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  1. Actually yes, put into context like that I accept that it was rude. So apologies for anyone that I’ve offended. I am quite outspoken and opinionated and I absolutely love a lively debate. However, I have learned that perhaps I shouldn’t always put my thoughts on a forum.
  2. But you have made a judgment of me and you’ve certainly lectured me, telling me to open my mind and live in a different way. Do you have any idea how patronising that is? You have no idea of me as a person. Things said on a forum do not directly related to how a person is in real life. Also another person has said she doesn’t like tattoos, loud mouthed drunks but I don’t see her getting a virtual beating up. It appears that I’m the punchbag. I’m not criticising anyone for their opinion or right to choose their holiday but people seem to be quite aggressive in their approach to me.
  3. Actually that’s not correct. As I said, several people have picked up on only one aspect of my post, but don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story. I’m not solely judging it on a few passengers, I’m judging it on the whole experience. Not enough crew, lack of decent service, no wine menu brought out unless we asked, not as much choice in the buffet as other cruises, etc. I’ve enjoyed other cruise lines better and that’s why I will choose them in future. If people were on the same cruise as us and enjoyed it then fair enough, I can only speak as I find.
  4. No, you weren’t rude at all. Apologies if my post looked like I’d singled you out. I was referring to all the other nasty remarks and my question about whether it’s acceptable for people to be openly rude to us because we’d dressed up and made an effort, was meant for the people who made those remarks.
  5. We were naive, I accept that. We’ve only ever done one 3 night cruise before, that was on Cunard. It was a completely different experience to Britannia. No loud, swearing, boozed up people on that. A much nicer cruise all round.
  6. If you had read my first post then you would see that we did actually book Cunard. This got cancelled and as the dates were in the diary we looked for another cruise going the same time, the P&O went one day earlier. I also said in my first post that we booked with some trepidation because we had heard that standards had dropped and this indeed proved to be the case. I wouldn’t usually judge a person on appearance but it was quite upsetting for me, having dressed up for the first time in such a long time to walk into the restaurant and have someone judge me on my appearance. Yes they raised their eyebrows at us and sneered because the men were in black tie and the ladies in gowns. I found this to be rude and disrespectful especially as they should have been turned away for not following the dress code. So for all the nasty remarks that I’ve received because I judged them for not following the dress code and for the way they looked, can you explain to me why you think it acceptable for them to judge us for our appearance?
  7. Thank you. I did express myself badly and I’ve obviously offended quite a few people. However, it’s a discussion forum and I have the right to discuss and have a different opinion. I do fully admit to being a snob and make no apology for that. For the record, I’m not male, I’m a female pensioner.
  8. That’s oversimplification. Surely by booking a cruise line like Silverseas as opposed to Disney you are going to get a different demographic? Its true that you can’t pick and choose each and every passenger but by picking a certain cruise line (or restaurant or hotel for that matter) you get an idea of the type of people that are going to be there. I wouldn’t expect the same type of people in a Harvester restaurant as La Manoir. Cruising is the same.
  9. Well you might not be judging me but you have certainly made some unfounded observations. Do I have overweight friends? Yes I do. I don’t judge them either. Do I have friends covered in tattoos. No, I don’t like tattoos at all but I wouldn’t treat anyone differently because of them. I just don’t like to look at them so I don’t particularly want a holiday where there is a high prevalence of them. I happen to be very polite and friendly with people on meeting them and can hold a conversation with people from all walks of life. In my previous job before retirement I had to deal with everyone from rich to poor and different cultures so it’s wrong to say that I don’t meet with people from different backgrounds. However while I mix with different people daily I wouldn’t necessarily socialise with them, I tend to socialise with the many friends that I’ve already got. So on holiday I prefer a more up market experience. It’s just a personal choice. I know what I like and I know what type of holiday I like. The lowering of standards was actually referring to the service onboard not the people. I’m entitled to my opinion and I’m entitled to spend my well earned time off with people of my choosing, the same as anyone else. Theres a reason why some people only choose Cunard or Regent Seven Seas or Seabourn or Silverseas. I’m not alone in having a preference. If people on here are happy to keep cruising with P&O with like minded people then fair enough. It’s a personal choice, it’s just not my choice. I wouldn’t judge anyone for choosing it but I shouldn’t be judged for having a different opinion.
  10. From my very long first post which covered quite a few issues, the things that people have latched on to are the words obesity and tattoos. People are asking me not to judge others and yet are making a judgement on me because of my views. However I think most people are guilty of some form of unconscious bias. However, absolutely nowhere did I say that I thought myself better than anyone else, just different. That’s all, different. In the same way that I wouldn’t visit a rough pub or restaurant at home because I wouldn’t have anything in common with the clientele, well it’s the same on holiday. We’re not experienced cruisers but I did book a 3 night knowing that it would be a different experience. I hardly paid anything for the cruise so my comments weren’t so much as a complaint but more of an observation. Perhaps other people who are thinking of booking a staycation can make an informed decision based on the comments. I do think that standards have dropped, if other people are happy to accept a sub standard service that up to them. We still had fun but overall it’s not the cruise line for me. Silverseas anyone?
  11. Well that’s interesting because you want to avoid the snobs, and we want to avoid the chavs? So we’re equally at risk of offending people. How does that pan out then?
  12. How would you feel if you and Pauline walked into a restaurant , (having waited 55 minutes to get in, Pauline looking lovely but you get disregarded at the door, sneered at by people that have no manners, and then basically rushed through by the staff? . Minutes
  13. Well as I said in my first post, it was honest and I knew that it would offend people. We are all different, I’m not judging anyone for their choices of tatt
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