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  1. There are three options in Whittier - Phillips 26 Glacier Cruise, Major Marine and Prince William Sound Glacier Cruises. Phillips uses a large/fast catamaran - nice boat, full bar, but lots of people and is geared to see the most number of glaciers (a lot of "drive by's"). The boat is so fast that you can't be outside while underway (bummer). Major Marine has an on-board buffet (extra cost), but their boat is slow and basically parks in front of a tidewater glacier for dinner. Prince William Sound Glacier Cruises has two cruises to choose from - a 4 hour to a tidewater glacier with marine science activities (gets back early), and a 6 hour that goes to a fish hatchery, Esther Passage and up close to some awesome tidewater glaciers. I recommend Prince William Sound Cruises.