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    Alaska cruise for first timers

    Oh dear - based on what most of you are saying, I now am wondering if this Alaska cruise is a good idea. While I don't think we are looking for a party boat, I know both of my kids would be dismayed if the boat was filled with adults middle-aged and older and few, if any, in their peer group. I know we would love the excursions, but that is only part of the trip - I think they would want a good cruise experience too (especially at these prices!). any further thoughts or ideas?
  2. jmk38

    Alaska cruise for first timers

    We are a family of four with college age children. We think we would like to take an Alaskan cruise but are overwhelmed by the choices. We will be celebrating graduations and a wedding anniversary, so this is a bit of a splurge trip. However, we want to choose the cruise line carefully so there will be other young people on the ship with whom our kids may mingle. Also want enough time in each port for an activity or general sightseeing. The northbound one-way cruises seem to provide this the best, but I really would appreciate some thoughts and advice from you seasoned cruisers! Thanks in advance.