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    Star Flyer June 8th Tahiti

    Anybody sailing with us on June 8th from Tahiti? We are departing from LAX June 6th to defrag before sailing and will spend a few extra days before departure. This is our second Star Clippers cruise, our first was Venice to Rome in 06, it was fabulous with no less than the same expectations kfor this one.
  2. wind dancer

    Star Flyer Tahiti 10 days report

    Mike; Thanks, Star Clippers usually offers no prior insight to onshore excursions. Any thoughts on what to expect and are they worth it? Also did you have any preferences? Our last sail on Royal clipper, Venice to Rome dinners were formal or at least proper attire with gents in long slacks ladies nicely attired. Is this a bit more casual as it is the tropics, although I would not expect shorts on the ladies but is it acceptable for the gents?
  3. wind dancer

    Star Flyer Tahiti 10 days report

    we can't wait as we've heard so much about French Polynesia. This will be our second Star Clippers cruise however I am very concerned about the long flight. I am afraid I'll feel awful from the flight before we sail, any thoughts?