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  1. acctgtogo

    Anyone else have cc issues with Viator?

    I've booked thru Viator many times and have only ever been charged by Viator no matter who is actually running the tour - never anyone else. I would imagine that the card number was hacked and the charge is a fraud.
  2. acctgtogo

    Customs and Immigration Questions

    How would they know if you "forgot" to report something to customs if they are choosing people before you get to customs with your form? If they are choosing people before you disembark, they wouldn't know if you were going to try to get through Customs without declaring something as they haven't seen your form yet. It may not be random - they may choose people that bought things on board just to see if they are being reported, but I would think most people (but not all) would have reported what they bought.
  3. acctgtogo

    traditional dining - is 6pm 6pm?

    Every sailing is different. We always took Early Seating and yes they sometimes moved it from 6PM to 5:30PM - but we were ok with that. Then we had two cruises where we were told Early Seating was full and they gave us Select Dining. It worked like a charm. We made our reservations and we were seated when we arrived (please note, however, that most times we ate around 6PM - 6:30PM so we didn't have to wait for others to finish before being seated). Our last cruise we had Early Seating again as we booked it before knowing the Select Dining was so nice (we found a fantastic server and asked for him each night). Anyway, we decided to keep the Early Seating and were glad we did as every evening there were mobs of people waiting to get seated for Select Dining. They were very vocal in their complaints. For some reason they would only take reservations up to 5:45PM and then again after 8PM. From 6PM to 8PM it was first come, first serve - no reservations allowed. I don't know if this was a new thing they were testing - but it was not well received. This was on the Summit - New England/Canada cruise this past fall.
  4. acctgtogo

    Trains in New Zealand

    Thanks to all for the information. We are booked on the Marlborough Train and think we will add the Taieri Gorge Train and skip the TranzAlpine. Two train rides will be plenty. Thanks again. Don't know what we would do without the help we receive from members of Cruise Critic. Penny
  5. acctgtogo

    Trains in New Zealand

    Our cruise stops at three ports with train rides. Does anyone know which is the better trip? We want to take at least one or two, but three is too many. They are as follows: Picton - Marlborough Train Tour Akoroa - TranzAlpine Railway Dunedin - Talieri Gorge Train Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Penny
  6. acctgtogo

    5 Day Pre-Cruise Planning Sale - Up to 20% Off

    I never got an email about the sale so was glad to see it posted here or I would have missed it. I booked some excursions and was able to use my onboard credit. The OBC was from Celebrity. That would be the only OBC available to use before boarding the ship. Not all of the excursions I wanted to take were on sale, others were already sold out and others had a price increase since June 20th when I printed out the brochure. I also upgraded our beverage package which needs to be done over the phone.
  7. Things may have changed, but when we took our Galapagos cruise with Celebrity (2011) the crew went above and beyond to make sure that everyone enjoyed the cruise. There was a gentleman who brought his elderly mother on the cruise. She had mobility issues. The crew made sure she got to see most everything. In one instance they even set up a chair for her and moved her around on the chair. On one island the walking was rather rough, but she was taken on a different route so she could see the albatross. She may not have been able to see everything, but she sure saw most everything. As for the Zodiacs, they were used for almost every excursion as they were needed to reach the island and most islands had no docks. I am not the most agile of people, but I was able to get in and out of them. Maybe it wasn't pretty, but it really wasn't that bad and there were always people willing to help if needed.
  8. acctgtogo

    OBC cannot be used towards gratuities!

    We have used OBC for gratuities on many occasions and it has never been a problem. But we are sailing on NCL in May and we have OBC (from NCL) and we were told that it cannot be used for gratuities. I also found this information on the Norwegian Cruise Critic thread - so maybe (but hopefully not) Celebrity has changed their rules to follow NCL.
  9. acctgtogo

    How to get from Heathrow to Southampton port

    I have a question concerning booking the National Express Bus. We are arriving at Heathrow Terminal 5. When I go to book the bus to Southampton, there is a choice for Thistle London Heathrow Terminal 5. Is this what I choose? Their website says they pick up at the front of Terminal 5, but the choice has the hotel name with Terminal 5. I just want to verify that this is what I should choose. Thanks, Penny
  10. Thanks for this "old news" as I did not know this. We normally sail with Celebrity and always use our OBC towards the gratuities. I would never have thought to read the fine print to see if NCL's rules were different. The thought never crossed my mind.
  11. Thanks for all of the helpful ideas. I'm going to look into the land tour - not only what we will see, but what we will miss if we take it. Thanks again!
  12. acctgtogo

    Adult Beverage Package

    One of our perks on our upcoming cruise is the Adult Beverage Package (according to our vacation summary on the NCL website). I am a little confused. I understood that it included only alcoholic drinks - no sodas, coffees, etc. But I don't see this package described anywhere - it's always the Ultimate Beverage Package. Can anyone tell me if the package I received includes soft drinks and coffees? I'm a little confused. Thanks.
  13. The overland tour sounds fabulous - but then we wouldn't get to see the waterfalls/sounds, etc. Is it that much better - worth missing the sights from the ship? I'm sure it's a personal preference - but just wanted opinions from others as I can't decide which would be better for us. We are going a year from now and I'm sure we won't go back as there are so many other places we also want to see - so want to make the right choices for probably our only trip to the area. Thanks.
  14. Me, too. I've tried numerous times to look at my reservation on the NCL site. I enter all of the information and nothing happens. If I enter something wrong, it gives me an error message, but when I enter everything correctly, nothing happens.
  15. Well I must admit that I've missed out on this benefit several times. The next two cruises I have booked were booked on board and getting upgraded to the next level in the category wasn't mentioned either time. Shame on me for not remembering to ask (I do remember reading about this in the past but honestly forgot about it when booking). Thanks to this thread - I will (hopefully) remember to ask next time.