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  1. The Mardi Gras sailed in this morning. There was a crowd in Jetty Park watching her arrival.
  2. Volendam - 15-May-22 - 28 day North Cape & British Isles Explorer Cruizer Bill and Cruizer Diana We are joining you!!! Diana will check us into your Roll Call board! We have been to Norway, Amsterdam and Rotterdam before.
  3. Koningsdam - 02-Feb-22 - 18 day Circle Hawaii Cruizer Bill and Cruizer Diana
  4. When is her dry dock? Any deck plans yet? We sailed in the Pacific Princess Oct/Nov 2018 and loved it!
  5. How much is Uber/Lyft from FLL Hotel to POM? Thanks!
  6. What happens to our Loyalty Program?
  7. We are booked on the Quest April 10 and 20th. Our final pay date is coming up in 2 weeks and we need to schedule our flights. I think we will book through Aramara so the flights will be cancelled automatically. Have others had experience with them? Do they cancel the flights for you?
  8. I am seeing a lot of the cruises being sold with non-refundable fares. What's the deal? How can they do that if HAL has not passed the test cruise protocols yet?
  9. I contacted CSR and they told me my refund/credit was permanent and full. I contacted them August 25th and they issued me a temporary credit and then on August 31st they game me a permanent credit. I found the information online - go to Statements and Documents and then to the "Notices and Letters" sub folder and the notices/letters are listed there.
  10. So long as I can spend the money I am perfectly happy. I just use this for all my spending. I look forward to booking another cruise with this next year.
  11. I am looking online at my credit card account. I see a huge credit balance of the amount I paid. It says nothing about being temporary or in any way limited. Looks like I can spend every dollar. I do not see the transaction yet but the money certainly appears to be there. Am I missing something? I am on an RV trip right now but can call in with questions. Should I have a question? It looks good to me.
  12. Can we make a new booking for April 2021 with a small, refundable cash deposit? That way we have very little to lose.
  13. DW and I would REALLY like to fly to Greece and ride on the Maasdam again! Is anyone else planning on doing this? If so, who do we contact for details? Thanks much!
  14. We have had four cruises cancelled this year! We are going to wait until the ships actually start sailing and no problems that are jeopardizing them to book again.
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