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  1. First let's get it clear, Stev-O (that was how he introduced himself to me) was NOT from Texas, he was from Arkansas and I feel sorry for anyone living in Arkansas to say he lives in their state. I was there, on the ship, out on the deck at midnight to watch this woman get airlifted out of a huge ship by the Coast Guard in one of those baskets. Her life was in danger and anyone else who was a captain of a ship would have done the same thing. I sat next to him on the deck and in that 10 minutes, I found out that he was bringing his son and his 2 friends on this cruise for graduation, the military rejected him cause of his age, how many terms he had served, he was a bouncer in a bar, he has a daughter traveling the world, he has a beauty queen for a wife, and oh yeah, he was a body builder, at age 50. "I'm better fit than most 20 year olds" he said to me. Talk about someone full of himself. We thought it would be over, but the next day we saw him WASTE his vacation gathering signatures. Then while shopping we heard commotion and when we went to the piano area, there he was, standing there yelling at the captain, WITHOUT A SHIRT ON!:eek: Everytime someone else spoke, he would stand there flexing his muscles. How could you take someone seriously acting like that. Then a man shouted for him to put a shirt on. He became the joke of the ship. With that said, yes, we missed the port in Jamacia. This was our very first cruise. A little disappointed but by the time we made it back to our rooms, there were notes under every cabin door stating we were going to miss the port. I was amazed at how the ship handled the situation and my husband said that he'd bet that they would kick him off the ship at the Caymans or put him in the brigg the rest of the way back---Good for the Captain! I don't expect a refund, things happen and young woman lost her baby. How can anyone gripe about a refund when her life was at stake. All I can say is, 'what an idiot!'
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