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  1. At breakfast on one of our cruises my husband was wearing what he called a sleeveless tee shirt and I would have described as a printed vest. He was asked to change his top, which he did and hasn't turned up for breakfast in mdr sleveless again.
  2. Over 100 days. Have called several times and emailed. Asked for 4 refunds, one was refunded after 60 days, still waiting for the rest..
  3. We are looking at cruises for next year and have seen an Adriatic cruise for October 2021. Has anyone been there in October? How was the weather? Hot,cold,wet or dry? Thanks
  4. We changed cabins and only had to pack loose items. Everything on hangers was moved for us and put into the wardrobes for us in the same order as we had them originally (the garments in the first wardrobe back in the first one etc). If we did this again I would hang all the tee shirts to reduce the packing. We were given our new room cards on the last evening of the first leg and had to swipe out with our old card and in with the new even though we didn't get off at Southampton - we gave the cards to security and they swiped them. It was so easy.
  5. We are thinking of around Britain.
  6. I have managed to get through to Cunard as we need to cancel on medical grounds. We are in UK. I was told to send my medical proof to guestrelations@carnivalukgroup.com. I attached the documents from our travel insurance that shows my husbands issues. Hppefully this will be enough for us to get a refund.
  7. Please continue with these. Everyone writes differently and puts a different slant on things.
  8. My husband will wear either, depending on his mood
  9. Does anyone know where the shuttle bus drops off in Amsterdam?
  10. Summergee

    cabin no

    Thank you Pennbank for the info on the pre cruise booklet. I knew I had seen it somewhere. I have now changed the option. Are you aware of where we might find the cabin number?
  11. Did Cunard misunderstand and think you meant the same cabin as oposed to the same category of cabin? Some people ask for particular cabins and want to stay in them. Moving cabins is very easy as most of it is done for you.
  12. Good to see the gala nights have increased, even if only by a small percentage.
  13. I have read a couple of the recent reviews and see what you mean. However, if you look at the star ratings most are fairly reasonable. We are on a 22 nighter in June and are really looking forward to it. Often people only post reviews when they are unhappy with things. When you consider how many sail on her each year there are relatively few unhappy guests.
  14. Is anyone aware of any world cruise blogs planned for this year? I enjoy reading them.
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