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  1. Yes. We did that a few times while dining at Giovanni's, getting a dessert from Chops! -germ
  2. MyNameIsGermy

    Protein Shakes

    It shouldn't be an issue but I would e-mail the special needs department to give them a heads up. That will hopefully prevent any potential issues. Have a great trip! -germ
  3. We are two dads with one kid (he's 5) and we're exhausted! How do you do it??? :) Safe travels, hope you have an awesome trip! -germ
  4. MyNameIsGermy

    Amazon Fire Stick

    The HDMI ports were easily accessible but IIRC, we had to have someone from their "IT" department come change the channel. I think he left us a remote and told us to make sure we travel with a universal remote, so we do, now. I also seem to recall an issue with getting access to a power outlet for the stick and needing an extension cord for one of them. -germ
  5. MyNameIsGermy

    Amazon Fire Stick

    Yep. It's able to handle it with no issues. We've streamed to two TV's using our firesticks on Allure. The bandwidth is more than sufficient. -germ
  6. MyNameIsGermy

    Swingers and Pineapple Door signs

    .... and I just spit out my water all over my desk!! :') -germ
  7. MyNameIsGermy

    How’s the Suite Life?

    So true! I think I've told this story before but we once got a check in upgrade from a grand suite to a crown loft suite. RCI knew what the heck they were doing!!! -germ
  8. MyNameIsGermy

    How’s the Suite Life?

    The only way I could ever get my husband to go on a cruise was to convince him the rooms were the size of a normal hotel room. Our first cruise, I had to quietly get the Owners Suite on the Sovereign of the Seas. Since then, we've only booked suites because we like having the space and the additional perks, based on the ship. Going to the suite life is based purely on your preferences. If you tend to book the fancier hotel rooms and chains, you may appreciate the suites more. If you're more interested in saving money and getting a good deal, the balcony room is going to suit you just fine. At the end of the day, it's about what your expectations are. -germ
  9. MyNameIsGermy

    Upgrade Fairy Confused?

    Ha! Brilliant strategy! -germ
  10. We've never received a call from the upgrade fairy before but did get a really nice shore-side upgrade (from a GS to a CLS) a few years ago. This morning I got a call from a nice lady telling me about a great opportunity to upgrade to a junior suite on my upcoming 8 night trip on Harmony. She told me the total cost to upgrade would be $700. I asked her (a bit tongue-in-cheek) how much more space I would get upgrading from my crown loft suite to a junior suite! She said, "Oh. Ohhhhhhhh. I'm not sure why you're on my list to call today!" I laughed. She laughed. She then asked me to confirm I didn't want the junior suite upgrade. I declined. LOL. -germ
  11. MyNameIsGermy

    Sky Suite Questions

    Danger! Danger!! A few cruises ago we got a free upgrade at the pier to a CLS and they must have known what they were doing, as it's been the standard going forward! :D Have a great trip!
  12. MyNameIsGermy

    Port of tampa ?

    Yes! This was the best money I've ever spent out of the Port of Tampa! Well worth it! -germ
  13. MyNameIsGermy

    VHF Frequencies

    Onboard stuff is still the 800MHz trunked, IIRC.
  14. Some people are just angry and self righteous. It stinks, they ruin CC. -germ
  15. MyNameIsGermy

    harmony OS CLS question

    We were never big fans of the OS's. Our go-to choice of rooms is the GS... unless a CLS is available and reasonably priced. I'll take the CLS over a GS any day.