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  1. It is very expensive to eat out in Iceland.
  2. It used to be possible for men to hire a dinner suit on board. I'm not sure that still applies. Many ladies wear smart black trousers and a sparkly top on formal nights and I have never seen them being turned away from the restaurant.
  3. Could you take your dog in the kennels on the ship? That way you can still have 2 weeks away if your dog was the main concern.
  4. Lovely suit. Ideal for informal night.
  5. Summergee


    I telephoned to see see if I could pay for an upgrade if a suitable cabin became available. Within 3 days I was offered a paid for upgrade, which we accepted. A few days before we left home we were also given a complimentary upgrade.
  6. I would stay with late. If you are on an afternoon tour and it is late back you could miss your early dinner. I have seen this happen. However, if you are scheduled to leave around 5.00pn you could do either. The only issue I have with early is that on a formal night I start getting ready halfway through the afternoon so feel I have missed out on part of the day.
  7. Show your e ticket when you turn up and you will be directed to priority embarkation. We turn up around 11.30 and are on board by 12.15.
  8. I'm looking forward to your blog. I have it bookmarked and will check it regularly.
  9. My husband thought his condition was under control but he had a problem on our cruise last year and was taken off the ship in Gibraltar, which comes under NHS. However, the cost for tests and an overnight stay in the ships hospital was around $10,000. I would encourage everyone to have their medical capon diction covered. All of his many conditions were covered for under £200 for an annual policy.
  10. Just to put a different experience, we asked for a table for 6 when we booked Britannia Club and we're allocated a table for 2. It didn't make any difference to our enjoyment. On our very first cruise we were on a table for 2 but we're so close to our neighbours that it might as well have been a 4 top. Since then we have always asked to be on a table for 6 and thoroughly enjoyed our selves. Incidentally, if we had to share a table at at a hotel on land we would be horrified.
  11. When our son comes with us he has an inside room but shares our balcony if he wants.
  12. Could you leave the ship the day you arrive and stay at a hotel for the night?
  13. I am wondering if the strategy of only northern European trip in the summer, both this year and next, is backfiring on Cunard. I have received several emails in the last few weeks extolling the virtues of northern Europe.
  14. Have a great trip. I am looking forward to the blog.
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