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  1. For our 9-1 Harmony cruise that we cancelled because Dorian, we got UDP for 175.00 per person. For Ovation It is still 199.00. Hoping for a Black Friday sale or at least hoping it goes to 175.00 pp again
  2. The UDP is also showing up for $215.00 on some sailings too. I guess as long as people will pay it, they will keep raising it.
  3. Thank you! Very happy to see its available in Seattle for domestic Delta flights. Our flight doesnt leave SEA until 5:30pm and we want to explore downtown for the day before leaving.
  4. Have you actually priced a 7 night Royal Caribbean cruise lately? Where, pray tell, are you finding them for several hundred? Wanting something decent for dessert other than cookies is expecting luxury line experience at mass market pricing? Really? Wow.
  5. Ive stayed in 6315 and 8315. Love the Promenade cabins! Never noticed any noise issues but Im always out and about until late every night. Better view from 8315.
  6. People are reporting that Harmony is worse than the rest of the Oasis class ships though and that one elevator has actually been out of service for weeks. I generally dont have issues and will catch any elevator going any way but if reports are true, 15-20 minute waits for ANY elevator is a deal breaker for me. On Freedom of the Seas I was able to find the bank of elevators that evidently no one knew existed it seemed. They were always empty or had very few people. My last two cruises were on Carnival Magic and there was never any problem catching an elevator quickly.
  7. Yet another complaint about the elevators. 😞 This is a real deal breaker for me and Im glad I cancelled my Harmony cruise and took the FCC. Hopefully Ovation is a little better in this regard. Thank you for your review 🙂
  8. Likely not as "kid friendly" and they would probably be bored out of their mind but If Im gonna drop that kinda coin on a cruise, Im settling for nothing less than Regent Seven Seas or similar. I dont think Ive spent 25-30 grand cruising the last 10 years! I dont have kids so not an issue to try and keep them happy. I have seen so many cutbacks in just 10 years of cruising yet prices are at a all time high that its very frustrating for sure. My last cruise on a Royal ship was very mediocre, especially compared to three years earlier on the very same ship. I no longer feel I am getting what I am paying for when it comes to service and yes. especially food. That is MY "line in the sand". I am not one to just settle for the old adage of "as long as I dont have to cook it or clean it up, just serve me anything!" Once I use this future cruise credit next August, I will be looking elsewhere to spend my vacation dollars. For 25-35K I can guarantee you that you can get an all inclusive cruise on a luxury line for you and your family that will give you 5 star service, 5 star food and the "ass kissing" you are looking for 🙂
  9. Back when Adam Goldstein was in that role, I emailed him about a particular crew member on Freedom of the Seas that returned a priceless picture of my mother when she was a toddler that she had lost in the cabin. Her sister had given it to her before we left on the trip and she was going to take it home and put it in her hope chest. The crew member found it and mailed it to her and it actually beat her home. I was expecting some canned response from his office as a reply. He emailed me back personally within an hour at 9pm at night and my story was featured in his blog. The crew member got a letter of commendation for his file, extra time off and some dinners at Johnny Rockets.
  10. Royal has horrible third guest rates most of the time. Twice I have been able to add my nephew onto our booking for Carnival Magic for 199.00 + taxes and fees. It didnt matter if the age is 4 or 94
  11. For a ship that already has many complaints of crowded elevators, as someone totally confined to a wheelchair and now knowing one of the elevators was not working and hasnt been for some time, Im kinda glad I cancelled for 9-1-19 because of Dorian and took the credit. That would definitely not be "trivial" to me. One thing Ive learned to do is just get on ANY elevator that has room no matter which way its going.
  12. Under 300.00 a night before tax if at all possible.
  13. We are embarking on an Alaskan cruise on Royal Caribbeans Ovation of the Seas next August and are currently booked at the Hilton Garden Inn by the airport. Since our flight arrives the day before at 1pm, I have decided I want to be closer to downtown and the cruise port. Im pretty sure Royal sails out of cruise port 91. Currently looking for reasonably priced hotels in the downtown area. Any suggestions? Also does anyone know if there is handicap accessible transportation from the airport to downtown?
  14. Get it at that price while you can 🙄 this is showing up on some Harmony sailings
  15. Guys closes at 6pm every evening. Thats really the only downside.
  16. You dont have to worry about going anywhere else then 😎
  17. Their high prices. That is my line in the sand. I was absolutely SHOCKED that even booking over a year out, it was going to be over 1500.00 more for the same cruise in the same cabin on the same ship after cancelling the 9-1-19 Harmony cruise and taking the FCC. They wouldnt price protect either. I understand about demand and the fact that as long as people continue to pay higher prices, they will continue to go up but they have priced me out of cruising with them. We came out cheaper going to Alaska on Ovation, even including airfare. I wont have a balcony but it at least it wont be the same ol boring Caribbean itineraries.
  18. I chose the week before and Im not sure how I missed this 😞 We are going to Endicott Arm
  19. X is where Im looking next in fact 🙂 I want to sail with Captain Kate! 😍
  20. Very par for the course. Ive only been cruising with RC for 10 years now but we see a slight decline in pretty much all aspects each time we go. OTOH, I have found Carnival to be pretty consistent since 2008 in at least the food and service aspect of cruising. People might ask "well why would you keep cruising with RC?" and I have an answer to that. I had wanted to go on an Oasis class ship since the first one (Oasis) was built. I finally found an incredible deal on an oceanview balcony on Harmony by booking over 500 days out and jumped on it. We got the Unlimited Dining Plan at 175.00 pp hoping to have a little better dining experience over the MDR and Windjammer. Unfortunately, Hurricane Dorian caused us to cancel and we have a cruise credit we had to use. I chose Ovation to Alaska for next August. I will likely be looking at other cruiselines after that. Ive been wanting to try an AI resort out as well.
  21. Strange. The OBC I received from my TA is available for use immediately in my cruise planner.
  22. I just transferred my Alaskan booking that I booked direct with RC to a travel agent and I couldnt be any happier. I met her online in a Harmony of the Seas cruise group. Happens that we went to the same high school and she lives in the town in central FL that I grew up in. She was able to get almost 300.00 knocked off the price by putting us in a group booking and she also gave us an onboard credit. She is excellent and constantly monitors price drops as well. I will book through her from here on out.
  23. Its really no different than going out to eat. Avoid pastas, rice dishes, the bread basket and ask for steamed veggies with your meals instead of potatoes. I would also tell them to leave any sauces off your protein. They tend to be heavy on sauces. If you are big salad bar person and love ranch dressing like I do, I would suggest bringing your own. I know that sounds odd but I hear the stuff onboard is like water and is pretty bad. Congratulations by the way! Ive been in ketosis since February 5th. Im down about 40 pounds, my bloodwork #s are much better and I feel better than I ever have!
  24. Ive had norovirus before but wasnt on a cruise ship. I cant even imagine wanting to be "out and about" among people with that.
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