post cruise and flight for me. If I get COVID now, it certainly was not from my cruise or my flights.
  19. Got it 🙂 yeah this new way is great!
  20. Yep my thoughts exactly. I see a lot of peoples vacations being interrupted or ruined over this because you MIGHT have been close to someone who MIGHT have the virus. I was ok with the vaccination requirement. i was ok with pre cruise testing even though i stressed myself tremendously over a potential positive or false positive. It was ALL worth it to cruise on a 40% capacity cruise. Im mostly likely out on tracelets though. The cellphone comparison is kinda apples to footballs IMO. My phone does not have the capability of ruining my vacation over the possibility that I might have been to close to someone who might have COVID.
  21. Both are accepted for sure. Basically all COVID testing done at pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS are accepted by RC whether its rapid or the PCR which can take a few days to get results. The testing RC will not accept is the antibody test that tests for previous infection but thats a blood test anyway and not available at Walgreens or CVS. Here is a great explanation to the differences. https://physiciansimmediatecare.com/clearing-up-the-confusion-on-types-of-covid-testing/
  22. Maybe Im misunderstanding you but Im curious how you didnt have the mandatory safety drill? They were announcing over the PA that people must do until we reached 100% completed, which took hours. FWIW, I had a 1230 boarding time three weeks ago, showed up at noon and they were calling 12 and 1230 together and had the same experience and was among the first to board. I went to Jamies for lunch though
  23. I have totally given up on the included steak in the MDR. Im not even sure its Select grade lol.
  24. The way I understand it is, all COVID testing is accepted EXCEPT the antibody test that checks if youve had the virus in the past, which is a blood test 🙂 RC will not accept that.
  25. @crzndeb I had My Time Dining and I did eat in the MDR one night because I wanted escargot. I had a table alone 🙂
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