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  1. Dear All, I am after some feedback from ppl who booked a cruise any time up to October - on the "earlly bird special" - offering 35% discount if booked before end of Oct 07. I am setting sail this Sunday on the Pacific Dawn. Reason is I myself booked this early bird special - booking on 27 Oct and gaining a 35% discount. But also included in this special was $100 voucher per person - credited to their onboard account. I chased this up today and was told through my travel agent that I was not going to get it. She spoke to 8 managers at P&O, but to no avail. However, P&O advised if I could produce something on paper proving same, they would honour it. I'm not quite clear of the reasoning - or lack of - for this decision, but I am extremely disappointed and cranky as my group consists of myself, my partner, and my 2 boys and I have spent 2yrs saving for this cruise and have just managed to save enough spending money. I figured the $100 voucher would certainly help all of us, as I do not earn a lot of money. The principle of honouring something P&O have advertised is the main issue here. As I did not have foresight (oh how that would be handy), I did not copy paste the advertisement into my computer for future reference. I am wondering if this has happened to anyone else, or has everyone else been honoured with this advertising 'hype'? Plz do not think I am not grateful for the discount I have already gained thru booking early. This is just a matter of honouring something they have chosen to offer the public.
  2. Is $1000 put aside for the whole trip unreasonable? I don't have much more than that, and have only one tour booked so far. that's for alcohol, smokes, a little bingo, dining mostly at free restaurants on ship, few souvenirs and some duty free. Or should I not spend too much for first few days and see how the money fares? Oh, that is $1000 each - myself, and sons each.
  3. Was just reading my P&O brochure and just realised something. My 16yr old son (who has saved his own spending money) has just a key card account (you know, one of those accounts you have until you're 18). He wants to know will he have his own account onboard - or will it be itemised but placed on my account as he is not an adult. Also, he can't use a key card on board, can he? As for me, I don't have a Visa credit card (don't like them) but I have a Visa Debit Card. Can I use a debit card on board to pay the purser? Or will I also have to use cash? Umm trying not to panic, as they could mean I have to withdraw all this cash b4 I go (sail on Sunday) - with neither of us being able to use our cards. Really to know all parts to this question. Hope someone can help me with all.
  4. Milly_60

    Question re Visa onboard

    No I didn't think son could use his key card either but he wanted me to check. He is also adamant he wants his own - hmm what do you call it - his own 'account' as such on the boat - whether he pays it or he gives money to me and I pay it. He doesn't want his account mixed with mine. Is this possible? So re my Visa debit card, it just says on all the pamphlets "register your Visa credit card" and seeing as I don't have one, I was thinking maybe my debit card was useless to use, and was proceeding to have panic attacks trying to get all this cash out b4 I go. So i definitelly can use it? Like I can put some money up forward, or pay it off as I do, or pay it at the end - like a credit card?
  5. Milly_60

    Quick question re spending money

    Thanks for the advice. Appreciated. I am on the Pacific Dawn this weekend. I have allowed $1000 for the 10 trip, tho hoping to bring some home. But I agree with a few msgs - I am on a holiday and would like to let my hair down a little, but didn't know if $1000 was unrealistic or doing it tight, so to speak. Umm..how does tipping work? Is it compulsory? Is it added to your bill? Or do you just walk up to the person who served you and put money in a jar? I'm totally lost on this concept.
  6. Hi everyone. I just discovered this site yesterday, and have found it a great source of info. I am a new cruiser, going on my first cruise this Sunday for 10 days on the Pac Dawn. Very excited, as this is my first holiday in 11 years. As a single mum having saved for 2 yrs to pay for this cruise, I'm a tad nervous that I will enjoy it, but looking forward to not having to work. I am taking my 20yr old and 16yr old sons. Could someone please tell me whether my 16yr (who isn't keen on 12 or 13yr olds but kids his own age) will have much to do? I'd hate to have to sit in the room with him of a nite instead of going out to adult bars/nite spots cuz I feel bad leaving him behind. Also, can someone plz explain how the money works onboard? Which is best? Cash or debit card? I don't have credit card. Thanks. Btw you all seem very nice and helpful ppl. Sorry if this is a bit long.
  7. Milly_60

