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  1. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to reply. Based on the information that you lovely people have given, we’ve booked......... Queen Mary. Just a 2 night taster, in a balcony, but very much looking forward to the experience. thanks everyone for the wealth of information. Massively appreciated.
  2. Thats brilliant. Thank you. The ship looks gorgeous.
  3. Yes, I think that we will almost certainly choose QM2 for the reasons you have mentioned. (its uniqueness). We are not loyal to a particular cruise line and choose a cruise for a variety of reasons, sometimes it’s specifically for the destination, sometimes it’s to try a specific ship. Some friends of ours always cruise Azamara. I can’t think of anything more boring than getting on a ship and already knowing it inside out, but each to their own. We start at the top of the ship and love to explore every nook and cranny, gradually working our way through the decks. So QM2 certainly sounds different. I accept that we aren’t going to get the full experience on a 2 day cruise. Interesting that you say about the different vibe on a transatlantic crossing. We much prefer port days to sea days so it’s unlikely that we’d ever choose to do a transatlantic crossing. When looking at cruises if one has too many sea days it really puts me off. We might feel differently when husband has retired and we have more time on our hands. I really enjoy coming on cruise critic to read other people’s views and about what’s important to them or the things that for them make a good cruise.
  4. Thank you, I appreciate you taking the time to explain all that. We've never cruised with Holland America so I can’t make any comparison. Another question, on an earlier post you mentioned that departure from Hamberg on QM2 was special. Can you explain why? Is it that Hamberg is especially scenic?
  5. =Thank you to everyone who has taken time to reply. For a relative newcomer, some of the replies are a bit like someone speaking in forked tongue (gobbledegook). Grills, Commodore, Vista Class? We’re just going for 2 nights in a balcony cabin. For 2 nights I’ll be happy in the main dining room. I certainly won’t feel that I’m missing out on being in a grill where apparently I can order off menu, truffles or a whole suckling pig. Anyway, thank you to eroller who just actually gave me a lovely review of both ships. Thank you.
  6. I’m new to the Cunard board so I can’t specifically answer the question related to this cruise line. However, I can definitely answer it woman to woman. There is so much black on cruises, any other colour stands out and is such a refreshing change. Honestly who doesn’t love people watching? Do the cruising world a favour and wear your yellow with pride and love. i hope that you’re on my cruise.
  7. Thank you for the replies. i do understand that the 2 day cruises are only a taster and not a true representation of a full voyage but I think it’s a good idea for us to try it. Both of the cruises are Southampton-Bruges- Southampton. This means no flying for us Q930 1st -3rd Nov M937 17th - 19th Nov Looking at one of the sticky topics where it shows the dress code, neither of these cruises have a gala night, both nights are smart attire. How accurate is this information do you think?
  8. Hello I’m looking for some advice. We have a few cruises under our belt and while we have enjoyed each cruise, we haven’t found a cruise that is the perfect fit for us. For example, we really love Celebrity but we miss the formal nights. (it hasn’t put us off, we’ve got another cruise booked with them and are very excited to try a new ship). We enjoyed Oceania, we enjoyed the clientele, the food, the ambiance, but the ship was too small for me and the evening entertainment was dire. P and O the entertainment was good but we feel that generally standards are going down. Weve also experienced Princess, NCL, and RC. We love fine dining but the biggest draw for us apart from lovely food is the entertainment. We go and watch a show every evening, sometimes a theatre show and something else as well. We like having fun, but we quite like the formality of dressing for dinner and being with like minded people who have manners and respect for each other, hence why Cunard was suggested to us. We have decided to try one of the 2 night cruises from Southampton so that we can get a feel of Cunard to see if we like it. We won’t be booking any speciality restaurant on that occasion so will be in the main dining room on both nights. Should we go for QM 2 or QE? Another question, is all dining on Cunard fixed dining or do they do flexible dining?
  9. I thought that Mahahual was a fisherman’s Village with stalls, shops, bars and places to eat? it certainly looked worth visiting when I Googled images of “Mahahual town” I just wondered whether all the places would be open on Christmas Day.
  10. We will also be in Costa Maya on Christmas Day and thought about getting a taxi to Mahahual town. I’m just wondering though, as it’s Christmas Day will anything be open or will it be business as usual?
  11. To NCteacherlovescruising First off, from one woman to another, I want to say this. Lady, you look fabulous in a dress. Those photos are stunning and you look so lovely. Which is what we want to see when we’re sitting at the bar, people watching. Bring on the glamour. I’ve been following this thread because I love dressing up in the evening, whether it’s chic or whatever. It takes more or less the same amount of time, getting dressed, to put on something lovely as it does to put on something scruffy, so I honestly don’t understand why, when on holiday, people don’t want to be the best versions of themselves. Surely one wants to make an effort to look lovely for their partner? I totally get that some clothes are uncomfortable, especially for men with suits and ties and what have you. But seriously how can tight jeans be more comfortable than a dress? I wear jeans on a daily basis at home. Which is why I would never even pack them for a cruise. Why, when there is so much other lovely stuff to wear?
  12. Its a 7 day cruise and I will have seven chic outfits. I dress up whether it’s a chic night or not!
  13. Thank you, that’s very informative. A few years ago we were on a P and O ship over New Year. Although we were on flexible dining, on New Years Eve they had a gala dinner and ALL seating in the main dining room was on 2 sittings, early or late. We didn’t know this until we got on board (we were a late booking and only booked a few weeks prior to sailing). The reason for my initial enquiry on here was because I was wondering if they did something similar on Celebrity either for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day but from the replies it seems not. So am I correct in assuming that Christmas Eve will probably be a Chic night but other than that everything is more or less the same as other nights, people who are on Select can still eat at a time to suit themselves?
  14. Thank you, that’s really helpful. vtcruising, thanks for the link to the FAQ , I found it very informative. We just booked the cruise this week and we’re told that there was no more availability for Select Dining. I’m going to ask to be put on the waiting list and see what happens.
  15. Lots of replies, thank you. However, I’d still love to hear from someone that has actually done a Christmas Cruise on Celebrity (not in December, not the week before) but Christmas Day itself. I find it hard to believe that they don’t do anything to celebrate Christmas, apart from putting up Christmas Trees.
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