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  1. We ran into this problem in January. Tried to book "our cabin" (we've stayed in this cabin multiple times in the past and love it - and of course can remember the cabin number) for our next cruise while on board. The future cruise associate said they are no longer allowing that so we booked another room. When we got home we called Celebrity and asked to change the cabin to the one we originally wanted. Again, no luck. New policy forbids it. He did say he could request an exception which we asked him to do. After checking, he said that since it was a European itinerary we would need to get the exception from the person in charge of that (I forget their title) in Europe. We gave up. But I am like the OP, I like the bed near the bathroom, not the balcony. It seems all the doubles in the category we chose (on the hump) have the doubles near the balcony.
  2. Jim - everybody knows you by name.
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