    New Cruiser Questions

    Thanks a lot for the info you attached AussieDisneyFan. I too found it really helpful and got an idea of what they will do. I think the hardest part for the kids will be taking a leap of faith, letting their attitude drop and actually going there. I think they'll soon realise all kids are in same position. It's good to see the minimum age is 13 too, as 15 and 16yr olds prefer to be around their age, as I'm sure the younger ones do too. Sure makes me feel a tad better for asking now. Now the hurdle for me will be convincing son to rock up on registration day. Just to get him there...then I think he'll be ok. Umm if you don't make it the first registration day, can you come another day and register? I'm thinking if he says no he doesn't want to but changes his mind 2 days later. Just a thought...
  8. Oh by the way, could someone please tell me how the duty free alcohol works? I'd like to bring some home but don't know when I should get it. Someone said Noumea is cheap. If I buy there, do I just bring it on with me but not drink it and declare at Customs at the end of my trip? Same with cigarettes too plz? Also, the theme nights. For ppl who have nothing to wear do they just not attend? Or are they allowed to attend and just enjoy the scenery, so to speak? Not sure I can afford to buy attire, and no time left in my hectic schedule between now and Sunday, so was wondering...
  9. Milly_60

    New Cruiser - more questions

    Thanks for all the help ppl. That helps me understand it all a little more. As for duty free, yes think I will buy grog at Vila, and yes - let them take it so I don't myself in trouble. Re smokes, think I will buy on boat to last boat, then maybe buy some duty free in vila to 'not open until customs'. And great to know I can still rock up to the theme nights as I am (if I don't have time to get anything organised). I love watching those nites, even if I'm not participating. And wow, that's 2 ppl I have received replies to on this site that are on my cruise :) it's kinda nice..Hopefully I will have the pleasure of meeting you Shaver64. I am on Barga Deck but will frequent Bengal Bar no doubt! Just yell out "Hey Milly, you there?" If I am I'm sure to put my hand up. (not my irl name btw so it's all good). Thanks again everyone for your help. Must get some lanyards too, as I thought that was a great suggesetion, instead of losing cruise keycard and cabin door card.
  10. Milly_60

    New Cruiser - more questions

    Thanks so much for that. I will do my best on my last day before I leave to try and grab something, but at least I know I won't be frowned on if I still rock up and enjoy the atmosphere, not dressed up. Is this night only for adults tho?
  11. Milly_60

    New Cruiser Questions

    Wow Kazda, what a small world? Well, I guess not. It's just great to talk to someone who's going on this trip also. We are on outside rooms right down the back end (right hand side) - the last 2 rooms in fact. Think its B305 (boys) and B301(or 2) (me and partner), but next to each other. We should get these "oh wise ones" of sons together..maybe they may have a nice time together. Thanks for the feedback. Least I know my son is normal then - tho there's no way he would study on holidays. Wish he was as studious as your son tho.
  12. Milly_60

    New Cruiser Questions

    Thanks for the great feedback - and the kind words. In response to one person, my son is the same - everything will be perceived as 'boring' until he actually joins in, and yes I do worry he won't have a good time. But hopefully as you say he will have a ball. So I presume there is night life for 16 yr olds? Like alcohol free supervised somewhat? Regarding my sons' spending money, my 20yr old has a full time job and is funding his own spending money. My 16 yr old has a part-time job as well as school. I told him I would pay for his fare but in no way will pay for his spending. He has saved his own money, but yes I will advise them both to watch what they spend. No doubt I will keep a tab on it all. I'm a worrier after all.. And thank you for kind words re single mum finally getting a holiday. Yes it's been a long time coming. I have worked 7 days a week with 1 full time job and 2 part time jobs (plus running a house) for past yr to afford "extra" money to put aside for this cruise. So that's why I'm so nervous that I have spent my valuable $$ on a great cruise. But it sounds great so far... I initially booked on Carribe deck but asked to be placed on waiting list for available spots on Dolphine deck. Just before paying, P&O offered me Baja deck in double rooms so I was thrilled. Have booked a tour on le petit train on Noumea and am on a waiting list for Esukap village (however you spell it). Not sure if I should just cancel the waiting on that one and just venture on our own to shops etc.
  13. Milly_60

    New Cruiser Questions

    Thanks for that. Yes I do have a Visa Debit card, so that's good to know. So it's up to me whether I just keep a tally on a bit of paper during the trip, so I don't overspend, then pay it off using Visa Debit card at the end - or take cash with me. Does one spend a lot whilst on board? I like a couple of drinks during the evening..and prob will go to a couple of paid things on board. Still find this money thing hard to decide... Oh glad my son will have things to do, so I don't do the 'stay in the cabin of a nite' routine cuz he's bored. Thanks for that reassurance.