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  1. Jim, enjoying the start of another of your wonderful travel blogs! I'll point my daughter to this as she will be sailing Edge in December of 2020. Now, if you will forgive me, I need to ask you about the weather on your Vancouver/Tokyo cruise last month. I read it with great interest as I'll be doing the same itinerary next year, in September as well. I'm assuming the temps were probably in the 60's while in the Behring Sea, getting a bit warmer in Japan? Thanks again for sharing your voyages with all of us!! Donna
  2. This one sure gave me a chuckle! But...... don't forget, there is always someone on these board who just like to get under everyone's skin - just for the fun of it!!! Perhaps he is a really fun guy underneath his jabs. Just saying.
  3. Whoops! Sorry, Ann, I thought you were on the Millie in September! Donna
  4. Paul, I read your entire blog with great interest as I will be on the 2020 cruise as well as CruisinLow, cruising with friends I met on a South America cruise this past September. It is great cruising with friends met on previous cruises, isn't it? Keep up your blogs, and I look forward to the next one. You have such a gift with words!!! Donna
  5. We board Infinity Sep 5 BCN/Roma. In the meantime, will be following along on your voyage!
  6. Prop your feet up on the plexiglass veranda enclosure. Worked for me when footstools were lacking!
  7. Yay! I was afraid there might be some upper cabin status needed!!! Thank you Gold1953
  8. Hi, all, just wondering if the family veranda staterooms qualify for in-room dining from the main dining room during normal dinner hours? I know some lines do permit this, ie.: HAL, Oceania and I believe Azamara (at least Az used to years ago). Donna
  9. Those decks were always my go to place for reading out of the sun and getting the most of the breezes from the forward movement of the ships. So wish all ships had them as well. Seems like a 'design fault' to me!!
  10. Tell him you'll put him up for adoption if he keeps that up!
  11. Thanks so very much for your posts. I've enjoyed sailing along with you on this great cruise! Enjoy your up-coming October cruise and make sure you write to all of us. Donna
  12. TeeRick, that is what we always do - bring the excess home to use on the following year's fall European trip!
  13. No, it wasn't O's club. My sister had contacted the tourist office in Monaco prior to our cruise for info, and among the info received was a flyer for joining the Presidente Club (or a name something like that). We discussed joining because of the benefits offered - reduced entries to several sites and THE HELICOPTER RIDE FROM NICE!!! At the time the cost was about 100 euros. This was around 7 or 8 years ago. Marianne unfortunately does not still have the paperwork, so I can't add any more info than I have here.
  14. Stines, I echo Denise's thoughts. Those extended outsides are great! Lots of extra room.
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