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  1. There are also those pesky FCC's out there where you can book for almost no addl. $$. Between the Lift and Shift and the FCC's, no more money coming in if the prices aren't raised, and don't forget, the cruise lines have most likely already spent the income from those cancelled cruises.
  2. Cruise Critic Guidelines: No political postings.
  3. I used to have a TA who wanted final pay a month before due to the cruise line. I refused to give him my CC # until the day before final pay. Nothing he could do about it either. Donna
  4. Thank you all for your comments! I'm cruising in December and having lists of currently open ports gives me some idea of how things are degrading or improving, thus an idea if my cruise will be cancelled or not. In the meantime, I will be checking the links provided by you on a monthly basis for changes.
  5. Has anyone come across a current ports' status list? The last one I've seen is from early June or late May. I know EU and UK have closed to US, as well as Canada, but was wondering about the Caribbean. Thanks.
  6. From the table attached to this post (#95) does anyone know what the code 'FP' stands for next to Marina and Riviera?
  7. "Their marbles, their rules." from StanandJim Another of their rules: A friend was going to book an O cruise on which we are booked. Talking with the agent she was quoted a price for solo cruiser at exactly two times the rate for one, with no credit for port charges. When she questioned him, the told her that since O includes the cost of port charges in their per person fare, they are not deducted when one sails solo. Cruise fare is all inclusive with O, not broken down as cruise fare with a separate line item for port charges. Their rules, they take their marbles and run! To me it seems dishonest if not illegal, since they are collecting something to be paid to another even if they are not paying that fee to the ports involve. Needless to say, she will most likely never sail with O, which is their loss since she generally sails three or four times a year, always solo. Donna
  8. Hmmm, my sister and I are on a 17 day Riviera sailing Dec. 3 and haven't gotten word of this from our TA. We are also in a PH2. We only have less than $400 in final payment, so it's no big deal, but wish there would be some consistency on O's part! Donna
  9. My sister and I are in 7128 on deck 7 with the extended balcony as well. Hopefully, we will sail as planned! signed, The Eternal Optimist, Donna
  10. We are on the Riviera 12-3 17 day cruise and the only availability at this time is a PH2 (which we have already booked with a 150% FCC and $$$ from cancelled 4-08 Sirena B3 cat). I'm hoping that O waitlisted almost all categories to keep a lower occupancy rate rather than getting ready to cancel! Only time will tell, but I will give them my small balance due on 7-6 to keep my investment alive. On the bright side, though, if O cancels this cruise look at the money we have saved this year, since we normally have two O cruises per year. I know, we gave them the money already, but only enough for one cruise, not two, so we are still ahead of the game.
  11. "Since no one has mentioned Kotor . . . I loved that day! First, it is a stunning sail-in so be on deck early for that! Based on a recommendation here on CC, we booked a tour with Milo Popovich, Tours by Milo." I second Milo! He was a wonderful tour guide. We also went to the little church on the island you pass by on the way up the fjord to Kotor. By all means, book tours by Milo! First class, in my opinion.
  12. Another cruise just cancelled this morning! My brother called to cancel our trip to one of the spoil islands in the Indian River Lagoon at the St Lucie Inlet due to high bacteria levels! Boo Hoo, was looking forward to it too. At least no $$ riding on this one. Donna
  13. As long as it comes back in the full (150%) amount of the FCC we will be happy, and they can return the cash to me if they will split it up. Otherwise roll it into the FCC. Donna
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