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  1. The Med

    Palma de Mallorca - DIY?

    Thank you for your help Roger.
  2. The Med

    Palma de Mallorca - DIY?

    I’m also confused about where to get the number 3 bus from the port. I’ve read that it’s across the flyover, but at which dock is the flyover? How can I find out which dock the NCL ships dock at? Apologies if this has been covered already but I’m trying to read 18 pages very quickly!
  3. The Med

    Just got off the Epic... What the Heck?!

    We’re cruising on The Epic in October, our first time with NCL. We’re used to dresssing up on cruises but happy to ring the changes and go casual. I do however have a question. Reading through the bumph it says that there will be a “Dress up or not night”. How dressed up do people get on these nights? I take it that’s it not really dressy like black tie? Also on the other nights will I look too dressy in cocktail dresses? I’m happy to be casual some nights but I’d really like to wear my dresses at some point.
  4. The Med

    Hair appointments

    Thank you. I like to have a few wash and blows dries on board and every other cruise line I’ve been on, I’ve been able to book and pay before I go. I’ll give them a call.
  5. The Med

    Hair appointments

    I’m bumping this up. Surely some of you lovely experienced cruisers would know how to book a hair appointment. Please help..... is there even a hair salon on board? Seems odd that there are hundreds of different spa treatments to book online but nothing for hair.
  6. The Med

    Hair appointments

    Is there any way to book hair appointments (Epic) on line before the cruise departs or do you have to wait until embarkation day? I can see that spa appointments can be booked, but unless I’m looking in the wrong place, there doesn’t appear to be anyway to pre book for hair.
  7. The Med

    Epic entertainment questions

    Thank for all the replies, it’s been a big help.
  8. The Med

    Epic entertainment questions

    Oh yes, another question about Epic entertainment. There is something called “Headliners Comedy Club” and something called “Howl at the Moon” In the UK, stand up comedy is a really big thing, so any venue that has comedy would be a huge draw for me. Is the Comedy club on every night, and if so, which venue? Is Howl at the moon just a piano thing? The NCL information page is very vague so any information would be very gratefully received, thank you.
  9. Hello. We’re NCL new people and I’ve got a few questions regarding the entertainment on Epic. We’ve cruised on other big ships that have different shows every night and we’ve never had to book a show before boarding. A holiday/vacation is part planning our trips but once back on board the ship we don’t know what we feel like doing until the moment. Flexibility is everything to us. I’m not comfortable with booking all my entertainment beforehand, so my questions are these 1)If we just show up, will we get in? 2) What is Cirque dreams? Is it circus? Do you have dinner while watching a show? 3) Does the escape room get booked up quickly? 4) Pricilla appears to only be on 2 nights on my cruise, according to my booking facility. Are other things on at the theatre on other nights or is that it? Only Pricilla or Burn the Floor? Thanks for helping
  10. Hello We’re NCL newbies and off on a cruise in October. From Livorno we’re doing our own thing and getting a train to Florence. (I’ve been on the “Italy” section, they told me to pop over to you, here.) I know that we can get a taxi to the station, but I’ve heard that some cruise lines offer a shuttle from the port direct to the railway/train station and I wondered if NCL do this. Apparently they did at one time, and I wondered if this was still the case? Anyone been recently?
  11. The Med

    Livorno: Port to railway station shuttle bus

    Thank you. I didn’t know whether to put it on here or NCL, so I’ll pop over there and see what they say.
  12. I’m also interested in this company. There appears to be 3 different types of transfer with them €19 for a return trip on a coach ( do it yourself when you get there) €35 (I think) for a trip that includes 3 stops (Vatican, Collasseum and something else, I forget and haven’t got my notes in front of me) €70 for a more in depth tour but only 8 in the group. It seems like very good value for money compared to others tours and seems like an easier way to get into Rome than the faff of the train....and you get picked up at the port. I’d love to know if anyone has used either of the three options. Also in October, leaving the port, would there be plenty of tour guides/drivers available and if so, what do they charge for a return journey?
  13. Hello to you wonderful knowledgable people. We're going take the train from Livorno to Florence and have read on some other threads that some cruise lines offer a shuttle directly from port to the railway station. Does anyone know if NCL offer this service and if so do they offer the same service going back to the ship from the station? The last time we did this in 2012 we found it really hard to find a taxi anywhere. ( although, I'd be more organised this time and have taxi phone number to hand.) However, it would ease my mind if I knew that there was a bus directly back to ship.
  14. The Med

    Cruise Timetable Azura

    I've tried to find the individual port pages but I'm still not having much luck with the times. Never mind, the information would have been helpful but we can manage without it.
  15. The Med

    bolero/ shawl

    If you have a gold dress then I personally wouldn't wear a shawl or anything with it. However if you feel the cold and must have something then try and match with another gold colour. I would never put a black shawl with a gold dress. It will drain the gold. At this time of the year there is so much out gold out there. Just google "gold shawl". Hope that you find something gorgeous.