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  1. If anyone has missed it, Cunard have put on Facebook that anyone who has a current or future cruise booked through Thomas Cook then their holiday is safe. They will be in touch with those affected.
  2. We had almost double this when we booked last year. No special offer, no negotiating.
  3. Can anyone tell me if they have reduced the additional obc for booking on board? The figure I have found on the website is considerably less than we were given last year for our 14 night cruise next month.
  4. Sleeveless tops are not permitted on men in Britannia for breakfast and lunch.
  5. Last year we had the 20 item offer. We were on b2b cruises, Baltic and Med. The info was in a flyer with the next days programme. Don't know if this went to everyone or only those who had been on for some time. We had this offer after 31/2 weeks on board.
  6. We were told last year, by the future sales/CWC that we could take our son, gold, as our guest to any CWC funcion.
  7. Thanks Hattie. That is hopeful for me.
  8. Thank you Solent Richard. That is a very helpful picture.
  9. Thank you for that Underwatr. I think I would be happy with a sheltered balcony now I know I should be able to see places in New York. We always book starboard for a TA because of the view.
  10. I realise the answer may depend on which deck we are on, but is it possible to see anything other than sky when sitting on the balcony while in New York? Would we be able to see the Statue of Liberty or the Manhattan skyline? Sheltered balconies and obstructed balconies seem to be the only ones available for the trip we are thinking of. Our second choice has glass fronted balconies available but no sheltered. We will be booking while on our cruise in September in order to get maximum obc and realise that availability can change.
  11. I enjoy sitting on my balcony in the sun. Do the sheltered balcony get any sun or are they completely shaded? Thinking of sheltered balcony for B2B TA next year. Thanks.
  12. Were there any shore excursions specifically for Independence Day? Thanks
  13. Do cunard offer specific shore excursions for Independence Day in Boston, rather than the usual trips? Thinking of Independence Day trip next year.
  14. Our sons were once upgraded from the cheapest inside cabin to an obstructed balcony on deck 8. This was a post refit cruise. The ship was going back into service 3 days earlier than originally expected and they were offered a 5 night cruise for the same price as they were paying for a 2 night cruise. Some people have all the luck!
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