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  1. Summergee

    Tea and coffee in Grills Lounge

    Last time we travelled in Grills there was complementary tea and coffee in the Grills lounge during the day. Is this still the case? Thanks.
  2. Summergee

    Afternoon Tea question

    When they come round with the teapots just ask if you can have decaf. They will bring you a pot of your own.
  3. Summergee

    Daytime wear in November

    Hi. We are booked on a short cruise on Queen Victoria later this month. We normally cruise in the summer when I wear skirts and tee shirt in the daytime. I know I will need a coat for going outside but I am not sure about inside. I was wondering if I am likely to be too hot in trousers and a long-sleeved top, which is what I am wearing currently. We are only cruising in the English Channel.
  4. Summergee

    How does a back to back voyage work?

    We had to change rooms this year. We had to pack anything that wasn't on hangers. We hung as much on hangers as we could. When we reached our new room all of our things that had been in the wardrobes had been hung back in the same places as they had been. So everything that had been in the left hand wardrobe was back in the left in the new room etc. We had very little to do to make the new room homely again.
  5. Summergee

    how long to wait for tardy dinner companions

    All 6 of us met for drinks.
  6. Summergee

    how long to wait for tardy dinner companions

    One couple on a table for 6 were 15 minutes late the first night. They said that were in the Commodore Club. We had been there before dinner as well so we all met up in CC before dinner each night. We never made it down for 8.30 but we're always there before 8.40.
  7. Summergee

    How to get the wrinkles out?

    Earlier this year, on QV, I was in the launderette watching someone using a steam iron as a steamer and getting rid of all of the wrinkles.
  8. Summergee

    Queen Victoria Deck 1

    We have been in an ocean view on deck 1. It was very quiet. It was easy to get back to the room from the theatre as there was no need for the lift.
  9. Summergee

    Sept Isles. Why?

    We visited here last year and I sent an email to Cunard saying that we felt it was not worth stopping there. Their reply was to say that it was intended to appeal to the American market rather than the European market.
  10. Summergee

    On board QM2 now.

    Have a great time.
  11. Summergee

    Shuttle bus Le Havre

    Hi. Could anyone tell me where the shuttle bus to Le Havre dros off in the town? Thanks
  12. I had a phone call in response to a letter I sent through the post, but it did take about 6 weeks. I am in the UK.
  13. Summergee

    Just off QM2 Fashion Week Crossing

    The advantage of being able to walk in either direction is that it is easy to say hi when you pass each other,
  14. Summergee

    How to properly eat a scone?

    Earlier this year there were small pots of proper clotted cream in the Lido. I think that was on the QE but I could be mistaken. I out cream on first as it replaces the butter. I have turned a friend to this way of thinking.
  15. When we were on QV last month the singers were also actors and out on a full length play one afternoon. We were told that they had to audition as actors first and then undergo the singing and dancing auditions.