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  1. Thank you both for the information. My email did not have that information. I guess they forgot to include it. I do not look forward to being on hold for hours again but if they think they sent me the information they will not send it again so I will need to contact them.
  2. When you received your FCC - did they send you a code or was there an attachment with the email? I ask as I was sent an email concerning my FCC and it talked about referring to the "instructions and guidelines" - but there weren't any. I replied to the email but have not heard back. Thanks.
  3. When we cancelled on March 17 we received most of our refund on April1st. We are still owed just over $500 and have called several times and the last time we were told it would be processed in the next several days. This was three weeks ago - we are still waiting.
  4. I have a question concerning FCC. We had a nonrefundable deposit on a cruise that was cancelled. The deposit was to be changed into a FCC. We received this email that talks about the FCC, but there was no attachment or "guidelines and instructions" that were mentioned in the email. I responded three days ago asking for more information but have not heard back. Should there have been an attachment with a code number or something that I can use in the future? Thank you for choosing Celebrity Cruises. We appreciate your consideration of our brand for your vacation. We are sorry to learn that you will be unable to sail with us aboard the Celebrity Silhouette in June of 2020 as originally scheduled. Our records indicate you were booked under a non-refundable promotion. As such, your recent reservation cancellation entitles you to Future Cruise Certificates. Kindly note that the credit issued is equal in value to the deposit amount paid. We ask that you refer to the included guidelines and instructions for redemption when planning your next cruise. It is our sincere hope that we will have a future opportunity to welcome you aboard one of our Celebrity ships. We are confident a very special and memorable sailing experience awaits you. Thanks - Penny
  5. We booked a cruise on board with a reduced deposit of $100pp instead of $250pp for three people (refundable). In January we removed the third person and got upgraded perks but had to agree to a nonrefundable deposit which we did. We cancelled the cruise mid March and were told that $750 was being put towards FCC as we agreed to a nonrefundable deposit and there were originally three on the reservation. The rest would be refunded. Didn't like it but what choice did we have as they had our money? We did receive some of our refund but are still owed over $500 (they refund in pieces and did confirm that we are still owed over $500). We have not yet received notification of our FCC.
  6. We ran into this problem in January. Tried to book "our cabin" (we've stayed in this cabin multiple times in the past and love it - and of course can remember the cabin number) for our next cruise while on board. The future cruise associate said they are no longer allowing that so we booked another room. When we got home we called Celebrity and asked to change the cabin to the one we originally wanted. Again, no luck. New policy forbids it. He did say he could request an exception which we asked him to do. After checking, he said that since it was a European itinerary we would need to get the exception from the person in charge of that (I forget their title) in Europe. We gave up. But I am like the OP, I like the bed near the bathroom, not the balcony. It seems all the doubles in the category we chose (on the hump) have the doubles near the balcony.
  7. Jim - everybody knows you by name.
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