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  1. I've sailed both HAL and O in the past (HAL I'm 3 star Mariner; on O, Bronze having sailed that line eight times on both the old R ships and the newer O ships; haven't sailed HAL in the past four or five years). Today, Oceania is my preferred cruise line, and I sail her about once a year; Celebrity is my number 2 choice, sailing her about once a year as well. I've never been disappointed on either HAL, O or X, with service, staff, ship cleanlines and maintenance being good on all three, but overall O beats the other two IMO. Also beats them in the food department, and they do
  2. This cruise looks great! Love the Hawaiian Islands as well as French Polynesia! And what makes it so much better is no long haul flights from the Deep South Pacific! Sent it to my travel partner (my sister) to see if I can entice her! Donna
  3. Thanks, Orator, that's what I thought but someone posted above about it still being in force, thus my question. Yes, I can use the drinks package, but in order to get spirits one has to upgrade to the premium at a cost. Certainly not equal, especially since I usually only have two cocktails before dinner and a glass of wine with.
  4. Where does it say anything about continuing the Elite Happy Hour in the Sky Lounge?
  5. Great review of Hanoi, Davie! I enjoyed reading and seeing the great photos you took. Thank you!
  6. The article indicated that the infected passenger had been tested with the 15 min. test which is notorious for false results. It didn't indicate a second test being administered. If it were me, I would insist on a second test right away if the first test showed positive. If that second one also showed positive, so be it. But if the second showed negative, a third should be given with the 2 out of 3 same result carrying the most weight. Have a Norway cruise booked in late June; I'm sure testing will be required and will follow my rule as noted above. Donna
  7. There's not one bad SV on Celebrity's ships! The best locations and the best view by far! Nothing like sitting on your large balcony looking at the wake with a nice drink in your hand, or coffee and croissants in the morning! Donna
  8. The problem I see with the current pricing and future pricing: If Celebrity can fill their ships with the current pricing, I THINK they will continue with higher prices into 2022 since they were successful with them in 2021. They can always lower them if it doesn't pan out for them with 2022 sales; it's always harder to raise prices than to lower them. Donna
  9. I'll let you all know why I think it is a valid question and one I've wondered about. When I book with an O rep and later move my reservation to a TA, does the O rep lose income from that booking or not. I've booked with in-house when trying to find a better TA than the one I'm currently working with and don't want to lose a particular stateroom. This way I've secured what I want and have time to decide on a new TA based on recommendations. That's MY reason for wanting to know. Hope I've answered your questions re WHY?. Donna
  10. Might just be your opinion, but I far prefer it to mine!
  11. Thanks, C-Dragons! I immediately jumped to conclusions, I guess. This puts my mind at ease now. Donna
  12. It was a short-term victory, however, with the condition for sailing adopted immediately thereafter.
  13. Have passport, no problem. And I do think that the majority of cruisers have one also. Not driving to port. New infrastructure - anyone cruising from Lima, Peru or Buenos Aires, Argentina can attest that not much infrastructure is really needed - nice to have, but not a requirement in some ports. No port calls in US - he purpose of a foreign departure port is to avoid US ports. I'm still game. Donna
  14. Ready to report for duty, Sir! Healthy senior, no prescription meds, no illegal drugs, lives within 2 hours of port. Just respond with day, time and place; I'll be early to check in. Donna
  15. Personally, I'd be happy to fly to The Bahamas to start my cruise, thus avoiding the CDC 'conditional requirements'. By the way, in the documents they state that these conditions can be made permanent without further requests for information from the public or governmental entities. Perhaps the cruise lines should be/could be looking into this scenario - not beginning cruises out of US ports.
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