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  1. Colorado Kat

    Dream Questions

    The pasta bar is very nice. Fill out a card, and they bring you your meal cooked to order.
  2. Colorado Kat


    Last week I looked for it on the Dream buffet. I was told that they discontinued it.
  3. Colorado Kat

    Menus on the Dream

    Elegant nights are Sunday (sea day) and Thurs (Costa Maya). If you are on the Western Caribbean trip.
  4. Colorado Kat

    Drat - one Week out and a Broken arm!

    Ask your doctor about tips for showering with the cast. Have a good cruise!
  5. Colorado Kat

    how to bring water...

    Yes , one person can carry both bottles. Go thru the same security line. I got questioned about my 3 bottles, when my kids were in the next line over.
  6. Colorado Kat

    Breeze or Dream?

    You know the Dream is moving to New Orleans, right? I would book the Breeze, to try out all the new features.
  7. Colorado Kat

    Current Platinum gift on the Magic?

    Good chance it will be the combo tote/cooler.
  8. Colorado Kat

    Booking two rooms question

    The advantage of booking one adult with each kid is that then just one person can get Cheers, if only one is interested.
  9. Colorado Kat

    Flying from Ohio to ATL, then to FLL

    That's a pretty tight connection. I've never been a fan of the Atlanta airport. I would try to reschedule.
  10. Colorado Kat

    FTTF for whole cabin?

    You only need one FTTF for the entire cabin. It's a good deal. Especially if you have tender ports.
  11. Colorado Kat

    Another Tender Question

    I really thought that everyone in the party had to be there to get the tender tickets. One per person.
  12. Colorado Kat

    Shore days

    Junkanoo Beach is about 1/2-3/4 mile away, to your right as you leave the ship. The Fish Fry area is full of great restaurants, just a little past that. You could walk, or grab a cab.
  13. Colorado Kat

    balcony guarantee question

    We had an Oceanview guarantee once. We found out when we dropped off our luggage. The porters had a list. It was a nice location.
  14. Colorado Kat

    Cabin sizes

    Check out the Family Oceanview. Pretty spacious, with a bathroom and a half.
  15. Colorado Kat

    Sunshine Smoking On Spa Balcony?

    I know there is a pricey cleaning charge if you smoke in your cabin, anyplace. $250? I don't know what they do if you smoke on a non-smoking balcony. If she will be happier, just make sure you don't get a spa balcony.