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  1. What about figuring how much of each medication you will need for the cruise plus a few days, and asking your pharmacist to package the meds in smaller bottles, with prescription labels on them?
  2. I'm not sure they are even running harbor tours right now. The shoreside dock has flooded and tours were cancelled this week. Might want to contact them directly, or follow them on the social media site we can't link to.
  3. Checking for bedbugs and cleaning any gunk from the drawers are good ideas. Disinfecting with disinfectant wipes just provides a false sense of security. Contact time is what kills the germs, so if the surfaces aren't visibly wet for about five minutes, they're not disinfected.
  4. BeagleOne

    Hilo Help!!

    I love Hilo. Looks like old Hawaii. The Pacific Tsunami Museum is very good, and just walking around looking at the architecture can be very pleasant.
  5. The Big Island is still safe to visit. The volcano is only affecting a very small part of it.
  6. You'd think there would be some kind of railing...to keep people who are too busy with their phones, like this woman, from falling off.
  7. Or maybe the OP is just curious. Nothing wrong with that.
  8. There appear to be multiple train options, including one that leaves around 5 p.m. and gets in around 7 p.m.
  9. Love that article! Thank you for the link, I will enjoy looking at more articles there.
  10. I think you mean two years and ten months? My understanding of kids' clubs is that they will not admit children under the advertised age, no matter their potty-training status, and since his date of birth is included in the booking information you can't sneak him in as older than he actually is.
  11. I sent a postcard from St. Maarten (I think) to a friend in Canada. It took nine months to arrive.
  12. This "vlogger" calls her vlog "The Jackson Hive". Wouldn't it be entertaining if the fame she so desperately craves leads to a letter from a Jackson family attorney about her use of a lame take-off of the band's name?
  13. I've been reading comments on the news station's FB page. The woman's mother and brother are making all sorts of comments. What an appallng family.
  14. I have no sympathy for her at all. She makes money using her children for internet views and ad money. Absolutely contemptible. And if she'd bothered to do any research at all she'd have found the 24-week rule. Moron.
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